FedEx Return to Sender: The Complete Guide

While ordering a FedEx package, sometimes you might end up with a defective product. In that case, you need to return it to the sender. FedEx has a set procedure that allows you to send back a parcel. But it also depends on how your retailer handles returns.

Here are the steps to follow while returning your FedEx package to the sender:

Refuse Beforehand: 

This option is available to you only if you haven’t received your item yet. If you changed your mind about your product after ordering it, you could refuse the shipment before receiving it. In that case, FedEx mails it back to the sender.

It is easier with packages that require a signature. If nobody signs the package after three delivery attempts, FedEx considers the item as refused. 

And if the package is still in transit when you decide to return it, you can simply call 1-800-Go-FedEx to refuse the package beforehand. If this isn’t possible, then you will have to wait for the delivery person. 

Return the Package: 

FedEx Return to Sender

But if you have already received your parcel, then you will have to go through the returning process. For this, first, you have to obtain or purchase a FedEx return label. You can then choose to drop it off yourself or ask FedEx to pick it up for you.

Let’s have a look at the steps in details:

Obtain a FedEx Return Label: 

Your package might already have a prepaid return label. It may either be included as a part of the invoice or kept separately. At first, check inside the box for it. If you find it, you won’t have to print anything but simply stick it on the shipping box.

If the return label is not provided with the box, you will have to get it printed. You may simply find the option in the “order” or “return” section of the seller’s website. Or you might have to contact the seller requesting a return label. 

In that case, check out the company’s website for their return policies. There you will find the steps that you need to follow in order to proceed with the return. It will inform you about the email ID where you can request a return and how to receive your return label. Usually, the labels are offered for free, but sometimes the seller might deduct the shipping cost from your refund.

Purchase Your FedEx Return Label: 

If the company doesn’t provide return labels, then you can always purchase your own return label through FedEx. This can be done both online and offline.

To do it online, you need to follow these steps:

  • Visit the official website of FedEx
  • Sign up for a FedEx Ship Management account
  • Submit the required personal information
  • Add a payment method
  • Log in to the Ship Manager
  • Enter the sender and recipient information
  • Check out the available shipment options
  • Complete the payment
  • Print the label

If you are unable to proceed online, you can visit a FedEx office or FedEx Ship Centre to purchase postage. You can also mail your package through them. But make sure to obtain the receipt to track your return package and also to keep the proof of the return shipment.

Prepare Your FedEx Return Package:    

You need to prepare your package before returning it to the sender. You have to repack your product to ensure that it reaches your retailer safely. 

Check with the company for any specific requirements for returns. Check whether you have to return the item in its original package and if you have to include the original invoice along with it. Sometimes you may have to fill out a form explaining the reason for your return.

Next, make sure that you have carefully packed everything, including any additional accessories that came along with the original product. You are allowed to use bubble wraps to ensure a safe transit. Then, tightly tape the box and attach your FedEx return label to it.

Ship FedEx Return Package:

This can be done personally or by scheduling package pickups with FedEx.

Ship Personally:

Visit the FedEx website and go to the “Locations” menu to find the nearest FedEx location to drop off your parcel. It would automatically detect your location and provide you with a list of available options. Carefully check out their address, service hours, and other important instructions.

Generally, the location depends on the size of your package. So, check out beforehand if there is any restriction on what type of package you can ship.

Schedule Package Pickups:

For bulky packages or parcels which are otherwise inconvenient to drop off personally, contact the FedEx package pickups. This often comes up with a fee, except for cases where you have a prepaid FedEx Ground return label. In such cases, you can schedule a free pickup by using FedEx’s special pickup page.

To access FedEx’s Package Pickups:

  • Visit FedEx Ship Manager
  • Go to “Schedule and Manage Pickups”
  • Enter information about your shipment
  • Specify a pickup location
  • Pay the pickup fee

You can also dial 1-800-Go-FedEx to schedule a pickup to return your package. You would get a confirmation number once you complete scheduling your pickup. 

Although it’s undesirable having to return your package, sometimes it’s necessary. When you receive damaged goods or items you don’t require, you might want to send it back to the retailer and refund it. With FedEx, the process of returning your parcel is made easier by its step by step process.

FAQs on FedEx Return to Sender

Which company offers QR code returns with FedEx?

Many popular brands like eBay, Vitamix, Dell, Rue La La, and many such retailers work with FedEx to make returns easier with no printing to do at home.

How to track the status of return packages?

FedEx offers a tracking page to help track your return packages easily.

Does the original shipper need to be contacted for the returning package?

Not necessarily. They will handle the return process by themselves

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