FedEx Vehicle for Delivery: The Complete Guide

The term “FedEx Vehicle for Delivery” means that FedEx packages will be delivered to the destination. It is done within 8 pm of the working day. The FedEx delivery date is mainly the same day the message arrived.

Delay messages reach to you a few days earlier if nay uncertainty arises to deliver your parcel. In technical language, it means that FedEx status on delivering the parcel will leave the original region. It will now on the way to the destination location.  

The packages are uploaded to the hub or the bug parcel center of the FedEx delivery network. It is later loaded onto the FedEx van and delivered to the designated location.

FedEx Vehicle for Delivery: The status on the FedEx Parcel

There are numerous things to be taken care of when FedEx is delivering your parcel. Few more terms are required to be known from your end while you are handling FedEx delivery stuff.

Arrive at location:

It means that the parcel is at the scanning mode and the FedEx department. The status does not mean that your parcel is at your doorstep or on the way to your location. Often parcels entering the shipment can also arrive at an intermediate state like for example, the cargo redistribution center.

At the destination sort facility:

This statement means that the parcel is in the nearby region of the recipient. The shipment has to be arranged in the FedEx facility once more time before the delivery of the recipient gets it.

At the local facility of FedEx:

This means that your parcel is kept in the FedEx cargo center. It will soon be processed timely to the desired destination.

Deliver to the location:

This means the package is delivered to the intended receiver or to the person within the same area. The name mentioned collecting on the beneficiaries’ absence.


Often it happens that you receive an unexpected event while preventing the delivery of the FedEx parcel.  Like for example,

  • the custom delay,
  • no one is present to collect the parcel,
  • missing of the necessary documentation,
  • on a holiday

These get registered under the category of the package to the delivered or already delivered options. If you are facing something similar, give a call to the FedEx Customer Service, available for 24/7 for the assured assistance.

In Transit:

If your parcel message is showing in the transit- this means that the shipment is In Transit.  The parcel will be taken for the recipient’s delivery destination. It takes around 1-2 days to deliver the item if you notice it is in transit, in the website tracking ID.

Left FedEx source facility:

If your parcel tracking Id is showing this status, then understand that your parcel has been left from the unusual region. It is now on the way to the destination region. It will be soon delivered to you. The parcels are collected at the FedEx cargo center and then submitted to the delivery network.

Picked up:

This means your parcel is picked up and will be delivered to the driver. It will further be taken to the package center in the vehicle. There it will be unloaded to send it to the FedEx facility to send it to the desired destination.

It is true that your parcel is safe and secured with the FedEx facility. FedEx Vehicle for Delivery makes sure of the fact- that your parcel will reach today itself. Just be patient until the stipulated time to get it delivered.

Even if fedex delivered to wrong address then this guide covers what to do next.

FedEx on the Online Virtual Assistance

FedEx Vehicle for Delivery

The online assistance of FedEx is swift and sound. The customer care people are active to allow the customers like you and me, order and ask delivery related questions. The virtual assistance means you can give order by voice, or hands and paper-free through the mobile devices. In a tech-based digital world, FedEx has made delivery more modernized and systematic.


“I received a message FedEx out for delivery” what does that mean?

This is simple; it means you will receive your parcel today by the end of the day. The parcel is scanned in the morning hours and will be directed to the location. The working hours max 8 pm to deliver the items, thus wait till 8 pm to receive the parcel from FedEx.

How will track the FedEx delivery truck?

The tracking ID is the only medium to track every update related to your parcel or package. Registering to the website will give you a live update and the shipment process from time to time.

What shall I download FedEx mobile app or the FedEx delivery manager?

FedEx Mobile app is a great way to understand and track all the convenient stuff related to FedEx delivery. To be frank, you won’t get the detailed benefit as the way FedEx delivery manager will provide. It is a web-based service, where you can entrée all sorts of options related to the deliveries using your favorite browser.

“I couldn’t understand request to FedEx hold for pickup” What is it?

‘FedEx hold for pickup’ is the compulsory message for your package which means it is held at the FedEx location. You can attempt to go and collect your parcel or can wait for the FedEx to delivery it at your doorstep.

“My parcel is taken to the FedEx location for the customer pickup” – why?

It often happens that your package cannot be left at your doorstep or neighbor if you aren’t present. Thus the delivery boy will take it back to the customer pickup location. In such a case, you need to go there and collect it by signing it.

Conclusion on Fedex Vehicle on Delivery:

FedEx is one of the foremost customer-based service industries. They are smart and swiftly delivers the package in a safer condition to the recipients’ location. A secured delivery of your parcel within 7 days rest assured. The delivery exception does occur due to the above-stated reasons which are temporary.

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