UPS Return to Sender: Best Processes

UPS has become an essential international courier service provider for many business people who seek to send large parcels with time. They have their offices in various countries. 

There are various shipping services that UPS offers. Their rates are quite affordable, so business enterprises find it much more profitable. The shipping rates vary based on which service you have opted for. 

However, sometimes despite their great effort, the receiver gets either a damaged parcel or a wrongly delivered one. Here, we will talk about this topic, which is one of the most frequently searched topics on the internet, ups return to sender. However, you need to know how UPS works to get a better idea of its proceedings regarding returning the parcels. 

UPS return to sender: What should you do

How Does UPS Collect the Parcels from the Sender? 

Before knowing all about ups return to sender, understanding this process is really important. The collecting process of the parcels is the same for most of the UPS shipping services. Here are the steps that you have to follow to send your parcels to UPS.

  1. First, you have to visit the UPS official website and opt for a scheduled collection. 
  2. Then you have to fill up the shipping label questions, pick up information and location information, etc. 
  3. Put the pickup time and date as per your convenience.
  4. Thus, you have to fill up this form, and they will come to the address to pick your parcel up. 

However, there is another way of dropping your parcel at the UPS office. You can drop your parcel at any of the 2800 UPS Access Point locations. 

How Does UPS Deliver the Parcels to the Receivers? 

Depending on the service, UPS will either drop the parcel at your doorstep or at the local USPS postal office. For example, if you have chosen the UPS Surepost Service, delivery will be made through the USPS service. Sometimes, if there is no one in the house, UPS will drop the parcel at a safe place like in your warehouse or porch. In some cases, a signature is a must for getting the parcel. 

UPS usually makes its delivery between 9 am to 7 pm. Try to be at home if you are notified beforehand that your parcel will be delivered on that day. In case you are not available, tell any of your family members to collect the parcel on your behalf of you.

How Does the UPS Tracking Work? 

The tracking process for both the international and domestic services of UPS is the same. As soon as they collect your parcel, you will get a tracking ID number in your Email ID. The tracking number contains a total of 18 characters, and the first two characters will be 1Z. The next characters will be in numbers and letters, and the last 8 characters will be in digits. 

As soon as you get this tracking number, it means that your parcel is ready for tracking. Now you can track your parcel by entering the tracking number on the UPS website. 

Another way of tracking your parcel is to call them directly. There are two numbers. One is for tracking the domestic parcel, and the other one is for tracking international parcels. 

UPS Return to Sender: How to Return the Parcel to the Sender via the UPS Service? 

Here comes the answer to how to return the UPS parcel to the sender. Well, UPS tries their best, so that you can get the right parcel at the right time. In case there are some issues with your parcel, you can surely send it back to the sender.

UPS believes in an easy returning option, so they have designed a speedy and easy process for that. 

There are four return services at UPS, and all of them offer a return pickup at your doorstep. We will be discussing them one by one. So, here are the ways regarding UPS return to sender

UPS Return to sender – Print Return Label

US$1,000 is the rate for returning your parcel via this service, and there will be an additional charge also. 

You need to visit the UPS official site and then select the Print Return Label option in the Return Services menu. You have to put all the required information about the merchandise, and then you will get to print a return label. This is all you have to do to return your parcel. So easy, right! 

UPS Return Plus 

You need to pay US$999.00 along with additional charges for this return service. In this service, you do not require to generate a return label as you already have that. There are two options for this service. One will make only 1 pickup attempt, and the other one will make 3 pick-up attempts by the UPS. You have to choose either the 1 pickup attempt or the 3 pickup attempt option. The rest of the process is the same. 

UPS Electronic Return Label

This service will send the return label via Email. The recipient then can print it from their Email. Then you have to follow the same steps as before. 

UPS Print and Mail Return Label 

This return option can allow you to send a return label to the recipient and simultaneously print the same. This one comes with some other added advantages, unlike the first 3 return service options. Else the rest of the steps are the same as the other ones. 

UPS Return to Sender FAQS

Will UPS Pickup a Return Package? 

Obviously, they will. You have to schedule a pickup for that by using any of their four return services. However, they will charge you for their return service. 

What Does UPS Return to Sender Mean?

It is basically a graphic indicator that is seen in the shipment view option. It indicates that a package is being returned to the sender from its receiver. 

Does UPS Charge Extra for Returning the Parcel?

If you have not teared up the package, UPS will not take any extra bucks to send it back to the sender. You can just write “return to sender” on that package. Otherwise, UPS will charge some bucks. 

How Much Does UPS Charge for Return?

The service charge for the return service of UPS varies. You can check this service rate on the UPS website. 

This article is an overall guide on UPS return to sender. Many people face unwanted problems with package delivery while sending it back to the sender. However, this is not the case with UPS. So next time you choose any service of UPS, do not worry about their return policy.

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