UPS Surepost: All The Things You Should Know

UPS or United Parcel Service is the world’s biggest parcel delivery service. This America based multinational company provides parcel shipping services worldwide. Founded in 1907 in Washington, this company is known for shipping large parcels in various countries worldwide. They have branches almost in every country.

There are various services provided by UPS. UPS and its services play a great role in today’s economy, as retailers cannot do without this service. Their rates are quite cheap, which is great for the businessmen for sending large parcels at a low rate.

Here in this article, we will be talking about the UPS Surepost, one of UPS’s popular services.

What is UPS Sure Post? Details you should know

What Is UPS Surepost? 

While UPS offers various shipping services, retailers seek that one service that is pocket-friendly, authentic, and careful. UPS Surepost is one service that serves all these requirements. Retailers seek cheaper shipping services so that they do not need to spend much on the delivery. This service can send a parcel from 48 states of America to all 50 states at an affordable price.

This service is mainly for those retailers who seek to deliver parcels weighing less than 70 pounds. Another thing is that retailers also want free tracking options. This Service offers this too.  

For Whom UPS Surepost Service Is Ideal?

UPS Ground Service and UPS Surepost Service are two popular services by UPS. Many people get confused between these two services. They often arrive at their wit’s end thinking which one they should choose, which one should be more profitable. 

UPS Surepost Service is mainly for those who seek less-expensive and affordable shipping without compromising the quality. UPS Surepost Service is ideal for those who are not in a hurry to get their parcels. It may take a bit more time than the UPS Ground Service. However, there will be no compromise in their shipping process. You will get all the related shipping features when you opt for the UPS Surepost Service. 

Which One Is Better Between UPS Surepost Service and UPS Ground Service?   

Both the UPS Surepost Service and the Ground Service go through the same process. From collecting the parcel from the shipper to finally being processed for the shipment- it’s all the same. However, there are two differences between UPS Ground Service and UPS Surepost Service.

While the Ground Service uses UPS trucks to drop parcels, Surepost Service drops the parcel at the local postal office. Another major difference between these two services is that the Ground Service is one day faster than the Surepost Service. Apart from these two differences, there are no other major distinctions between them.

How the UPS and USPS Work Together? 

UPS and USPS work together when you opt for the UPS Surepost Service. Your UPS parcel will be delivered via the USPS service. In the case of other UPS services, the scenario is different. 

Basically, in the Surepost Service, UPS drops your parcel at the USPS local postal office. Then USPS drops the parcel at the receiver’s address on the very next day. This is the reason that UPS Surepost Service takes another day more than the UPS Ground Service. 

When UPS and USPS work together, UPS gets a discount from the USPS. It also becomes easier for the receiver to return their merchandise at the nearest USPS local postal office. USPS makes sure that this returned merchandise reaches the UPS office. However, 60% of UPS Surepost parcels are delivered via the UPS networks, not via USPS.

How Does the UPS Tracking Work?

UPS gives its customers a tracking number for tracking their parcels. Once this tracking ID goes live, the customers can track their parcel. This tracking ID works in conjunction with the USPS, as it is the delivery partner of the UPS Surepost. 

Unlike the FedEx service, UPS Surepost Service does not change the tracking ID at the last delivery stage. They only maintain one tracking ID for the entire delivery process

Advantages and Disadvantages of the UPS Surepost Service?


1. It is perfect for those who want to send large parcels anywhere in the United States.  

2. UPS has a worldwide network.

3. It can even send its parcels in military areas in the USA.

4. You can save a lot of money if you choose this service while not compromising on the quality. 

5. UPS Surepost Service also delivers parcels on Saturdays with no extra bucks. 

6. They offer a unified tracking option without any extra charges.


  1. It takes a bit more time than the UPS Ground Service.
  2. You have to pack the parcel properly on your own responsibility, and in your own boxes. 
  3. Their unified tracking option might be confusing for those who are not tech-savvy. 
  4. You cannot deliver more than 70 pounds in one UPS Surepost parcel. 
  5. This UPS service works only within the boundary of America.

FAQS on UPS Surepost

Time for some frequently asked questions-

Does the UPS Surepost Service deliver Outside the USA?

While UPS is an international courier service provider, this Surepost Service is a totally domestic one. They do not deliver parcels outside America. If you wanna send your parcels somewhere else, you can choose their international shipping services. 

What Is the Maximum Weight Limit for the UPS Surepost Parcels?

The maximum weight limit for parcels that will be delivered via the UPS Surepost Service is 70 pounds. You cannot send more than that in one parcel. 

Why Does the UPS Surepost Service Take One Day More than The Ground Service? 

UPS Ground Service delivers the parcels directly at the receiver’s address via the UPS trucks. UPS Surepost Service, on the contrary, sends the parcels via the USPS local postal office. For this reason, Surepost Service takes another day extra than the Ground Service.

There are many private courier companies in the USA, while few offer a good service at an affordable price. UPS is surely one of them. If there is no hurry and restriction of time, you can surely choose the UPS Surepost Service. 

While UPS has many international shipping services, this particular service is strictly domestic. Parcels can be sent from 48 states of the USA and delivered to 50 states of the USA. For delivering a heavy parcel from one of these 48 states to any other state, you can go with this.

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