DHL FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

DHL is a well-known name in the shipping-verse. They provide ample services regarding domestic and international shipping. It’s really common to face issues but they are quickly fixable.

Here we have compiled the most common DHL FAQs. You may go through it to find your solution.

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DHL Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are DHL reliable? 

Yes, DHL is one of the most reliable courier companies across the globe. It currently provides its services in more than 220 countries, dealing chiefly in the parcel, courier, and express mail services. 

2. Are DHL and DPD the same?

No, although both of them are the major companies of the European logistics sector, DHL and DPD are not the same. DHL is the most preferred courier provider since it is an expert in sea and air transportation while DPD only transports via air.

3. Are DHL and UPS the same company?

No, they are not the same. Both DHL and UPS are individual couriers and parcel companies, each originating from a different country. DHL comes from Germany, while UPS comes from Georgia.

4. Are DHL and Yodel the same company?

No, Yodel is a United Kingdom-based delivery service while DHL originates from Germany.

5. Can DHL deliver early?

No, like any other carriers, DHL delivers at its own time. Although if the packages arrive early in your city, you will be getting them early. Otherwise, you will have to expect your delivery by the due time.

6. Can DHL deliver to a PO box?

No, DHL Delivery services cannot be used to deliver parcels to a PO box. 

7. Can DHL collect from home?

Yes, delivery via DHL is now more convenient since they collect from home. You can book your collection by contacting the DHL team over the phone, and they will collect your package at your doorstep. 

8. Can DHL print labels?

Yes, you can simply contact the DHL team and receive a form for entering all the necessary details. DHL will have your labels printed and sent to you within 2-3 days of submitting your form. 

9. Will DHL leave a package at the door?

No, DHL will not leave a package at the door without an in-person signature. You can either postpone your delivery or get your delivery dropped at a different address.

10. Will DHL deliver on Saturday?

Yes, DHL does deliver on Saturdays. All that you are required to do is choose the ‘Saturday delivery’ option when preparing for your package. 

11. Will DHL try to deliver again?

Yes, if you missed your delivery, there will be a card in your mailbox from DHL letting you know that your package will be shipped on the next working day. 

12. Will DHL call me?

Yes, DHL does call its customers. However, if you receive a call specifying themselves as a DHL representative and advise you of a shipment without the 10 digit tracking number, the call may be fraudulent. 

13. Which DHL label goes on the package?

The shipment label is displayed on the top surface of the package to ensure secured delivery of your shipment.

14. Which DHL depot is my parcel at?

To know about the DHL depot where your parcel might be, you need to track your orders. You can enter your tracking number and get all the information.

15. DHL, which country?

DHL is a Germany-based courier company. However, it provides worldwide services, including countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and Myanmar.

16. Which is the DHL tracking number?

There are two different tracking numbers for DHL packages. A DHL parcel tracking number has 10 digits, beginning with 3S, JVGL, or JJD. The tracking number for DHL express is a 10 digit number starting with 000, JJD01, JJD00, JVGL, or a similar variation.

17. Where is DHL located?

Although DHL is located all across the globe, it has its headquarters at Bonn in Germany. 

18. Where is the DHL tracking number?

The DHL tracking number can be found printed on the shipment label in the form of a barcode. The customers can scan the barcode with their smartphones. 

19. Where is the DHL eCommerce distribution center?

The DHL eCommerce distribution center is available in the selected markets of America, Africa, and the Asia Pacific. It has its headquarters in Germany. 

20. DHL, where is my package?

You can easily track your package here to know where it currently is. Open the site and just enter your shipment tracking number. The site will show the current location of your package. 

21. DHL where to drop off?

To drop off your DHL package, you have to fill in your package weight details and select your nearest DHL drop-off branch. The sender and receiver details need to be filled in, and then you can select “Add to cart” And proceed to pay. The next step would be to reach your selected drop-off point and leave your package.

22. When does DHL say With delivery courier?

“With Delivery Courier” simply means that your shipment is with a DHL courier, and it is on its way to be delivered to your address.

23. When did DHL start?

DHL was incorporated on 25th September in 1969 by Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom, and Robert Lynn. 

24. When will DHL deliver? 

DHL usually delivers from Monday to Friday between 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. However, the exact time of the delivery depends upon the weight of the parcel and the distance between countries and holidays

25. DHL When is the end of the day?

The official end of the day for DHL is at 6:00 pm on weekdays. 

26. DHL When to pay customs?

DHL pays the customs authority on the customer’s behalf to ensure that the DHL courier can deliver their goods as soon as possible. DHL pays for any duties or taxes that may be due on the goods. 

27. Why is the shipment on hold?

Your DHL shipment may be on hold because the receiver of the package may have closed their deliveries at that moment. For further help, you need to contact your receiver to check whether the company is open to receiving deliveries. 

28. Why is DHL asking for a passport?

Usually, DHL does not ask for a passport, and if you find such a requirement, then it may be a part of a delivery scam.

29. Why did DHL return to the shipper? 

DHL shipment might return to the Shipper either when the delivery address is wrong on the label or the receiver may have returned the package due to any damage. Shipment can also be returned if the item is not legal in the receiver’s country or if there was no one present during the time of delivery. 

30. How does DHL work?

DHL provides international as well as domestic delivery options at a reasonable rate. Their chief service comprises picking up the packages, delivering them, and returning.

31. How do DHL charge?

The shipping charges are revealed when the customer submits an application advising the details of their shipping volume. However, the shipping charges also depend on whether the item delivery is domestic or international.

32. How did DHL start?

In 1969, DHL was founded by Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom, and Robert Lynn. The company started its international delivery services at the doorsteps of the customers. In the beginning, goods were being transported via airplanes, but later, they even started transporting by water. 

33. How does DHL deliver?

DHL delivers to USPS, and USPS delivers to you. So, DHL delivers to post office boxes which are only possible as they offer postal service.

35. What is DHL delivery time?

DHL delivery services usually take 2-3 working days for neighboring countries and about 20 days for countries at a longer distance. However, the delivery time is subject to the type of product and the distance. 

36. What is DHL shipping? 

DHL Shipping is an international logistics company that delivers packages and provides express mail services.

37. What is DHL express?

DHL Express offers international services only. The same company owns it as DHL eCommerce, that is Deutsche Post DHL Group. 

38. DHL, who can sign?

Anyone upon delivery can sign a DHL shipment.

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