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Is FedEx So Bad? FedEx is one of the top courier serving companies guaranteeing swift and reliable service. On various occasions, there are a few numbers of customers who claimed FedEx to be bad. Honestly, this brand is the customers’ brand that believes in top-class service, for decades now. The reliability of FedEx is guaranteed. You cannot say FedEx is so bad if you look into the in-depth detail of this brand. 

Problem with a delivery issue

FedEx and other delivery services are making more online presence. If a customer faces one day delay in delivery of the package- this creates a negative impact. A delay is caused due to:

  • The package gets stuck if the address and document issued by the provider are not cleared in logistics. 
  • You are not present at home to collect the package. Even a neighbour’s address is not given to drop the package in your absence.
  • A national holiday, mainly New Year, is celebrated in FedEx. Thus, delivery is delayed.
  • Package documents are not mentioned as per the request from FedEx end.
  • Package delivery is delayed due to extreme weather conditions.

These delays are not always FedEx’s fault. Thus, simply concluding FedEx to be bad is injustice over here. 

The issue with the driver of FedEx 

The customer gets angry if the delivery boy didn’t reach on time. FedEx can’t be blamed directly for this. The responsible drivers always make sure that the packages are delivered to the person concerned. They never put down the parcel at the doorstep without anyone collecting it. The employees are allowed to take prompt decisions if no one is there to collect the package. The address of the neighbour must be mentioned in your package so that they can deliver it. 

Not every driver is genuine or sincere. Even if the package is told to be delivered, it didn’t! You can get in touch with the customer care of FedEx. This will help you to know where it went wrong and why!

Package is delayed

This is one of the top reasons for every customer to comment that FedEx is bad and irresponsible. The package is delayed due to ample reasons. The customs are not cleared due to a lack of notable documents. The delivery boy does not identify the package number. The parcel originated at the shippers’ usual location, where FedEx holds it for clear documentation. 

The aim of FedEx is to resolve any issue related to the package. FedEx receives missing information on the parcel. This delays the verification process. Unless the details are perfect, FedEx cannot release any parcel out of their store. The verification clearance procedure is secured. It imports duty and VAT. 

If you aren’t receiving your FedEx package, you can log in online using your respective online details. There is an option of ‘Estimated Delivery’ where you can track your package delivery date. It often happens that FedEx doesn’t update the tracking details online. The number of the packages shipped is still in the transit, and waiting for clearance. Once the shipping is done through the USPS, if you aren’t getting any track of your parcel- reach out to the FedEx customer care services at 80033339. 

Complaints about the holiday second package fraud

The number of the package volumes up, when it is near to the holiday season or month. The increased number of items is because someone is buying it, using a stolen identity. For example, a customer buying a leather jacket or similar items- paying dollars. They receive a message ‘failed to deliver.’ This means something is wrong with the parcel or it is stolen.

FedEx, in a similar situation, acts to be more conscious. They will get your delivery item two days before the estimated delivery date. Still, if you face a similar issue, get in touch with FedEx immediately!

FAQs on FedEx

Does FedEx struggle with the investment?

FedEx is looking forward to new investments to raise its e-commerce sales. This will build the ground of the network prominently. 

Is FedEx trustworthy?

Reliability is the one word that goes with FedEx. They take up their customer service seriously and try to fix the issues as fast as possible. FedEx guarantees the arrival of your package. 

Is the overnight service of FedEx good?

FedEx has a much better Overnight business service than others. They provide a 24/7 365 days’ service. This service witnesses a larger number of shipments than any other brand. 

Did Amazon drop FedEx?

FedEx has pulled the plug on the deliveries of Amazon. The point is they are constantly evaluating, innovating, and testing for better customer carrier experience. 

Final Thoughts

FedEx is ruling over the market of courier services for decades. It offers the most convenient and reliable services to the customers. There are ample reasons why issues arise with FedEx. It has an answer to every problem that a customer faces. They have a smart and swift customer service readily available for you. Keep tracking your package to notice if there is any delay. Find out the specific reason by getting in touch with FedEx customer care. Hope that answers your question if FedEx is so bad

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