USPS Pre Hire List: Here’s What No One Tells You

If you applied for a job at the USPS and found yourself standing on the USPS pre-hire list, there is nothing to get hyper about.

Then what does the USPS Pre Hire list mean? The pre-hired status just means that you are being considered for the job. Your application has passed, and you have been qualified for the further procedures needed to hire you as a permanent employee. Know more about the procedures in detail here.

USPS Pre Hire List & Process: All That You Should Know

In Summary:

The pre-hire list is a crucial aspect of the United States Postal Service (USPS) hiring process. So, what does the pre-hire list mean for USPS? Well, it signifies that an applicant has successfully completed the initial screening and evaluation stages, demonstrating their suitability for potential employment. But what’s the next step after being placed on the pre-hire list for USPS?

Once an applicant has been placed on the pre-hire list, the next phase involves further assessments and considerations to determine their final suitability for a position within the USPS. This entails a more comprehensive examination of the candidate’s qualifications, background checks, and any additional knowledge or skills necessary for their desired role. In simpler terms, the pre-hire list essentially serves as a gateway to the next stages of the USPS hiring process.

Now, you might be wondering, what exactly does the pre-hire list mean at USPS? Well, it conveys that an applicant has successfully passed the initial screening and has been deemed a potential candidate for employment. However, it does not guarantee an immediate job offer. Instead, it indicates that the applicant is being considered for further evaluation and possible selection.

To clarify further, the pre-hire list for USPS is essentially a compilation of individuals who have successfully cleared the preliminary stages of the hiring process and are now being reviewed more extensively. Being on this list demonstrates that the applicant has met certain criteria and possesses the potential to be hired by USPS.

So, what does the term “pre-hire list” mean? It refers to a pivotal point in the USPS hiring process where applicants have passed initial evaluations and are being assessed for their suitability to proceed further. It signifies progress and a chance for employment but does not guarantee an immediate job offer.

Now, what happens after an applicant is placed on the pre-hire list for USPS? Well, it typically involves additional evaluations, such as interviews, further background checks, and possibly even tests or assessments specific to the position applied for. These subsequent steps aim to determine the candidate’s overall compatibility and eligibility for employment.

As for how long it takes to get hired at USPS, the duration may vary depending on factors such as the number of applicants, the specific position, and the efficiency of the hiring process. Generally, it is advisable to remain patient and proactive while awaiting further updates from USPS regarding your employment status.

To summarize, the pre-hire list at USPS signifies progress in the hiring process, indicating that an applicant has successfully cleared initial evaluations. However, it does not guarantee an immediate job offer, as further assessments and considerations are required. The duration of the entire hiring process can vary, so patience and proactive communication with USPS are essential.

What does the Pre-hire list mean for USPS?

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  • “Pre-hired” is an early stage in the USPS’s complicated hiring process which means that you are now slowly walking down the hiring path, running a chance to be hired for the position you applied for.
  • In other words, being on the USPS Pre-hire List is the first step towards your employment at the postal service. It just means that you are almost qualified for the job and are just waiting for certain conditions to be met.

Points to Remember: You are likely to get the green signal from the district office unless there is any discrepancy in the background check or fail the drug test. If everything is fine, then it’s just a matter of time before you are hired.

Pre-hired to Hired based on Scoring System

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  • A thing that can happen at this pre-hiring stage is that candidates might compete against the background of the scoring system. So, if you scored sufficiently high, there is a chance that you might make it up to the prime people being considered for hire. 
  • If there is limited space for hiring and your score is in the lower spectrum, then there is a chance that you might be passed up. In that case, even if you made it to the pre-hire list, you might not be hired in the end.

Points to Remember: It is advisable that you hold on to your patience but do not get your hopes too high to quit your existing job. Usually, they take 3-6 months to move the candidates from the USPS Pre-hire List to the hired stage. If it’s been 6 months since you took the test and there is still no notice of employment, then you must consider your previous test as void and retake it to reapply.

What happens after you make it to the USPS Pre-hire List?

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  • So, you applied for a post in the USPS service and made it to their pre-hire list. Now, what happens? As already mentioned, the pre-hire list is your way to continue down the hiring process. But how do you get yourself hired?
  • Well, the time, speed, and procedure may vary, depending on USPS hiring needs and the position you applied for. You might have to wait for a few weeks to a few months before your turn comes to a head for the interview, screening, and personal testing procedure.

Points to Remember: Once the procedure initiates, it will be a smooth run; if you pass all the tests. Once all the procedures are over, and you did well in each of them, you might be called in to have your experience of the pre-employment orientation.

How long will I be on the pre-hire list for USPS?

Even after having your name on the pre-hire list for USPS, you might have to wait for some time before you get a call from them. Depending on how far down the list you stand, it might take weeks or even months. If you are far below the list, the ones on top will get hired first, and you might have to hang in there a little longer.

There’s high competition for USPS jobs, and the company gets swamped by applicants. Hence, it takes time for them to review every application and sort out the ones who deserve to be part of the reputed company.

Sometimes, those on the pre-hire list might have to wait for a vacancy at their desired post. They would have to wait for someone to retire from that post to be hired. At times, USPS goes through a hiring freeze where they consider paying overtime to the old employees rather than hiring new ones.

Thus, USPS might take a long time to hire you even if your name is on their pre-hire list. So, it might not be the best option if you are in a hurry to get employed. 

What are the Steps in the Hiring Process for USPS?

The pre-hire list only gives you the green signal to continue down the hiring process. A series of steps follow to determine your suitability for the job.

  • First, there will be an interview. It might be a personal interview or a group interview where your communication skills will be put to the test. 
  • If you pass, the screening process will follow. Here, they will test your ability to adapt to changing situations, determine how dependable you are, and understand how well you can work with a team.
  • Next is the personal testing process, which includes various psychological assessments, personality tests, drug testing, and the like. 
  • The next step is the Background check, where they will verify your employment history, driving history, criminal history, etc. You are likely to be disqualified if you have any misdemeanors on your record for the last 5 years. 
  • After clearing these stages, you will be called for a pre-employment orientation. You will be allowed to work for the company for a certain period. If you can prove to be a valuable employee at this stage, then USPS will be more likely to hire you permanently.

Pre-Hiring Procedure or Pre-Employment Orientation

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  • During the USPS Pre-hire List phase your pre-hired phase, you might also be asked to undergo some pre-hiring procedures. This means that you are seriously considered a suitable person for the job, but they still want to test your abilities, just to confirm it. Hiring an unsuitable candidate bores a high cost upon the employer, and hence some companies undertake certain pre-hiring procedures to be absolutely sure of their decision.
  • What they do during this time is that they perform a pre-employment orientation. Its objective is to offer a chance for candidates to work for the company for a certain amount of time. It allows the company to recognize qualified candidates and gives them a chance to familiarise themselves with the job liabilities.
  • During this period, the pre-employed candidates are given a job site tour and enlightened on certain crucial points necessary for their employment. Through this process, the candidates better understand their screening process, job responsibilities, training requirements, terms of employment, job expectations, and corporate values and gain deeper insights into their job profile. 
  • On the other hand, the employer checks the skills and abilities of the pre-hired candidates based on how they perform during their pre-employment orientation.

Points to Remember: At the end of the pre-employment session, the hiring officials hand over a report based on the candidates’ conscientiousness, adaptability, cooperation, communication, customer service, and other required skills for the job. If a candidate can score well on this report, they will be hired while the journey of the poor performers will terminate at the pre-employment stage.

So, the pre-employment phase is your chance to grab the stage and perform your best. Your performance at your pre-employment orientation will determine your future in the company. Hence, you should make the best use of this opportunity to join the list of hired employees.

What comes after Pre-screening with USPS?

The successful completion of the pre-screening episode with USPS ensures that you have cleared your background check procedure. 

What comes next will be a personal interview if the company deems fit. Next, they might offer you the opportunity of a pre-employment orientation process. 

In certain rare cases, they might directly offer you the job right after the pre-screening procedure. 

How to Enhance Your Performance during the Pre-Hiring Phrase or the Pre-Employment Orientation?

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Since the pre-hiring phase is crucial in determining whether a candidate will be hired or not, here are a few important guidelines that would help you secure a position in your desired post.

  • Follow all the rules and regulations.
  • Have a high percentage of attendance.
  • Complete all the work assignments efficiently and on time.
  • Efficiently perform all the essential duties and job responsibilities.
  • Take accountability for your mistakes and learn from them instead of blaming others or the situation.
  • Display punctuality, work ethics, and disciplined behavior.
  • Be trustworthy and reliable.
  • Co-operate with your co-workers and employers.
  • Smoothly adjust and efficiently adapt to any changes that come forth in the organization.
  • Effectively handle the stress, frustration, and setbacks that come with a job.
  • Be ready to take up any new challenge or assignment and grab any work-related opportunity or responsibility that comes your way.
  • Contribute towards building a positive environment in the organization.
  • Understand instructions properly and carry out the commands effectively. 
  • Demonstrate good communication skills with your co-workers, employers, and customers.
  • Always view yourself as a team player and assist your co-workers or employer when the need arises.
  • Add a certain amount of value to the organization with your efficient performance.

Will USPS notify you if you don’t get the job?

It’s not always possible for USPS to personally notify the long list of applicants whether or not they got the job. But they do release a list of pre-hired candidates. If the candidate’s name doesn’t appear on the pre-hire list, it’s assumed that the application has been rejected.

However, if the applicant’s name appeared on the pre-hire list before being rejected, then USPS might send an email notification or written notice to inform them of the rejection. But it might take them a while to send in that notification.

How long does a USPS background check take?

Usually, it takes around one week or 7 business days for USPS to finish the background check procedure. However, it might take up to a month, depending on the time taken to receive the findings.

USPS has a robust background check process that can go back as long as 7 to 10 years. Hence, once you are under the USPS background check process, you won’t be hearing from them right away.

It might get delayed further if they find any inconsistencies in their data during the procedure. Sometimes, the delay is caused just by the huge stack of applicants whose backgrounds they must check.

Does orientation mean you have a job at USPS?

Orientation does not mean that you are hired for the job at USPS. But it sure does mean that you are much closer and have a high chance of getting hired.

Orientation opportunities are provided only to those candidates who are seriously being considered right for the job. The company wants to confirm their decision by testing their practical skills and abilities when thrust with the job responsibilities.

Orientation serves two purposes. First, it allows the candidate to familiarize themselves with the job, its responsibilities, and its liabilities. Second, it allows the company to determine whether the person has the potential to become a valuable employee.

How do I check my USPS Application Status?

If you have recently applied for a USPS job, you might be eager to know the status of your application. So, the company allows you to check the USPS Application Status online by following the steps below:

  • Visit the USPS official website.
  • Log into your USPS account by entering the required credentials.
  • Click on the Job Opportunities tab.
  • Click on the My Application link.
  • Check the status of the job application form for which you recently applied.

USPS generally displays the following Application Status:

  • Received: It means that USPS has received the application.
  • In Progress: It means that the application is being processed by HR.
  • Offer: The company has decided to extend the offer of employment to the applicant.
  • Hired: It means that the candidate has passed all the stages of the hiring procedure and has been hired by the company.
  • Closed: It means that the application is no longer being considered, either because the candidate has already been hired or because the application has been rejected.

Final Thoughts:

These are some basic things that you need to keep in mind, not only during your pre-employment days but also after being hired as a permanent employee of the organization. These are the characteristics that all good and trustworthy employees must demonstrate.

Securing a job at the USPS can be a complex, lengthy, and time-consuming process. But it’s completely worth the wait. Making your way up to the pre-hiring list is a huge feat in itself. It means that you are already halfway there.

So, you shouldn’t lose your patience even if the journey from the pre-hired phrase to the hired one takes a little longer than expected. Instead, utilize the time to prepare yourself for pre-employment days in the organization and increase your chances of being hired. 

Being pre-hired means you are just one step closer to your new job. So, do not lose hope; stay positive, and your patience and perseverance will definitely yield the desired results.

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