FedEx Shipping Hours: Everything Important is Explained


FedEx is one of the most well-known express carriers globally, with a reputation for providing quick and dependable service.

FedEx delivery schedules and hours differ for a variety of reasons. It will depend on your delivery option of choice, the distance between the sender and the recipient location, the kind of products you are expecting to deliver in the cargo, and lastly, holidays in the United States and Saturdays, and Sundays.

So, let us find out how long does it take FedEx to deliver? And also, see which delivery service offered by FedEx is the quickest?

FedEx Shipping Hours: Difference Between International and Domestic Times

FedEx aims to offer consumers cost-effective, dependable, and convenient shipping. The delivery times for various FedEx shipping choices are described below. There are different types of services offered by FedEx. The number of days it takes to deliver your package depends on the service; you choose.

FedEx GroundFedEx Ground is the service that delivers to all 50 states in the United States. If you opt for this service, your package will be delivered within 1 to 5 days as the delivery service works from Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m.
FedEx International PriorityIf you opt for FedEx International Priority, your package will be delivered in 2 or more days. It covers global delivery and is not limited to the United States. The company works from Monday to Friday, including Saturday in some countries.
FedEx International Priority FreightIf you choose FedEx International Priority Freight, your shipment will arrive in 1 or 3 business days. It is not restricted to the United States and encompasses the whole world. In several nations, the firm operates from Monday through Friday, including Saturday.
FedEx International Priority Direct DistributionYour shipment will be delivered in 2 to 4 business days if you choose FedEx International Priority Direct Distribution. It is not restricted to the United States but rather encompasses the whole world. In several nations, the firm is open from Monday to Friday, including Saturday as well.

Here We are Giving an Example Considering You have Chosen FedEx Ground

Let’s say we’re looking for the exact arrival time for a FedEx Ground box from Brooklyn, New York, to Miami, Florida. On Friday morning, we’ll ship. A FedEx Ground cargo from Brooklyn, NY to Miami, FL takes around a week to arrive.

A shipment departing Brooklyn on Friday by Ground will arrive in Miami by the following Wednesday, according to the FedEx Rates and Deliveries website. That’s a total of three business days. 

It’s vital to keep in mind that all FedEx delivery lead times are measured on working days, not weekends, FedEx Shipping Hours also depends on it. You may anticipate your cargo to arrive in 1-5 business days unless you pay for additional FedEx services.

How long does FedEx take to deliver?

Generally, FedEx delivers Monday through Friday between the hours of 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. You may get your items delivered on weekends and holidays if you pay extra for specialist services. Furthermore, FedEx drivers may come later than 8 p.m. to deliver products sent via FedEx Overnight or FedEx 2 Day services. 

During the Christmas season, FedEx, like most courier services, expands its delivery hours. From Thanksgiving until New Year’s Eve, the white and purple vans are frequently seen out past 8 p.m. Because of the increased demand for shipping services over the Christmas season, couriers work longer hours to keep up.

fedex domestic and international services

✈︎ FedEx Shipping Hours: Domestic Services for Faster Delivery ✈︎

Everyone enjoys the anticipation that comes with getting a delivery. On the other side, delivery failures frequently result in consumer discontent and repercussions. FedEx offers various custom delivery services to ensure that your cargo is delivered much faster than usual. Of course, all of these options are more expensive than FedEx Ground.

For packages and envelopes, FedEx offers the following domestic services:

🚚 FedEx Same DayIf you choose this option, your package will be delivered the same day you place your order. Some international regions do not have this choice. However, in all other circumstances, if the delivery does not come on the same day, you can request a refund.
🚚 FedEx Same Day CityThis is guaranteed same-day delivery within a metropolitan region.
🚚 FedEx OvernightYour package will be delivered before 9:30 a.m. the next day. The assured delivery window has been extended to 2 p.m. in distant regions.
🚚 FedEx First OvernightIt is a cheaper variant of FedEx Overnight. Before 10:30 a.m. and before 5 p.m. in remote regions, delivery is assured.
🚚 FedEx Standard OvernightFor a lower price, get overnight delivery without the guarantee. In most cases, your delivery will arrive before 8 p.m. the next day.
🚚 FedEx 2 DayGuaranteed delivery anywhere in the globe in less than two days.
🚚 FedEx 2 Day AMGuaranteed delivery before 10:30 a.m. on the second day in transit throughout the 50 United States.
🚚 FedEx Express SaverDelivery in fewer than three business days is guaranteed. Except in isolated places, it arrives before 4:30 p.m. on the third day.

✈︎ FedEx Shipping Hours: International Services for Faster Delivery ✈︎

FedEx also provides premium delivery services, much like it does in the United States. The five international FedEx alternatives for sending packages and envelopes to other countries are listed below

🚚 FedEx International Next Flight:This service delivers to more than 220 countries and territories worldwide. The delivery time is within 24 hours from the next flight departing with packages. This delivery time is the same for most countries and territories.
🚚 FedEx International FirstYour package will be delivered within 1 to 3 business days with this service. The delivery will be as early as 10 a.m. each day. This service is available in selected postal codes of 20 countries. 
🚚 FedEx International PriorityWhen you opt for this service, you can expect the delivery within 1 to 3 business days. Delivery will be made by the close of business that day. This is available in over 220 countries and territories across the globe.
🚚 FedEx International EconomyIn this service, delivery is made within 2 to 5 business days. This service is available in over 215 countries and territories in the world.
🚚 FedEx International GroundThe delivery time in this service is 2 to 7 business days. This service is available in all residential areas in Canada.

FedEx Shipping Hours: How it Calculates the Expected Delivery Time

FedEx Shipping Hours vary based on a variety of circumstances, as previously stated. As a result, even with varying FedEx stated delivery timeframes, unforeseen circumstances may cause your cargo to be delayed. Fortunately, you may use a FedEx transit time calculator to calculate FedEx scheduled delivery time.

FedEx delivery timings from New York to the Hawaiian Islands, for example, can take one night with FedEx Priority Overnight or two days with FedEx 2day. FedEx International Priority takes 3 days to deliver from New York to Auckland, New Zealand, while FedEx International Economy takes 7 days. It’s worth noting that variations in delivery schedules have an impact on shipping costs.

Package deliveries should go off without a hitch if all goes according to plan. Nonetheless, while FedEx strives to provide accurate delivery estimates, some existing factors may have an impact on FedEx delivery delays. 

FedEx Shipping Hours delays or receiving damaged products can happen at any moment. Some of the most typical causes of extended FedEx delivery hours could be unfavorable weather, traffic jams at the port, packages that have gone missing, the flow of traffic, a large amount of shipping, an unsuccessful attempt at delivery, or inconsistency.

FedEx Shipping Hours: FAQs

1. What does “End of Day” imply to FedEx?

Deliveries delivered before the conclusion of the business day specified in the delivery schedule are referred to as “end of the day.” FedEx may deliver your package later than the usual 8 p.m. delivery cut-off if your delivery is delayed in route.

Alternatively, depending on your service selection, you may get a notification that delivery will be postponed for the following working day.

2. How can I arrange or adjust my FedEx delivery time?

In your FedEx account, go to the Delivery Manager platform. You can check future deliveries, edit the delivery address, and alter delivery times from this page.

3. When will FedEx begin delivering packages?

FedEx delivers between the hours of 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. If you pay for specialized services that guarantee delivery, delivery delays may cause your shipment to arrive later.

4. What happens if your FedEx delivery window is missed?

When you miss a delivery, FedEx sends you a delivery attempt notification. This notification includes instructions for using the FedEx delivery management service to rearrange your delivery date and time.


The anticipation of getting a delivery is something that everyone enjoys. On the other hand, we all despise being disappointed by delivery delays. FedEx is an excellent delivery provider to utilize if your consumers are anxious to acquire your stuff.

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