Can I send a letter internationally with a regular stamp?

Before knowing can I send a letter internationally with a regular stamp? we should be aware of the exact requirements. Other than the post office and weighing letters, one should ensure that the letter has a global stamp to go overseas. Some stamps are acceptable worldwide, and one should be putting such stamps on the envelope.

You can get such stamps from a local post office, where local stamps are also available. There are some stamps, which are not acceptable while sending letters internationally and in those cases. These localized stamps are used for sending letters within the boundary of one specific country. 

Can I send a letter internationally with a regular stamp?

Can I Send a Letter Internationally with a Regular Stamp?

When you’re trying to send a letter internationally, you will require “forever stamp“. These kinds of stamps are accepted globally and used to send letters internationally and within domestic boundaries. The sender will have to attach additional postage when they are using a forever stamp.

Another remarkable benefit of using the forever stamp is that these stamps are forever and can be used for future purposes. The number of forever stamps required for sending an international letter will depend on the country to which the letter is being sent.

For example, if someone is willing to send a letter from the United States to a Scandinavian country such as Finland, then only a stamp will work, provided that the item’s weight is not more than once ounce and it charges somewhere around $1.15. 

What is Forever Stamps?

The American postal service introduced the forever stamp in April 2007, and the company proudly sported the image of liberty bell on the stamp. It was very easy to recognize. The first-class stamps also use the same picture, and the former is being replaced with the American flag.

There are no first-class stamps post 2011, as all of them were replaced by forever stamps bringing back the liberty bell in the form of imagery. The stamps are evergreen and never run out. For example, you purchase a forever stamp today; you will be able to mail a letter using that stamp even after 10 years.

This is one of the best features about this stamp that it has no validity and can be used almost throughout your life. The forever stamp price is the same as the first-class stamp, and the uniform rate was introduced in the year 2011. 

Even if the price changes, one will be able to use the previously bought forever stamp for mailing letters in the present time. It will be available for purchase at all post offices in the USA at the same rate. One can purchase stamps forever online from the USPS website directly, the United States Postal Service portal. The forever stamp is like a regular stamp, only that it does not lose validity.

Additional Requirements for Sending International Letter

The only additional requirement for someone who is sending a letter internationally is to attach additional postage as international mailing prices are more than that of domestic ones. For determining the valuation at the time of accusing, one will need to consider the price at which the first-class mail letter is being sent. Even during 2021, for mailing letters internationally, one will be able to use them forever stamp. 

Even though the requirement will be dependent on the country in which the letter is being addressed, there are some common tips that everyone needs to keep in mind while sending a letter internationally. 

Firstly, the address needs to be mentioned in full. For example, if you have written the address partially, there might be chances that it will not be delivered and will remain in the post office or might be sent back to you.

There are often chances of letters or packages being delivered to the wrong address. With all the address credentials, one should never forget to mention the correct zip code. The city will be determined based on the zip code, and the postal agent will charge prices from you accordingly. 

Secondly, providing the correct stamp is important. In this case, a forever stamp is getting the job done for both international and domestic mails. Forever stamp seals the deal when someone is concerned about sending a letter to a foreign country, even when someone is trying to send a long time after buying the stamp. 

The next step is to select the correct postage value. The postage being used is one of the most important steps for effectively mailing a letter internationally.

Sometimes a single international or forever stamp is not enough, and since the price of sending them is not the same in all countries, additional postage is not required. Furthermore, all the customs declarations need to be kept in mind before initiating the process of posting. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why are stamps important for sending letters?

A postage stamp is an important tool for sending letters as it signifies the proof of payment for sending the letter beforehand.

The person shipping the letter should provide enough evidence that either the fee for sending the letter has been fully or partially made. The postage stamps are available in all post offices, and the prices may vary as per the usage.

There are domestic stamps, and then there are stamps for international letter shipping purposes, which might be a little extra to the former one.

2. How does the letter send process work?

Post the completion of the letter, the next step is to visit the post office and letting the people know of the contents of the envelope. The process takes place through a form, where the sending address and the home address need to be sent alongside your name.

The stamp is then affixed to the envelope on the top right corner, which will vary on the letter’s destination. Then the letter is dropped into the collection box, where it is collected by the postmaster and team and shipped to the correct address.

3. What are things that might go wrong while sending a letter internationally?

There is no such major penalizable outcome for sending letters incorrectly. However, some things need to be considered before sending it. Choosing the wrong stamp will fail to send the letter. Even paying the wrong amount of postage will stop the further processes of sending the letter.

One should always be carefully considering the dimension and weight limit prescribed by the shipping company. Sometimes, due to a lot of papers clubbed into one, the weight might exceed. In that case, even paying more postage will not help.

4. Who makes forever stamps?

Forever stamps are primarily made by the United States of America (USPS) and are available in all the postal offices in the nation. The best thing about these stamps is that one need not worry about their validity as they can be used even after ten years from the date of purchase. They are suitable for both domestic as well as international purposes. If you’re looking for a  regular stamp for sending an international letter, then this might be the one.

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