Tendered at FedEx Onsite: What You Need to Know

At the time when a shipment receives the final tender, the provider simultaneously receives a notice as a clearance. You can even consider the notice as a final shipment offer. Now, this entire thing happens only when FedEx transfers the shipment responsibility to the USPS. However, it takes a little more time before the shipment goes out for delivery. Therefore, you can call this whole process “tendered at FedEx onsite.”

FedEx tracking & tendered at FedEx onsite: what is the meaning?

Technology is an evolving concept, and tracking a package is not the same anymore. FedEx now has a complete tool that updates you about the progress of your shipment. It is a speedy, convenient, and simple tool that helps you to stay stress-free. All the updates are now just a click away. Moreover, you can save all the shipments directly to the homepage. Therefore, there is no requirement of logging into the website to get an update of your package.


  • Ease of real-time tracking
  • One-click update on your homepage
  • Shipment saving option for quicker updates
  • Check all the shipments on a single interface
  • Options to create nicknames for easy search experience

FedEx Freight Tracking: Let’s learn about the types

As you are now already aware of the meaning of “tendered at FedEx onsite,” it is time that you get some more information too. As mentioned earlier, FedEx tracking is creating quite a buzz already, and customers love it. So, why not get to know about some more ways in which you can track your shipment.

Tendered at FedEx Onsite

FedEx tracking: Advanced mode

The most premium tracking tool offered by the company is the advanced mode of shipment tracking. You will get intelligent insights regarding every single shipment, irrespective of the number or volume of the packages. Besides, this mode of tracking gives you an option for in-depth and customized tracking. Therefore, you become more confident and also find a grip that is a must for the acceleration of your business.


  • There are customization options that you can set as per your choice.
  • You get to choose from a wide array of notification features
  • Enhancement invisibility, and all thanks to the detailed shipment view.
  • Customized reports give you all the important updates.

Mobile tracking of shipment

When it comes to convenience, the mobile tracking option of FedEx is the best! The primary advantage here is that you get live updates about your shipment and its location wherever you are. So, now with the mobile tracking option, it is no longer necessary for you to sit in front of the computer, and wait for update notifications. The power of FedEx tracking is now in your palm.


  • Tracking on-the-go
  • Barcode scanning makes work easier now
  • Automatic alerts keep you updated throughout
  • Single tap follow-up is now easy

FedEx Insight

Just like tendered at FedEx onsite is the basic concept here, FedEx Insight is the basic way of tracking as well. In this case, the company will send digital requests to the seller. Then, the approval may come a few days later. Once the approval is in your hands, you can now get an update on the shipment. Moreover, now you do not even need to feed any reference or tracking number. However, the shipments that are in the transit stage already will not be visible for tracking in this case.


  • Time-saving because there is no requirement of tracking one package at a time.
  • Cost-effective
  • Customer-satisfactory because you get an instant status update if there is a delay in shipment.

Non-delivery of packages

A common problem that occurs on the customer end is the non-receival of packages. However, the FedEx update says that the delivery was successful. Now, what can you do in that case? Well, the first thing that you can, and must do is contact FedEx customer service. What the company will do on their end is to check with the driver and try to track down the problem. You can reach out to them at 1-800-436-3339. Before calling, write down the tracking number because you will have to provide the customer service with that. Once, you can connect with them, they will direct you to a representative who will help you with steps ahead.

The second option for you before calling FedEx customer service is to try and reach out to the delivery agent. The person must be capable of registering a claim in case there is a non-delivery of a package. He can also push the company to look into your complaint as a priority. The best part is that the company and the agent may work together to deliver you a replacement package. It is often possible if your order is time-sensitive. In the meantime, customer service will do the troubleshooting and get to the root of the problem.

If, in the future, you are ordering something through FedEx, try and get a direct signature at the time of receiving it. Especially if package theft is prevailing in your area, doing this is a must. You may also opt for the pick-up-at-location option that FedEx offers. In this case, the shipment reaches the branch office of FedEx and is kept safe there. Later, you have to go and physically collect the item.

Meaning of “FedEx onsite pending”

You already know about “tendered at FedEx onsite,” and now it shows that your shipment is pending. It is very easy to understand this, and there is nothing to worry about here. If you see that the shipment status shows “FedEx onsite pending,” it means that your package has already arrived at the branch office or warehouse. Most of the time, it is also packed and labeled but is waiting for some final formalities. You just have to wait now till the update says that it is “out for delivery.”

Final thoughts on tendered at FedEx onsite:

When you order a package, it has to cover an elaborate shipment journey from the seller until it finally reaches you. While FedEx now gives you all the options for easy tracking, certain formalities still take time. Here is a basic guide for you to understand how things work.

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