FedEx FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

FedEx plays an important role in terms of shipping services around the world. like nothing is perfect, FedEx users also use many issues while using their domestic and international shipping offerings.

We have sum up the most common FedEx FAQs in this page, so you can find solutions to all your problems at one place.

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FedEx FAQs: 34 Common Queries

1. Will FedEx leave a package?

Not generally. FedEx requires a signature verification on all deliveries. However, you can arrange for a delivery without a signature. This discretion, whether to leave your package without a signature, lies solely with FedEx. It will do so only if FedEx finds a safe place to leave your courier. 

2. Will FedEx try to deliver again?

Yes. FedEx will try to deliver three times before returning the package to your shipper. If FedEx cannot deliver a package, it will leave a tag on the door, informing you of the Air Waybill Number and mentioning the next delivery attempt.

3. Will FedEx text me?

FedEx doesn’t send you any unsolicited mail or message asking for money, packages, or personal information. But if you want live updates about your package, you can message FOLLOW followed by your tracking number (example “FOLLOW 234567890124“) and send it to 9880971255. After this, you will receive a welcome message. Reply “Yes.” And then, you will begin to get live updates about the status of the shipment via SMS.

4. Will FedEx deliver after 8 pm?

No. The time for Evening Home Delivery from FedEx is 5 pm – 8 pm, on all days. You need to sign for the package or be there to receive it physically. 

5. When FedEx says end of the day, what time is that?

A business day in FedEx closes at 5 pm. But for Home Delivery, 
the day closes at 8 pm, local time

6. When FedEx delivers?

FedEx delivers on all days of the week. Except on Saturdays and Sundays in Hawaii and Alaska. The time of delivery is 8 am – 8 pm.

7. When does FedEx close?

The FedEx offices are generally closed by 5 pm. But the evening home deliveries end at 8 pm, local time. 

8. When FedEx says end of day?

Generally, a typical business day at FedEx ends at 5 pm. But the home delivery services end at 8 pm. 

9. Which FedEx delivers to my house?

You can locate your nearest FedEx office here

10. Which FedEx is my package at?

You can easily track your package here. Here, you need to put in your tracking number or your door tag number (in case of missed package). 

11. Which FedEx location is my package at?

The location of your package and its status can be easily seen. All you need to do is enter your FedEx tracking ID or the door tag number (applicable for missed packages) 

12. Which FedEx service is fastest?

The fastest FedEx service is FedEx First Overnight. Your package will be delivered to you by 8 am on the next business day. 

13. Where is FedEx drop off?

You can find your convenient FedEx drop-off location by following this link
Here you just need to enter your zip code to begin your search.

14. Are FedEx and TNT the same company?

They were previously two different companies, but in May 2016, FedEx acquired TNT

15. Are FedEx reliable?

FedEx is a very big company and is reliable enough. 

16. Is FedEx good?

FedEx has really good customer interactions and is quite reliable and kind to its customers. 

17. Are FedEx and UPS the same?

No. FedEx and UPS are two different package delivery services. UPS deals with domestic ground package delivery, whereas FedEx is known for its global air express freight

18. Who sent the FedEx package?

For knowing who sent you a FedEx package, you can call the FedEx call center at 463.3339 and know everything about the package, the sender, the status of the package, and the expected delivery date. 

19. FedEx who can sign for the package?

Usually, the person present at the delivery address can sign for the package while receiving it. However, in the absence of the receiver, it can also be signed by a neighbor or building manager. 

20. FedEx who can pick up package?

Anyone having their name on the package and knowing the tracking number can pick up the package. But if the recipient is absent due to some cause, it can be picked by someone having the same address as the receiver. 

21. FedEx who is the shipper?

To know the shipper of your package, you can call the FedEx call center at 463.3339. Here, you will get all the package details, including your shipper and the expected delivery date. 

23. Can FedEx deliver early?

Yes, definitely. FedEx has a FedEx First Overnight service, where you can ask to receive a package at 8 am on the next business day. 

24. Can FedEx deliver to a PO box?

To receive a FedEx delivery at the PO box, you need to select FedEx SmartPost. In this, FedEx uses the USPS system to deliver your package. 

25. Can FedEx open my package?

Yes. FedEx has every right to open and inspect your package at its discretion. 

26. Can FedEx ship perfume?

Yes. FedEx can ship perfume only if it is packed in leak-proof containers and packaged well. 

27. Can FedEx act as importer of record?

Yes, FedEx can act as an importer of record for a large number of FXE import shipments. 

28. How FedEx work?

FedEx picks up your package and transports it until it reaches the final leg of delivery. Here, FedEx hands over the package to USPS. 

29. How FedEx started?

FedEx was started in 1971 by Frederick W. Smith. It was one of the first companies to start overnight delivery as their flagship service. 

30. How FedEx dropbox work?

To avail of the FedEx drop box service, you need to follow a few simple steps
1. You need to pack your shipment in 20″ x 12″ x 6″ size boxes. 
2. Create a label
3. Stick the label to your shipment.
4. Bring the label to your nearest Dropbox location.

31. How FedEx shipping works?

FedEx picks up your package and transports it until it reaches the final leg of the delivery process. Here, your package is taken up by USPS and delivered to your location. 

32. How FedEx pickup works?

To schedule a FedEx pickup, the steps are simple. 
1. Log in to your account or create a new one if you are new. 
2. Create your shipping label.
3. Complete your request to pick up.

33. Why FedEx delays?

FedEx services can delay due to heavy loads of orders from e-commerce websites and weather conditions. In recent days, one additional cause of delay is the COVID-19 protocols.

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