Deutsche Post Return to Sender: All You Need to Know

Deutsche Post is the world’s leading courier service provider that brings some great devices for the customers to enjoy a top-class shipping experience. One such important part is its return policy. With the Deutsche Post Return to Sender policy, people can themselves make the arrangement for their return shipments and send unwanted parcels back to the shipper. 

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Deutsche Post Return to Sender

The process is just as easy as shipping a package with Deutsche Post. The parcel can be returned to the sender either by leaving it at their service point or by planning a pickup service with Deutsche Post. All you need is a return plan to start with the process.

In some of the cases, the parcels are being managed and arranged by DHL because both are subsidiaries of the Deutsche Post DHL Group.

Steps to Return a Parcel to the Sender

Returning a parcel with Deutsche Post is very easy and convenient. You just need to schedule a return shipment with them and follow the steps as they come:

  • Step 1: Retain the original packaging and pack the items in it to have the same dimensions as that of the original parcel. In case of damage to the original packaging, get a new one of similar dimensions as the original.
  • Step 2: Ensure that the package is sealed tightly to prevent any damage to the parcel on its return journey to the sender.
  • Step 3: Paste the return label which came with the package. If you can’t find the return label, you will have to create it or ask the sender to create and mail it to you. The return label must be legible so that the barcode is easy to scan.
  • Step 4: Remember to remove any old labels attached to the parcel or ensure that they aren’t legible anymore.
  • Step 5: Schedule a pickup or drop the package at their service point to start the return procedure. Visit the official website of the Deutsche Post to make your choice.

To drop the return shipment yourself at the Service Point, take care that you first view the Service Points available in your locality and then select the most convenient one. Also, remember to mark the date as well as the time when you will be visiting them to drop off your return shipment.

To schedule, a pickup, inform the Deutsche Post of a suitable date and time as per your convenience, and they will send their courier person to your location for the scheduled pickup of the return parcel.

How to Create DHL Return Label?

Creating a return label is the most important process if you wish your package liable for an easy return.

There are two procedures to do it. One is to create it in advance before the package is shipped, and another is to create it after its shipment.

A man is attaching a return label on the shipping box

Advance creation of the return label while preparing your shipment:

  • Select Yes-Create Label in the box where you are asked if you would like to have a return label.
  • Enter the return address, payment details, and delivery options.
  • Please choose whether you want to email the label directly to your recipient or go into the process of printing it out and attaching it with the shipment.

Creation of the return label post shipment:

  • Visit the official website.
  • Click on Manage Shipments.
  • Click on All ShipmentsChoose the shipment that needs the return label.
  • Click on Create Return Label appearing at the bottom of the details.
  • Enter all the necessary information as required.
  • Please choose whether you want to print it or mail it to the recipient.

How Does Deutsche Post Return to Sender Process Work?

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Here are the steps:

Create a Return Label

First, the sender will have to create the return label for their clients or customers by choosing “Create Return Label” and entering the address where it is to be returned.

Send the Label

The shipper then prints the created return label and attaches it to the package which is to be shipped. Else, it can also be directly mailed to the recipient.

Book Return

The recipient does this if they want to return the parcel. As soon as they finish the packaging and attach the return label to the box, they can book the return with Deutsche Post.

Return Shipment

Deutsche Post then takes the responsibility of safely returning the package to the return address by entrusting their courier servers with the package.

Can a Package Automatically Return to Sender?

In certain exceptional cases, a package might automatically return to the sender without the recipient initiating any return plan. Such circumstances are created when Deutsche Post faces difficulties in its delivery process. 

Several unforeseen reasons are the cause of this minor inconvenience. Some of them are as follows:

  • The recipient was not available at the given address to receive the package.
  • The package was refused by the recipient when it arrived at the destined location.
  • The address was incorrect or missed some important information, and hence the delivery person couldn’t determine the recipient’s exact location. 
  • The premise of the delivery location was found closed at the time of delivery.
  • The carrier person has made several attempts to deliver the item but has failed each time.

However, in all of the above cases, Deutsche Post first seeks to solve the predicament first by making multiple attempts at deliveries. They try every means to notify the recipient of the scheduled delivery and even ask to provide a convenient delivery time when they will be available to receive the shipment. But when they fail to contact the recipient or someone refuses delivery, then they automatically decide to start the return process.

In some other rare cases where Deutsche Post faces specific legal issues, they fail to deliver the package. So, they initiate the return process for the packages that:

  • Contain forbidden items.
  • Are not packed or sealed properly.
  • Exceed the standard dimensions and weight.

How to Track your Return Shipment with Deutsche Post?

DHL tracking details

Deutsche Post allows one to track their return shipment once it initiates the return procedure. Soon as the recipient proceeds to return a parcel to the sender, they receive a different tracking number. The number can then be used to track the parcel by visiting their official website.
The procedure for tracking the return shipment is the same as that of any shipment. But this time, one must input the new tracking ID into the box in place of the previous number. 
Moreover, the sender, as well as the recipient, will constantly be notified of the delivery status and provided with regular updates, even if they don’t track their return shipment.


The world’s leading shipping company is always ready to bring the best service to its customers. They are always on the look to devise new methods and technologies to offer comfortable shipping.

Deutsche Post Return to Sender is a great tool that helps the customer to plan their return shipments and successfully execute the entire procedure. With such convenient services, Deutsche Post truly excels in providing top-quality customer service to everyone worldwide.

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