How Can I Track a Post Without a Tracking Number

It is a tough job to track your post or package if you do not have a proper tracking number or no tracking number at all. In this case, you are clueless about where your package is heading towards the right destination or not. But you should not worry as this problem also has a pretty good solution.

When I lost my tracking Id, I wondered about the same thing, how can I track a post without a tracking number?

Well, There are great alternatives available, with the help of which we can track your shipments even without any tracking number. In this article, we will share how you can track your shipments without any issues, even without a tracking number.

The Ways through which you can check the destination of your packages without tracking number

How Can I Track a Post Without a Tracking Number: complete guide
How Can I Track a Post Without a Tracking Number

How Can I Track a Post Without a Tracking Number

Getting in touch with the recipient

Your shipment may be already delivered to the desired location, but you are still unaware of it. In that case, contacting the recipient from your side is the best thing to do to get updates. But, try this thing after the estimated delivery time of your parcel has passed. Otherwise, we know that it can be a bit embarrassing to hear a ‘no’ from the recipient’s side.

Contacting the courier company

If the allotted time for your courier to reach has passed, and you still do not have the slightest idea about your shipment, then contacting the courier partners is the best possible solution. With the little details you got from the confirmation email, they will provide you with complete details about your shipment and where exactly it is located at the moment.

Also, remember that with these small details, you can also revive your lost tracking number.

Do not forget to check the receipt

Probably, the tracking number which you have lost is right under your eyes. Keeping the confirmation email aside, you can also look for your tracking number in the receipt you got while purchasing the courier service.

And if you still don’t get hold of your lost tracking number, you can simply contact the courier service, give them the details available in the receipt and get back your tracking number. The process is exactly as mentioned above. The company will also provide you with the exact current location of your shipment, along with the tracking number.

Tracking a shipment only with the help of your name

Suppose you have lost the important tracking number and want to know details about your shipment with only the help of your name. Can you do that? There are not many courier companies that let you check your shipment details by your name only.

We have to have the details required for checking your shipment details, and only your name is not enough. The reason for this is that a name is not very authentic information for sure. There can be two people with the same name sending shipments simultaneously via the same courier company.

Apart from only using your name, a combination of your name and your address ensure a bit of authentication in the information. However, suppose courier companies allow checking shipment details with the help of the name only.

In that case, there can be a security issue as well, as many people can know your address and name simultaneously. This is where a unique tracking number comes in handy. It secures security purposes. It is a code generated only for you which is accessible by you only.

Locating a parcel by name using other online applications and websites

You can check the details of your shipment with other online websites and applications as well. They will provide you there own generated order number or tracking number. It is impossible here, too, to track your package by your name, but regardless of that, there are assistants in these applications to help you out. If you only provide them with the slightest details, you got during the ordering process, and with that, they will help you out.

The format and pattern of a shipment tracking number

The system of a tracking number is the same way as barcodes do. It is, in reality, a unique barcode provided only accessible to your shipment uniquely. The tracking number generally has a distinctive combination of letters and numbers, ranging from 8 to 40 characters.

When you get the tracking number (when lost, revive it by contacting the courier service), all you need to do is that you have to input (simply copy and paste) in your tracking tool to check the status of your shipment.

If you revived your lost tracking number, then your shipment can be located in a matter of seconds. For your information, the reason for a long-time stagnant tracking status shows a possibility in which your shipment could be stuck in transit or customs.

Information regarding the tracking number and why is it important?

The tracking is solely given to you so that you can track your parcel quickly and conveniently. By that, if your parcel is stuck in customs or transit, you will also be able to see that. This means that without a tracking number, it will be tough for you to get a hold of your correct shipment status.

However, there are other ways to know it, and effectively enough, you can revive your lost tracking number by just a phone call.

There can be other reasons your tracking number is not working:

There is a possibility that while you were opting for the courier services, you were not given any tracking number at all by mistake. In that case, contact the concerned courier company and know your tracking number.

We can get a different tracking number altogether, which is not correct with your assigned shipment. Here again, the courier company will help you out and provide you with the correct one.

Keep in mind that any changes with the order details can also change the tracking number, be it the slightest of all. Even if a single entry of your tracking number changes, the previous one will not work. One of the major reasons for tracking failures could be these changes in the tracking number due to changes in the order details. It won’t work if you keep on trying with the old one in this case.

Other common reasons for losing the tracking number are losing access to your email and deleting the exact mail that had the tracking number and other important details related to your shipment.

Problems when there is a proper tracking number, but you still can’t track your parcel

The first and foremost thing is to check minutely whether the tracking number you are putting is correct or not. Even if you mistakenly make a character wrong or add an extra character, things will not work for sure. But if it is accurate but still not working, the only way left is to contact the courier services.


So here, we discussed the ways through which we can find a way to track our shipments without a tracking number and, other than that, revive with the help of our in-hand details through the courier helpline. It is better not to lose it in the first place, but if you do, you can still check your shipment details in other ways.

If the helpline does not work, go to the concerned post office or courier service company office, where you booked your shipment services, and ask for the tracking number. We hope that we were able to help you out and answer all your queries.

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