USPS Holidays 2023: Is the Post Office Open Today?

Are you searching for the USPS holidays 2024 schedule? Then you are at the right place.

In our day-to-day lives, we are dependent on many essential services that make our lives easier. One such service is the postal service.

It is because of them that we can deliver urgent mail and parcels all across the country and even outside. They serve us almost every day of the year without taking a break.

The best thing is that they offer their services at a very affordable rate.

Out of all the different postal services USPS or United States Postal Service is the most reputed one. United States Postal Service is a government enterprise with 32000 locations and more than 40,000 employees.

It is in fact, the largest postal service in the entire US. They are known for their excellent service worldwide. This is why they make the first choice when it comes to using a postal service.

Has it ever happened that you went to the postal service and found it closed? There is no doubt that USPS serves us without any break. But there are a few days in a year that they get a holiday.

So if you don’t want to get greeted by a closed post office, you need to know about the postal holidays 2024 . In this post, we will tell you the days when USPS remains closed.

USPS Holidays 2024:

USPS is one such enterprise that works almost every day of the year without a halt. Their uninterrupted service is what makes them better than the rest. Workers at USPS sacrifice their personal lives and moments just to serve you.

In a given year, USPS follows only a few holidays and you need to know the post office holidays 2024. Not only individual customers but many small and big enterprises are dependent on USPS services. Therefore, knowing the list of post office holidays is a must. This will help the businesses to operate accordingly.

One important thing about USPS holidays is that they follow the holidays falling on weekends on the closest weekday. If you are wondering what holidays is the post office closed in 2024, no worries because we have laid down the entire list of holidays below.

USPS Service Holiday List of 2024

So here is the list of postal service holidays for 2024. Just knowing the holidays is not enough. You should also know why these holidays are observed by the USPS.

usps holidays list

2nd January, Monday – New Year’s Day

The first day of the year is observed as a nationwide holiday in the US. This is an important day for people as they start their year by resolving to get rid of their bad habits. 

On this day parades are held in different parts of the country. People also go to churches to pray and seek blessings. They also have a tradition of sending mails and gifts to wish family and friends a New Year.

On this special day, when the entire US gets busy in celebration even the USPS workers are given a holiday. There are no delivery services on this day. However, this doesn’t imply that your package will be shipped late or it will go on pending status. They rather clear off all the pending emails before the holiday. In case, you want to send someone a gift or parcel, make sure you do that much before the holiday arrives so that your parcel is delivered to the recipient on time.

16th January, Monday – Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday

Every year the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. is observed as a holiday in the US. This holiday is observed on the third Monday of January every year.

On this day, you will not be able to use any USPS mail delivery services as they will remain closed. All the pending emails and parcels are usually delivered before the 18th.

20th February, Monday – President’s Birthday

February 17th is a special day in the history of America. This is the day of the first president of the United States, George Washington’s birthday. 

The president’s birthday is observed as a holiday all over the US. This is one day when even the USPS services will remain closed. So you shouldn’t expect any deliveries to arrive on this day. The pending mails will either be delivered before the holiday or after it.

But if you have an emergency, then the shipment can be delivered through Priority Mail Express Service.

29th May, Monday – Memorial Day

In the USA, the last Monday of May month is observed as a holiday. This remains the same every year. This is the day used by Americans to remember all the armies who have given their lives to protect their country.

On this day, Americans visit the cemeteries and memorials of the dead armies to pay them honor. To pay respect to the deceased armies, USPS keep their services shut on this day. You should not expect any emails to be delivered on Memorial Day.

However, in case of any emergency, the shipment can be delivered through Priority Mail Express Service. 

4th July, Monday – Independence Day

July 3rd is one of the most important days for Americans. It is their Independence Day which will be observed on 4th July. 

On this day, in 1776, America got independence from the British Empire. Therefore, this day holds huge importance for all Americans. Throughout the country, this day is celebrated with great pomp and joy. All colleges, offices, and schools remain closed on this day. Even USPS will remain closed and won’t deliver any kind of mail on this day.

4th September, Monday – Labor Day

This is yet another special day celebrated by the Americans. It is observed on the first Monday of September. 

This day is used to honor the contribution of all the workers who took part in the American labor movement. To pay respect to these workers, USPS doesn’t provide any mail delivery service on this day.

9th October, Monday – Columbus Day

This is the day Christopher Columbus landed in America. This is why every year the second Monday of October is observed as a holiday. 

On this day, USPS delivery services will remain closed. You cannot send or receive any mails on this day.

10th November, Friday – Veterans Day (Observed)

This is the day used by Americans to honor the people who already served in the US Armed forces. Veterans Day is observed as a holiday all across the US and therefore, even USPS will not be operating on this day.

23rd November, Thursday – Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November month. This is a holiday in the entire US.

Just like every other company in the US even USPS will remain closed. So, you will not receive any emails on this day. But on the next day Black Friday, the post office will deliver packages as usual.

25th December, Monday – Christmas Day

Christmas is a big festival in the US and therefore, every year 25th December is observed as a holiday. It’s not the only US but 25th December is celebrated worldwide with great joy. 

On this day, even USPS will remain closed; thus, there will be no delivery of mails.

So these are the days when USPS services will remain closed. If you have to send mails at around these times, then make sure that you send the mails at least a week before the holiday arrives. You can also check the list of USPS holidays 2024 on the web.

FAQs on USPS Holidays 2024:

Does USPS operate on Black Friday?

Although Black Friday is a bid big event for Americans and also for the rest of the world, it is not a federal holiday. Therefore, delivery services by USPS will be working on this day. In other words, the post office services will remain open on black friday and you can both send and receive emails on this day.

Is mail delayed due to holidays?

It is quite normal for delays to happen around the holidays. But USPS tries its best to deliver all the pending emails and parcels before the holiday strikes. This means you will get your delivery a day before the holiday. If not, then it will be delivered to you the day after the holiday.

Does USPS deliver mails on Easter?

Since Easter is not counted as a federal holiday in the US, postal services by USPS remain open. This means you can send and receive emails on this day.

How long does it take for Priority Mail services to get delivered on holidays?

It completely depends on where the package is sent from and the destination address. It usually takes about 1 to 3 days for Priority Mails to get delivered.

Does mail travel on holidays?

Yes, mail moves on holidays and weekends. Both transportation and clerks work on holidays. But the entire staff doesn’t operate, so house deliveries are cut out.

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