What time does USPS stop delivering?

From whether the USPS does late deliveries to if the shipping service can deliver late at night, we are going to answer all your questions that you may have relating to USPS. Let us tell you the first and foremost thing about the timings of the USPS. 

What time does USPS stop delivering?
What time does USPS stop delivering?

The standard delivery timing of a package depends on its type of nature. For instance, if it is first-class mail, it may take one to three days whereas if it’s a media mail, the timing may go up to 2 to 8 working days. The same goes for other kinds of packages like priority mail, USPS retail ground, bound printed matter, and so on. 

The USPS does have the ‘ending time’ for deliveries at the end of the day like most other shipping companies. This indicates that until the next morning arrives, the USPS isn’t going to start deliveries again.

What Time does USPS Stop Delivering? 

The USPS-generated information states that the standard delivery timings for packages and mails are from 8 in the morning to 5 in the evening each day. These timings are limited from Mondays to Saturdays. 

There are possibilities of delay in deliveries depending on several circumstances like extreme weather conditions, roadblocks and the most common problem of traffic. The two kinds of packages that get delivered even on Sundays are the Amazon parcels and the Priority Mail Express. 

Even though the official timings are till 5 pm, you may sometimes even get your packages around 6 pm or 7 pm unofficially. It mostly happens during the busy season and is quite common for the delivery person to show up even after 7 pm. 

Now it happens only in very rare cases, but if your packages are delayed, you can most definitely contact the USPS customer support system. 

When does USPS Deliver Mail on the Weekends? 

When does USPS Deliver Mail on the Weekends

The process of package delivery by the USPS on the weekends is almost similar to that of the weekdays, although the staff does not have to start as early as they do on the normal weekdays. 

On a regular weekday, the USPS workers may start their deliveries a little early like 7 am so that the mail reaches all their customers. That is the unofficial time but on Saturdays, the work doesn’t start before 8 am, and your chances of receiving the package anywhere before 8 are quite slim. 

The standard delivery time on a weekend ends at 5 pm as stated by the USPS. As we have already informed you, deliveries are not done on Sundays, though there are certainly some exceptions which we will be discussing. 

Exceptions to Non-Delivery Packages on Sundays

Amazon packages are a great exception to this non-delivery rule on Sunday of the USPS. These packages have been delivered since the very beginning of 2013 till the present date. 

Earlier this system was limited to only some of the metropolitan communities in the US but later it became available to quite a greater portion of the country. This happens majorly to customers who order after Wednesday or Thursday. They have a higher chance of receiving their packages on a Sunday. 

The USPS, apart from delivering the Amazon packages, also deliver priority mail express and priority mail on Sundays when they need to be. 

These two delivery services are an exception because of the guarantee they give on the delivery timelines and the guarantee on the moneyback service. Because of these reasons they are even the fastest domestic shipment services provided by the USPS. And hence, they are likely to be delivered on Sundays too. 

And since these Deliveries are of higher quality, the USPS makes sure that they are delivered on time even if it is past the official ending time for deliveries that is 5 pm. These packages are delivered on USPS holidays also.

When Should You Contact USPS Customer Support? 

Now the main problem that may arise is when should you be concerned and call the USPS! Well, if you have not received your package for at least five days from the day of order in case it is a first-class priority mail, then you should contact the USPS customer support

In case of the normal deliveries or the ones other than the priority mail or Amazon mail can do the same after waiting for fourteen days from the date of placing the order. It is necessary to contact customer support since there are possibilities of your package getting lost on the way or any other issues.

How to Contact USPS Customer Support? 

In case you need the steps to contact USPS customer support, you can try out the ways given below to do so. 

  • You can try calling the USPS customer care number by dialing 1-800-275-8777 and telling them your grievances. You must explain to them your problems and follow the instructions that they provide you with. 
  • The other option is to visit the Local post office that might be nearest to your house. You can fill in a form and request an inquiry into your missing parcel.
How to Contact USPS Customer Support

One thing to keep in mind is that the USPS does not accept any sort of complaints filed against late deliveries. So, if you have a package that is damaged or it is missing, only then can you file a complaint. 

To end this article on a good note, we hope you found it useful. We went deep into the topic and not only did we discuss the time when the USPS stopped delivering but also a whole lot of other factors. 

We have discussed how long it might take for the USPS to deliver your mails and packages, whether they deliver on weekends and if they do, how long does it take. The steps and timing to contact the customer support facility had also been mentioned above for you. 

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