Walgreens FedEx: Pickup and Drop off guide

Walgreens and FedEx are in long term association to have agreed upon the pickup of the package and drop services. The market store chain’s locations do serve as the packages for pick up and drop off to the destined locations.

The deal simply calls for these services to be available for chain stores by the end of 2020.  The services of both the brands together have taken a huge step in making the lives of each people easier going by the next year.

Walgreens and FedEx services together are wonderful

The motive of Walgreens and FedEx partnership has brought a new mean of helping the customers. It is with the notable E-commerce deliverables and returns. FedEx pick up of the parcel are also being directed to deliver the online purchase to the local stores.

The experts are offering a stronger focus on the customer care services. The retailer will act to help the customers to continue with the growing demand. The convenience and the secured pick up and drop off services to the preferred destinations are simply accessed by the E-commerce shipments.  

Walgreens FedEx

FedEx will indeed offer a much secured and safe service as regards to their notable services for the easy and long-lasting customer base. The packages that move through the FedEx network will get another way to easily channelized to the local pharmacy healthcare centres and beauty retailers.  The convenience and love the customer is growing immensely leaving an everlasting review time to time.  FedEx shipments will be handled by the Walgreens to some respect as it is registered to multiple places.

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Packages pickup from Walgreens

Easy and efficient package services are made accessible for the commoner for competent services. A secured cabinet holds the parcel together in one place. You need to follow simple steps to get your pickup or the packages at Walgreens.

  • Enter your tracking ID as per the package registered from FedEx and select the option of Manage delivery.
  • You can select the hold at the location option and choose the nearby Walgreens for more fast service.
  • At the time when your package will arrive, FedEx will simply notify you to your number or email id offered.  Further, you can pick up the item from the nearby Walgreen showroom, as per your convenience.

Package drop off services at Walgreens

 As similar to the pickup services, drop off service is completely the same and secured.  The processes are listed step by step below.

  • It is important to take the stamp or print of the return label. If you do not have a return label then you can log in to the FedEx website and print one for yourself.
  • You should securely seal your package in a package in a proper box and attach the label to make it perfect and easy moving.  Remember, if you do not seal it accurately, then chances are high that your items (if delicate) may be broken. You can’t always expect the delivery to them as accurate as you have sent it.
  • Drop off the item or package to the desired Walgreens store nearby. You can ask the respective associates there to guide you for further requirements. Also, you can contact to a human at fedex.

Do I need to pay any extra money for a pickup or drop off the items?

To access the facilities of pick-up and drop-off package to the Walgreens you do not have to pay any sort of additional charges. In the basic FedEx charge, everything is covered.

How long does it take for the package to hold at Walgreens for the Pickup?

To be accurate, it takes around 7-days for the entire process. Once the package is returned to the FedEx nearby locations facility, then you can access the tracking details. It shows the updated package is no longer there for pick up at the Walgreens. If your package is somehow returned- you can simply call at 1.800.GoFedEx 1-800-463-3339 for further conversation and assistance.

How will I know my package is accepted at Walgreens?

Once you have maintained the package submission process and submitted it to the Walgreens make sure that the package is sealed. FedEx ground shipping level is a must on it. You must be sure that the package is less than 55pounds. It must smaller than 48” X25” X25”. It does not contain dry ice. No hazardous material is found & no live animal is packed. If these are maintained the package is ready to be accepted.

What are the operation hours of the Walgreens?

Walgreens is ready to operate pickup and drop services at the normal business hours, which is from 9 am to 5 pm.

Can I simply Drop off my online returns at the Walgreens?

It is easy for you to make returns at any of the Walgreens locations as per your convenience. Having an online seal will help you to pre-label the package and you can ask your associate for further assistance. Bring your QR code sends to your email to the Walgreen location and gets the return easily.

Final Thoughts on Walgreens fedex facility:

There are thousands of FedEx and Walgreens Store in any location of any state. Both the brands are extensively fast in their services, especially pickup and drop-off. The convenience of the location near you will help you to collect or drop the item any time of your need.

A detailed study of the parameters while submitting your package at Walgreens is required; so that you do not have to run for package returns. It is estimated that by the end of 2021, the customers of Walgreens will have easy accessibility. It is to pick up the prescription and the respective parcels from one single stop. This will avoid confusion.  

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