FedEx Out For Delivery But Not Delivered: What to do?

FedEx is the most promising and renowned global courier company. Delivering the packages on time is the best part of the service.  It often happens that the package is out for delivery and didn’t get delivered. Tracking your parcel can be done online. Use the prearranged tracking ID numeral. 

Track your shipment which gives live updates on the package. The up-to-date information indicated where the parcel is right at that time.  Your shipment is on time or not is updated on the website.  You can go through the guide namely, ’Estimated Delivery Date’ to keep yourself updated.  You can get the tracking result by calling customer care at FedEx. The call details are 800 FedEx (800 33339).

FedEx Packages wrongly delivered to another address

FedEx in the world of logistics hardly has done any incidents of misdelivering the package. There are at times Courier Company often delivers at the wrong address. Ensure whether your provided address is accurate or not! Often it happens that you have recently changed your address. If you do not update that at FedEx, then your items will be delivered to your old address. In such a case, get in touch with the previous owner. He/she can grab the shipment and send it back to you.

Often you haven’t changed the address and tracking details says that ‘the package is delivered. In such a situation contact FedEx on the given number. You can email, call or leave a voice message. Verify the miswritten in sequence on the shipping label. If that is wrongly provided, then rework it.

Asking your neighbor is the first thing you should do. If your parcel is delivered and you didn’t write it, then you can call customer care.  Parcels are delivered to another location due to address issues. Ask your neighbor to collect it- if you are not at home. Simply start claiming the process to the courier company is harder.

 These types of cases happen if the FedEx driver cannot find the house number printed on it. Having a small door plate will ensure your package is delivered to the right house.

FedEx out for delivery but not delivered: Reasons

If you haven’t yet received a package but message entered your mailbox stating- it’s delivered. You need to figure out what is the issue with the mis-delivery caused. Some incidents are listed below.

FedEx out for delivery but not delivered

Tracking status delivered – package didn’t receive

Often the drivers mark the package delivered before they have arrived at the venue. Before starting the day, they figure out the routes and parcels to be delivered. They make sure the delivery will be done on time. The courier tracking Id shows up on the tracking system thus indicate wrongly. Wait for the day till evening and then put up a complaint.

Locality changed then placed the order.

If you have changed your locality and shifted then update it. Often it takes a longer time if you are expecting courier in your location. We keep on forgetting that delivery address is changed and haven’t updated it to FedEx. Make sure that package location and locality is correct before you finally place the order.

Another package is wrongly delivered to your address.

There are incidents like you were waiting for the package to get delivered- but you receive somebody else package. Contact the customer care immediately. FedEx’s customer service is extremely swift. Keep the parcel intact and move it to a safe place. Responsible FedEx service people will come to you to collect the package from your doorstep.

Weekend deliveries by FedEx.

FedEx is active on the weekend delivery of your parcel within the stipulated time. FedEx even deliver for the retailers like Amazon on the Weekends and holidays as well. They have aground service made available for easily accessible activities. The ever- increasing demand of the FedEx courier services urge them to deliver on weekends within 5 pm of the local time.

Some listed FAQs will help you to get few questions clarified in your mind.

What does FedEx out for Deliver mean?

It means that the parcel is loaded on the FedEx truck to the delivered to you on the same day. There will not delay it.

Does FedEx give a refund for stolen stuff?

If the shipper can show the proof that the package is at the house- then there will be no refund. If the parcel gets stolen before delivery then the refund is assured.

Does FedEx offer any sort of Clearance solution?

FedEx charges no extra fee for standard customs clearance. It is a comprehensive range of valued added solution to the shipment with clearance need.

Which FedEx weekend service shall I take?

Since it’s home delivery, you can opt for Saturday or Sunday. But Saturday would be better as Sundays everyone simply relax or go out to friends. Saturday delivery does not have any extra charge incurred.

‘I need to check my shipment facilities’- How to do it?

With any service, FedEx offers detailed restricted, and prohibited items. It is listed based on the destination and the type of item for shipment. If you decide to take the package the courier center all by yourself- Make sure you read the guidelines.

Can I pick my delivery service from FedEx?

Of course, you can choose your delivery service as per your convenience. Make sure it is as per the destination and time of the shipment.


FedEx is an expert and experienced brand offers super swift delivery services. Not many delivery issues have ever been registered at FedEx.  Misplacement or stolen is hardly in the customer complaint desk.

If still, FedEx out for delivery but not delivered, never delay, reach out to us for the best solution within time.  Keep tracking your FedEx tracking Id provided with each order or service request. You will best be guided inline through the tracking ID.  Make sure to read all the terms and condition while submitting your parcel- is your duty.

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