FedEx Smart Post: All you need to know

Swift shipping is the perk of the customer. FedEx Smart Post is based on this shipping- where it is and what are the key factors and many more.  This smart post is much cheaper than the traditional FedEx services. As per the research and estimation, 20 percent of FedEx’s free home delivery services are reduced in the Smart post.  

By having the no residential sur-charge, the delivery to the residential places turns to be cheaper. To this matter of fact, the majority of the customers indeed empties their cart, or leaves the plan of buying any good due to the exceptional amount of shipping charges tagged with it.

FedEx Smart Post: A quick overview of the service details

The foremost question that keeps on hit your mind is how much time will FedEx Smart post will take? How much will they take to operate?  What is the package size and what is the weight limitation? All these questions are normal from your end. Smart post offers residential shipping to the valuable FedEx customers. The service offers 100 percent of the US country coverage and can even deliver packages to the other contiguous U.S. places. Some service details are listed below;

Shipping time:

FedEx Smart post-delivery tends to take 5 to7 days of the business week. Frankly, it is much dependent on the distance to be covered. The longer transit is majorly taken to deliver the package outstation.

Service days:

FedEx is active from Monday through Saturday. However, you should check holidays once.

Package Delivery exceptions:

The service offered by the FedEx Smart post is very much bounded. They will not collect the items that originated from outside the U.S.

Package size and weightage:

FedEx Smart post carries a weightage of 70 pounds to 130 inches in length.  If any package is less than 10 pounds then it can also be delivered by FedEx.

Knowing these details will help you to start with the basics and have a vast idea on what and how FedEx Smart post operates.  

Note: By getting in touch with the executives you will get more information on this regard.

Advantages of FedEx Smart Post access

One factor that works greatly for FedEx Smart Post is Reliability. The users who have experience in getting their package delivered by FedEx Smart post have believed in them.  The cost of savings is largely considered based on various points.

FedEx Smart Post

Accessible to deliver to all the USPS addresses:

Like any out package delivering company, FedEx to have a limitation in delivering packages- they do no delivery post office boxes.  The smart post is flexible in their way of serving the masses with easy delivering procedures.  They deliver rightly to your emailed address and offer options on shipment.

No residential surcharge is requested:

The best thing about FedEx Smart post is that they deliver the residential typical packages without any outstanding charge. They offer additional savings on the package.

Delivery pick up is normal:

Any of the busy retailers will pick up the item on an easy and efficient process as per their convenience. When it comes to FedEx Smart post deliverables, they operate based on the customer’s timeframe and availability. There is no requirement to change when you have anything while you are operating Smart Post.  FedEx pickups are on time and very convenient.

Tracking is made much easier:

When you are using FedEx Smart post facilities and services, the tracking package abilities are much easy and convenient at the same time. it offers you a single tracking number rot avoid any sort of confusion. By simply following that number or id you can check where the package is and understand the delivery date or day.  Monitoring your package is the best way to keep a track of the package.

“End of the day” is often mentioned while you are tracking your package on the website. This means that the deliverables will reach the desired destination without any delay. Sundays and holidays are avoided for any sort of delivery to the customers’ place.  Often people confuse that “end of the day” means midnight. This is not correct.


What this FedEx Smart post is all about?

This service by FedEx is a form of hybrid shipping service here where the packages are collected effectively and delivered in the desired destination. Firstly, it is taken to the postal service and later taken the customer for the final delivery.

How will I know that I have FedEx Smart post?

There are 20-digit tracking details on the FedEx portal or websites. Once the package is transferred to USPS then you can finally track it using prefix 92 to the 20-digit number of the FedEx Smart post. In total there will 22-digit tracking number which will get you to know about the package details and delivery options.

I have heard FedEx Smart post is slow. Is it true?

To be very frank, it is relatively slower than any other delivery services. FedEx Smart post involves an extra one day for delivering the package to the local post offices. It helps to pick up the package that you have ordered from the respective seller. This is further delivered to the destined city and address.

‘I am expecting a package delivery, but I am not receiving it.’ What to do?

When you have a package to be delivered and the shipment message didn’t enter your mobile message box, do not worry. Simply open FedEx website, including the tracking details and review the estimated delivery dates. The selected services and location will fetch you a faster update.

What will happen if my parcel is not delivered on time?

FedEx Smart post offers a facility of money back option to every U.S, shipment. You can request for the refund option to your directed card along with the shipping charges. This is a guaranteed refund and no bluff will be observed, be rest assured on it.

How much accurate is FedEx Smart post-delivery time?

To be frank, very much! The driver will make sure that he reaches your destination from the pickup location to the destination in the stipulated time. The delivery hours are within 5 pm Monday to Saturday, so you can expect it within 5 pm on the delivery date.

Final Thoughts on Fedex Smart Post:

To conclude, FedEx Smart post is not meant for every customer. If you are one of those who are willing for completely a free shipping service then this is not the option for you. The FedEx Smart post and FedEx home delivery is two different concepts.

FedEx makes sure that the entire route from the pick up to door drop delivery is followed. Mart post is the partnership and the last final delivery destination of any parcel. The speed, reliability, ease and convenience is what offered by Smart Post. Believe in this service of FedEx and explore the best options offered by it. Good to check and harmlessly useful for all customers.

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