USA to Nigeria with DHL: Shipping Process

How Long Does It Take to Ship Goods From The USA to Nigeria with DHL?

If you are settled in the USA and want to ship any parcel in Nigeria or Vice-versa, no matter it is a gift courier or large shipment for business purposes, all you need is a trustable courier company for shipping goods from one country to another.

If you are planning to shift in Nigeria from the USA, then you have to think beyond the shipping goods because now you need to pack all your belongings that require extra care and guarantee of safe delivery of the package at an economical price.

Many courier companies are there in the market but DHL express deals in shipping packages and goods in another country by giving reliable, safe, and timely delivery of the goods.

Shipping process from the USA to Nigeria

In the shipping process of merchandise, the company only focuses on saving resources and provides cost-effective transportation either by flight or roadways.

If you have taken any woes regarding the shipment, then you have to shed everything in order to choose the most trusted service for international shipping.

DHL is topmost courier service through Air and Sea that is eligible to cater every kind of needs and clients.

However, the services are offered at various prices as per the shipping requirement and package size. The shipping method is defined as per the diverse cargoes like cars, bike, machinery, medicine, and toys.

how long does it take dhl to deliver from uSA to nigeria?

Before booking Shipment Company for courier delivery, inquire about the transportation means they will use, the cargo should arrive in one piece at Nigeria especially if cargo contains glassware or steel goods.

DHL will guarantee you to take care of the goods and items transportation safely either by Air or Sea.

How Long Does It Take to Ship Goods From The USA to Nigeria Using DHL_

If DHL ships goods through a ship, then it will have different price details for the different time frame as it will arrive at the destination (Nigeria) taking longer time as compared to shipping through airways.

Both the methods are safe but as per the packaging and services will require extra cost and shipment time. Most probably the shipping time from the USA to Nigeria is 5-10 business days in economical shipment booking and 3-4 business days in express booking. The items can arrive before the determined time as DHL provided the fasted delivery courier service.

DHL price list from the USA to Nigeria

As per the weight in kilograms, size of the container including length, width, and height in centimeter, DHL price will increase that also include the transportation cost, taxes applied at the port of another country.

When talking about Nigeria, taxes are applied on every shipped item that is not included in DHL invoice. Moreover, DHL also provides the comprehensive shipment package that includes the collection of cargo, shipment, and final delivery within time.

The company has trained staff that takes care of the packaged goods and helps in transiting damage free goods in a most proper method. The staff follows the companies’ woes strictly and determined in reaching each and every norm.

shipping cars from usa to nigeria

One of the most valuable and lovable items to ship is Car. Most people love their car more than their life and when talking about shipping car abroad, everyone most has qualms about the security and safety of a car.

As discussed earlier, DHL Company has trained staff; those are strictly adhering to company norms in providing the efficient service and helps in delivering the damage free goods.

The company has several options for insurance coverage for all the items shipped either via ship of flight. This also includes the natural calamity damage depending on the package you need as per the budget.

Final Shipping of containers from the USA to Nigeria

In Nigeria, there is custom clearing for the import and export goods, DHL will take care of it till the final shipping of the containers from the USA to Nigeria.

For every kind of international shipping, DHL takes care of customs documentation and clearance. The shipment will deliver to door-to-door within business days whenever there is time critical shipping is required. The company also provides the pick-up service whenever service is booked.

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