Does Deutsche Post Deliver on Sunday? 4 Things You Should Know

Be it an urgent business delivery or a simple wedding present, Deutsche attaches equal importance to both. Prioritizing customer needs is what makes Deutsche a reliable company.

However, even with its outstanding offerings, many customers are faced with confusion regarding their weekend deliveries. One common question is: Does Deutsche post deliver on Sunday? Well, there is no simple answer to this question.

The best way to put it would be to say that Deutsche Post delivers on Sunday, but it comes with some terms and conditions.

So, let us explore that topic in greater detail now!

Does Deutsche Post Deliver on Sunday: All the things you should know

Deutsche Sunday Deliveries

The huge competition faced by the e-commerce industry is driving many companies to introduce weekend deliveries. However, Sunday deliveries are still new, and many package delivery companies are trying to familiarize themselves with that service.

Deutsche hasn’t quite started with its delivery on Sunday in all the country but is on its way. Here are a few important facts that you need to know about Deutsche Sunday Deliveries:

  • Deutsche collaborates with other postal companies on Sundays to deliver their shipments.
  • Reliable small carriers help Deutsche to complete the final doorstep deliveries on Sundays.
  • In some countries where 7 days deliveries are customary, Deutsche provides their weekend deliveries.
  • If one wants to avail the Sunday delivery service from Deutsche, they will have to pick that option when booking their parcels.
  • Their “Same Day Delivery” policy works 365 days a year and 7 days a week to make emergency deliveries, even on Sundays.
  • At an extra price, Deutsche delivers urgent packages to their requesting customers even on Sundays.

Does Deutsche Post Deliver on Sunday? 4 Things You Should Know

The Same Day Delivery Policy of Deutsche Post Deutsche Delivery Hour for Sunday Deutsche Sunday Delivery Costs Deutsche Sunday Deliveries for Different Countries

The Same Day Delivery Policy of Deutsche Post

Deutsche makes an exception for the packages that need to be delivered urgently. So, if you have a parcel that needs an urgent delivery, Deutsche will help you deliver it within no time with its Same Day Delivery policy. 

It won’t check the calendar to see whether it’s a weekday or a weekend; Deutsche’s emergency same-day delivery will be at your service 365 days a year and 7 days a week!

The Same Day delivery is specially designed to meet the crucial need of the customers who might need to ship a critical or medical package urgently. The Deutsche Post will be at your service, even if the delivery is to be made on a Sunday. 

You might just have to pay a little extra amount, that’s all!

Deutsche Delivery Hour for Sunday

Deutsche delivery hour for Sunday is the same as the regular working hours in countries where weekend deliveries are normal.

For the countries where Sunday deliveries aren’t normal but are done only on an emergency request from the customer, the delivery hours are usually shorter and done in the morning.

Deutsche Sunday Delivery Costs

Deutsche doesn’t charge any extra Sunday delivery costs for the countries where it’s normal to deliver on weekends.

However, the customers from the countries where Sunday deliveries aren’t a norm would have to pay an additional charge.

The Shipping Rate Calculator on their official website provides an estimate of the cost based on the size, weight, and dimensions of a package as well as the delivery destination.

Three estimations are made: one for booking online, another for dropping the parcel at a nearby location, and a third for booking through the phone. One can choose any option as per their preference. 

Usually, a customer needs to pay an additional $50 (or sometimes a little more) per shipment while requesting Deutsche to deliver an emergency package for them on Sunday.

Does Deutsche Post Deliver on Sunday? Country wise Difference

As already mentioned, Deutsche Sunday deliveries are different for different countries. Even their regular delivery timings vary according to the shipping and delivery locations. 

While Sunday deliveries aren’t possible in many Christian nations except in certain emergency cases, some Gulf countries consider Saturday and Sundays working days and demand normal deliveries.

Deutsche tries to work around all the countries to the best of their ability, meeting each of their demands.

Listed below are a few countries and the delivery conditions of Deutsche that are tied with them:


Deutsche delivery is available during normal business hours: Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. You also track your Deutsche delivery at any time at their tracking page. Sunday deliveries are available on customer requests for urgent packages at an extra cost.

Europe and UK

Deutsche delivery is available from Monday to Saturday, 8 am to 6 pm. Sunday deliveries for urgent shipments are organized on customer demands with additional charges but with shorter delivery times. This delivery is managed by its one of the subsidiaries company UK mail which is formerly known as the Business Post.


Regular delivery is available from Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 5:30 am. Weekend delivery hours are shorter, operating till 12:30 am only.

The Gulf Countries

The Gulf countries observe weekends on Fridays. So, here a customer needs to pay extra to get their package delivered on a Friday. Deutsche delivers fine on all the other days, partnering with the local post offices to deliver on Saturdays and Sundays.


In Asia, Deutsche delivers even on Saturdays and Sundays without any additional charges. Sometimes it is delivered on public holidays as well.


Regular delivery hours fall between 8 am and 6 pm, from Monday to Friday. However, the customers can request special weekend deliveries if necessary.

Due to the fierce competition in the e-commerce market, Sunday deliveries are slowly becoming a norm. More so, some e-commerce companies believe in providing their customers with out-of-hours delivery choices as a method to increase their sales prospects.

Many big companies are coming around the idea that offering delivery services outside the regular business hours ensures greater customer satisfaction and efficiency in services. 

So, many shipping services like Deutsche are constantly on the roll to meet the rising demands of their customers.

Trustworthy as it is, the Deutsche post is always on the run to devise policies that would help it deliver on Sunday as well.

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