What Does Departed FedEx Location Really Mean?

As we all know, FedEx is one of the most trusted courier services today. A host of large and small businesses use FedEx for its superior shipping services. It is also known for being user-friendly and easy for both customers and companies. 

However, FedEx does have a few problems. One such issue is understanding the terminology that they use. Often, people have a hard time deciphering the terms that are stated. I mean, haven’t we all once looked at the tracking details and then spent a long time trying to understand where our package is? 

Now, many of you may have seen the phrase “Departed FedEx location” while tracking your shipment and wondered what it may mean. It is quite vague and a lot of people, including me, have a hard time understanding the position of their package. That’s why I’ve listed the meaning and implication of this particular phrase down below. Scroll down and keep reading to know more. 

What is the meaning of Departed FedEx Location?

The phrase “Departed FedEx location” simply means that your package has left the FedEx warehouse where it was last kept. Your package is one step closer to making its way to your requested delivery location and scheduled delivery is pending.

What does Departed FedEx location really mean

This phrase implies that it is still in transit and making its way to your city or town or it means that it is on it’s way to your home and will be delivered today. 

What are the implications of the term “Departed FedEx location?

The above-mentioned phrase can imply any one of the following two scenarios:

  1. It is in transit – Most of the time, the term “Departed FedEx location” implies that your package has left one FedEx location and is making its way to the next. Thus, the shipment is on the next leg of its journey and is in the process of reaching your doorstep. For instance, if your package is coming from Houston and you’re living in Dallas, and your tracking details show that the term “Departed FedEx location”, then it means that your product has left Houston and is going over to the next stop before it reaches Dallas. 
  1. It is on it’s way to being delivered to your doorstep – The phrase “Departed FedEx location” can also imply that your package is on it’s way to being delivered to your doorstep. This means that your product has reached its final destination and is in your city or town and it will be delivered to you within a day or two. For instance, if you live in Arizona, it might mean that your package has reached your city and you’ll have it in your hands soon enough. If you’d like more details about your package and find out where it is, you can contact FedEx customer care through phone or email. 

FAQs on Departed FedEx location

Should I be alarmed if I see “Departed FedEx location” in my tracking details?

Definitely not. There is nothing to be alarmed about. It only means that your package has left one location and is heading to next. It can also mean that it will be delivered and will reach you soon. This is a completely normal message that FedEx displays and it implies that your product is in transit. However, if you want in-depth details, you can talk to FedEx staff.

What should I do if my tracking is showing “Departed FedEx location”?

If your tracking shows that the package has “Departed FedEx location”, it only means that your product is making its way to the next or final delivery location. There is nothing that you need to do, really. Just be patient and wait for your product to come. But if you really want more details, you can reach out to FedEx customer care through phone or email.

Do I need to go to my FedEx distribution center if I see this phrase?

Not necessarily. You can simply wait at home and your item will reach you soon, either within a day or week, depending on where it is. Like I already mentioned, it is an ordinary tracking term that FedEx displays and it is nothing to be worried about. But in case you’re in a hurry, or you want further details, you can go to your local FedEx distribution center or office.

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