How to Change Delivery Address DHL: Best Guide

DHL is one of the most popular shipping companies around the world. They deliver millions of packages every month. However, when you want to ship any package but if you need to change the address, what should you do?

How to Change Delivery Address of DHL Packages?
How to Change Delivery Address DHL Packages?

The processes for changing the delivery address for a DHL delivery are outlined in this article. It includes step-by-step directions for making the modifications online.

How to Change Delivery Address DHL

You can also send the package to a ServicePoint to adjust the delivery date or have it delivered to a neighbor or friend. You can do this by entering your shipment number on the page This can also be done via email, which you will get along with the estimated delivery date.

You can get in touch with customer service.

Online Address Update

  • Sign in to your DHL EasyShop account.
  • Select “My Address Book” from the drop-down menu.
  • Once your address book opens, choose “edit.”
  • Replace the old delivery address with the new one.
  • DHL will send you an email to confirm the new delivery address, so keep an eye out for it.
  • Go to the email’s link and click it.
  • The information will be updated to the new address, and all subsequent deliveries will be made to that address.

However, try to modify it before the package is dispatched. They assume it can’t be modified once it’s been shipped.

Which Points do You Need to be Familiar with While Changing Address

To begin with, changing your delivery address is only allowed if both addresses are in the same delivery service provider’s delivery area. Because DHL occasionally engages third-party services for distribution, the addresses must match the requirements listed above.

DHL requires the sender to provide a Letter of Authorization stating the cause for the modification if the shipment indicates it is in transit when you try looking up the tracking details. While this may create a delivery delay of up to 48 hours, it will ensure that the delivery reaches the intended recipient.

If you request a second delivery attempt, the delivery service company will only contact you for additional information. As per the DHL experts, changing the delivery address after the package has been delivered is not possible.

Whenever the Letter of Authorization is completed, a trace is placed on the shipment so DHL can track where it is in the shipping process. Because DHL offers extremely fast international shipping, it is critical to send the Letter of Authorization as quickly as possible to prevent any delays or misdelivered shipments.

When a recipient picks up a package, DHL will contact them to confirm that the address they have is correct. If DHL is unable to contact the receiver, it will contact the sender to make sure the address is correct.

DHL does not allow a change of delivery address in the client’s account site once an item has been dispatched. It must be done by a letter of authorization.

Redeliver the Consignment to Another Address

If you want DHL to redeliver the box to an alternative address, you must fill out a form that includes all of the necessary information. The form for changing your address is as follows:

To start, browse the DHL shipping service center‘s home page.
Now select the shipment option, and under that, select redeliver to an alternate address.

A screen will appear, prompting to enter the date the DHL left card will be available, as well as the waybill number, postal address, contact phone number, and the person’s name.

Then provide all details concerning the company’s name, address line, region, and pin code in the following section.

After that, submit the rest of the label information, which includes the receiver’s name, phone number, pin code, and city name.

Next, pick the Submit option, and the delivery adjustment will be completed successfully. If you have any doubts and want to retype, pick the option reset and input the correct information.

If you still have any questions about changing your address, please read through these basic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is it possible to have DHL packages delivered to a different address?

DHL parcels can be delivered to a different location, such as your job or a neighbor’s home. You’ll need to fill out a form with the necessary information. Keep in mind that delivery to a different address may take an extra day.

2. Is it possible to reroute a DHL package?

A notification is delivered once the parcel is picked up, giving the information and a URL that allows the user to choose the redirect option. You can adjust the delivery address as well as the date after entering into the website.

You can contact the sender to amend the shipping documents so that the package can be managed by a different terminal.

3. When am I able to reroute a package?

After the first unsuccessful delivery attempt, the parcel can be rerouted as soon as the day of delivery until 23:59.

4. Is it possible to change the delivery day or time?

Once a package has been dispatched, it is, unfortunately, impossible to change the delivery day or time.

5. Can I adjust my predicted 1-hour delivery window now that I’ve received it?

Although the assigned delivery window cannot be adjusted, you can visit and track a parcel to choose from other delivery alternatives.

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