FedEx PO Box Shipping: All You Need to Know

FedEx SmartPost delivers products and services all across the US and beyond. However, online customers often confuse FedEx PO box shipping what the shipping services encompass, its rules, and regulations. If you are on the same page, then this article is for you.

PO boxes are hosted directly by the US Post Office, which means it provides faster delivery than direct mail. Following the recommendations published by World Heather Organisation(WHO), FedEx is continuing their work. 

FedEx shipping to PO box has several advantages for the customers and traders. Let us know how to deliver FedEx PO boxes, and what are the advantages associated with it?

What is a PO Box?

Commonly known as the postal box, PO Box is a lockable mailbox situated on the post station. Those were traditionally used to receive mail to the customers who live far away. Today we are standing in an age where people are facing fierce competition. They just want to receive their product timely and also free of cost. Keeping this in mind, FedEx has introduced the Shipping PO Boxes.

What is FedEx Smart Post?

FedEx has become quite popular due to the PO Box delivery facilities, which are in high demand. With the help of USPS, FedEx Smart Post aims to ship PO boxes at every corner of the United States and other destinations.

FedEx PO Box Shipping - Does it delivers to PO boxes?

Still not clear about FedEx Smart Post! To be precise, it is an affordable and easy method of transporting lightweight parcels from one part to another. They work all across the US and its adjacent areas. The procedure of the delivery is quite smart and tricky. FedEx does the first half of shipping, and the procedure is completed by the United States Postal Service(USPS) by delivering the product to the target residential address. FedEx or UPS cannot deliver PO Boxes directly to the customers as USPS does not allow them to do so. No extra charges are applied on Saturdays. 

If you are running eCommerce SMBs and are looking for a platform to deliver small packages, then the best option is to choose “FedEx Shipping Services.” Some points should be considered before you start shipping with FedEx.

Here is a closer view of FedEx PO Delivery options.

Advantages of FedEx PO Delivery

● It can deliver to all USPS addresses

● FedEx provides no residential surcharges

● FedEx provides normal delivery pickups

● One will never lose the ability to track their packages

Service Days

The shipping service for delivering PO Boxes is open from Monday to Saturday. There are no extra charges in the case for weekend delivery.

Delivery Timing

The whole timing depends on the seller’s location and the customer’s destination. FedEx usually takes two to seven business days for shipping delivery. If the parcel is shipped outside the US 48 states, then you may expect a longer time than usual.

The area where PO boxes can be delivered

FedEx offers its shipping services all across the states of the US (including Alaska and Hawaii). The experts also deliver the PO boxes to the military APO, FPO, and DPO destinations.

Restrictions in weight and size

There are certain restrictions that FedEx follows while delivering PO boxes.

● They do not pick up parcels that are originated outside of the contiguous US

● FedEx does not guarantee money back facilities

● They do not provide evening deliveries

● Do not collect money after delivery(pre-paid services are only available)

● They do not deliver hazardous materials

● FedEx does not have such facilities like signing the proof after delivery

Get your most suitable PO Boxes FedEx Service

As an eCommerce merchant, you should always look out for such services that are effective and pocket friendly. FedEx shipping services will suit all your needs and more. It is an economical and reliable way to ship small parcels to potential customers. Several shipping solutions are easily accessible to FedEx. Give your customers a faster and more reliable delivery of your products with cost-effectiveness. 

FedEx PO box delivery is not for everyone. If you imagine getting fast shipping, then this service is not for you. This can be a cost-saving solution for retailers who are planning to ship a large volume of products to the clients. Do not hesitate to visit the nearest FedEx store and get all the details about the shipping method of PO Boxes.

FAQs on FedEx PO Box Shipping

Can I ship alcohol in FedEx shipping?

Well, you can do so, but depending on the license. Typically FedEx does not allow for shipping alcohol. But they can only be shipped if both the customer and client are licensed, whether they be wholesaler, dealer, distributor, or manufacturers.

Is it necessary to use FedEx packaging?

Unless you are using FedEx one rate, you can use any shipping package you want.. If you are reworking in a box used earlier, make sure that the old address is covered completely. FedEx suppliers will also provide shipping tips and free supplies for the packing.

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