Package Available for Clearance: What Does Exactly Means?

‘Package available for Clearance FedEx’ shipment status means the shipment is cleared. It will be quickly transferred to the truck for immediate delivery. 

The key points to check the packages are based on the up-to-date measures, including customs clearance. FedEx is very clear about the transparency of the package delivery services. If the terms and conditions don’t appeal to you, then write to FedEx.

What “Package Available for Clearance (FedEx)” Means? 

When you see the tracking status that “Package available for clearance” means, FedEx has given the papers to the clearance custom. It generally takes some hours in the usual business days to clear it and get the package delivered. 

Package Available for Clearance
Package Available for Clearance

Clearance Procedure at FedEx

While working with customer care officials worldwide, there are many things to look after for the delivery processes. The innovative way that FedEx has included in their technology simply eliminated the rigorous steps of paperwork compared to other courier companies.

These handling of the paperwork expedite the movement of the packages, be at national or international levels.

Clearance Procedure at FedEx
Clearance Procedure at FedEx

Process Before the status “package available for clearance” occurs 
The international level package is scanned and sorted point to point before it is shipped on the truck or ship. FedEx also allows electronic transmission of the documents for shipment.

All the updates of the clearance are kept in a database maintained by the express-clear system. It includes the importer’s number, the broker’s designation, and corporate communication details in one place. 

Before a shipment, FedEx makes sure the terms and conditions are maintained and applied to all. 

They update the shipment status based on these details, which are linked with the computer operating system. You will even keep track of whether the plane is taken off or in the air. 

The responsible customer agents and brokers are present at the airport of destination country or at the port to examine the shipment. 

“Package Available for Clearance”: What Happens After?
Another round of shipment details is checked before they finally update “Package available for clearance.” You can track this through the respective Id provided to you for tracking your shipment update.

At FedEx, international shipments are scanned in all the respective ways to finally allow the report to generate or obtain the custom clearance.

Once the package is available for the clearance, you will be able to know the delivery time frame for it. 

This is dependent on the customer, so a definite answer is tough to give beforehand. Once you can see another scan, you will have a much better idea of it. 

How Long Does Clearance Take FedEx?

procedure of clearing shipments takes more than two to three days. It is completely dependent on the volume of the package. The anticipated delay of any delivery majorly happens, if the parcel arrives on holiday.
It is then delivered on the next day.

The interesting fact is FedEx hardly closes on holidays. Only on New Year’s Day, there is a delay. Or, if the documentation is not correct, the delay is likely to happen due to customs regulations. The invoice for the commercial documentation needs to be strictly verified.

How Long Does Clearance Take FedEx?
How Long Does Clearance Take FedEx?

Commercial Invoice

 It is a form which is written by the sender declaring that the specific goods, its total value, and shipment are all-inclusive.

The exporter needs to accomplish two commercial invoices as per the packages

Custom documentation is determined in this package, whether it is taxable or not. 
If any of your documents went missing them, it causes delays. Without these short clearances, no package is delivered to the customer. 

How Long Does it Take to Clear Customs?

It usually takes around 24 to 48 hours maximum. If the documents and payment charges are cleared, then it takes a few hours to complete customs. 

Does FedEx do Custom Clearance?

FedEx provides regular customs clearance; however, if your shipment requires a special clearance, FedEx can provide a complete selection of value-added shipping service.

How much does FedEx charge to clear customs?

FedEx will provide regular customs clearance for import packages at no additional cost. However, there are situations when your shipment requires a special clearance. such as when a regulatory body requires further processing or when you or your importer requests special processing from a FedEx customs broker.

Does FedEx do Custom Clearance?
Does FedEx do Custom Clearance?

FedEx customs clearance has been included when you send using FedEx Express services, then FedEx will clear your shipment. If your package requires a special clearance and you request it from a FedEx customs broker, FedEx will add the service fees and bill you for them.

For some regions or FedEx subsidiaries, you may be charged a price for a normal customs clearing service. For international orders to FedEx direct served locations, additional clearance service costs may apply.

FedEx’s overall customs value for these supplementary clearing service fees will appear as distinct line items on your customs duty invoice.

What Causes Clearance Delays at FedEx?

The custom clearance generally takes a couple of hours to clear and deliver. The waiting time is up to 5 days. It may vary, though, depending on where you reside and how far away your state is from the United States of America.

Packages can be delayed for an assortment of reasons during the clearance process:

Information missing in the document. 
➤ The confirmation of the clearing procedure required the payment of import duty and VAT.
➤ Obtaining authorization for representation
➤ A request to keep items on hold while waiting for importer instructions.
➤ Goods are subject to inspection by other government departments.

These are the common reasons:
Though, there are one or two things to deliberate before approaching a FedEx worker with this inquiry.

What Causes Clearance Delays at FedEx?
What Causes Clearance Delays at FedEx?

The package was sent from anywhere other than the United States of America.

 When compared to packages leaving the United States, you may have to wait a little bit longer for customs clearance in this scenario.

You have picked a location that is outlying from your existing dwelling

It’s important to understand that FedEx doesn’t deliver to every country. It ensures that it only distributes where it is permitted to do so.

So, if you live far away from where the box was transported, you may have to wait longer than you anticipated.

Your shipment is headed to a country with a complicated clearance process.

The clearance of customs will take several days in this situation. For instance, if you are in Europe and your delivery is traveling to the United Arab Emirates, you may have to wait a total of three days.

When you compare this time to the FedEx Standard Overnight delivery service, though, you’ll notice that it’s significantly shorter.

How do I Fix a FedEx Clearance Delay?

When it comes to delivery delays, one of the most prevalent complaints is that there is nothing you can do but wait. If your package’s current status ‘clearing delay’ on the internet, contact the service that shipped it. Make contact with the receiver to inform them of the situation.

How do I Contact FedEx Customs Clearance?

For particular brokerage assistance or trade and customs advising services, there are numerous methods to contact FedEx. FedEx can be contacted in the following ways and also keep your tracking info handy.

You can easily reach them at 1.800.249.2953 or 1.716.897.1075, or send an email to [email protected].

        For trade and customs advisory services: Email: [email protected]
        Contact the duty drawback department: Call 1.800.249.2953

How to Plan for Custom Clearance Success?

You’ll need to take a few extra steps to prepare your package for customs clearance every time you ship overseas.

Customs, the government agency in charge of enforcing international trade laws, supervises and monitors every shipment to ensure that the contents meet the requirements of the importing country or territory.

FedEx provides several online materials and tools to assist you in preparing for each stage of the procedure. You need to know how you ease the customs clearance.

How to Plan for Custom Clearance Success?
How to Plan for Custom Clearance Success?

Complete your paperwork

Prepare your customs documentation (the Trade Invoice and any other relevant forms) as well as your overseas freight label on your own or with the help of the Global Trade Manager.

Package Documentation Should be Attached

Print your customs paperwork or upload it to FedEx® Electronic Trade Documents, then print your shipping label and place it all on your package. Then drop it off or arrange a pickup at a FedEx store near you.

Export and Import Customs

If you don’t employ your broker, FedEx will look after your shipment while it’s enrooted and lead it through both export and import assessment by customs.

Bringing the Shipment to a Successful End

FedEx will pick up the shipment(s) from Customs and deliver it to the importer or receiver.

How to Avoid Custom Clearance Delay?

Tips for Avoiding Customs Bottlenecks:

  •  Even if the item is being given to the receiver for free, declare the correct value (i.e., sample or not for resale). The valuation will be used to determine the number of duties and taxes to be paid.
  • Multiple-piece shipments should be kept together, and each item of the package should be labeled separately.
  • Complete all required documents correctly. Make sure your responses are specific, accurate, and free of spelling mistakes.
  • Ensure that all relevant customs paperwork has the same information.
  • List each commodity separately on customs documents and provide a thorough, appropriate description of each of these, including what it’s composed of and how it’ll be utilized.
  • To show where your product was produced, cultivated, or produced, print the nation of origin/manufacture legibly.
  • Please add your broker’s complete contact information if you’re using one.
  • Both the sender and the receiver should have a phone number or fax number.

FAQs on Package available for Clearance FedEx

1. What happens once the Custom is cleared?

Once the parcel is custom cleared, then it reaches the local office of the courier facilities.

The courier service person takes the parcel or package from the office and delivers it to the doorstep’s respective delivery address. You will get the notification that your parcel will be delivered to you in 2 hours or similar.


One of the most important strategies to ensure for timely delivery is to plan. When you ship, your shipment will go through several rounds of approval. It’s natural and unavoidable.

The message “FedEx Package Available for Clearance” indicates that you will be ready for it as a receiver. If you need a parcel from someone right away, prepare and make sure to ask them to courier it a few days early.

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