Can I Pick Up A Package From Ups Before Delivery?

Do you have a package that you want to deliver with utmost care?

Is there some package you would like to pickup before delivery?

Then get in touch with UPS and chill! 

The United Service (UPS) is one of the most significant delivery services in the world. It reaches out to millions of people. 

It provides great delivery services and that too, without any delay! Always, on time. 

This is one of the reasons why people choose to pair up with UPS. 

Though the service promises you to deliver within time, you might want your package early, especially if it contains things you are waiting for a long time. So, that answers the question “can i pick up a package from ups before delivery?”

So what do you do in that case?

Can you…

Can I Pick up a Package from Ups before Delivery?

Can I Pick up a Package from Ups before Delivery?

Surprisingly yes! Since UPS has multiple branches and offices in the US, many customers prefer to go to these branches directly and pick up their package.  So, you can choose not to wait for the delivery representatives to deliver your package.

Just directly go to your nearest UPS branch or office and pick up your package! This is s big convenience for people living close to a  UPS office. Though their service is flawless and suited to the likes of their customers, it is always convenient to pick up your own package.

But what if the package is to be delivered to your place and you are not home?

This is where you need UPS Access Point.

UPS Access Point: Before delivery

Surely you try to be at home for all your deliveries, but it might not be possible all the time.

What if you have a personal or professional emergency to attend? This is where UPS Access Point comes in handy.

The Access Point network consists of independently owned businesses that can provide you with the perfect place for keeping your shipment. That too at your convenience.

Just in case you are not at home, all you need to do is redirect the shipment to your nearest UPS Access Point before the first delivery attempt is made. 

However, you will need a UPS My Choice Membership for that. Or you can choose a default location where the package will be sent, and that too free of charge!

If you use the UPS service delivery often, get your retailer to include the UPS Access Point location right in the shipping option. 

Once a retailer integrates the UPS network into the delivery option, you can choose a convenient location near your place for checkout. 

UPS After Delivery:

What if you miss your first delivery attempt? 

We all have faced it. It breaks our heart a little doesn’t it?

You reach home with the expectation that your package will be waiting for you. But it turns out, it left!

Then you have calls to make and the process to get the service to redeliver is taxing.

But not if you are using UPS service delivery.

First of all, you will receive a notification from UPS InfoNotice®  about the failed delivery.

Thankfully, using UPS InfoNotice® you can reschedule the delivery. All you need to do is log into and fill in your UPS InfoNotice number in the tracking field right on the home page. 

You can opt for the following options:

Pick up the package at a UPS office: In that case, the package will be held in the UPS location like a UPS Store, an Access Point, or maybe the Customer Center.

Get the package delivered to another address: If you opt for this option, your package will be delivered to the selected location if you are not at home

Get the package delivered on another day: You can choose to have your package delivered on a different day. 

The UPS Delivery Intercept:

UPS offers its customers a lot of different options. One such is the UPS Delivery Intercept! In this service, you can interrupt the delivery of the package at the very last moment using the automated tracking system.

To err is human. Going by that, there can be an Nth number of things that might go wrong during the delivery. You may have forgotten that you won’t be home that very day.

In such cases, you can also step in to make the final changes at the very last moment.

You can make the following changes using the UPS Intercept.

Return the package to the sender: If you are sending a package to someone and then decide that there is no need to send it at the last moment, you can use the UPS Intercept and get the package back.

Will call: This is another service that falls under the UPS Intercept umbrella. By availing this service, you can hold onto your package until the recipient is ready to pick up the package from the UPS office. 

Reschedule of delivery: As mentioned earlier, you may not be available for the delivery which is due. In that case, you can use the UPS Intercept service to hold onto your shipment or mail for some time and then reschedule the delivery for a later date. 

Delivery to a different location: What if you have given a wrong delivery address? What if the recipient’s address has changed? In that case, the delivery needs to be stopped and the address should be changed. It is possible to do it using the UPS Intercept service.

Other UPS Services:

In addition to the ones already mentioned so far, UPS offers another significant service:

Pickup hold:  A customer can hold a package or mail for up to 5 days without any additional cost. Once you inform the customer service, they will hold onto the package till you inform them otherwise. Once the recipient is ready to take the package, the same must be informed to the customer service. The recipient must have an ID proof on him/her while picking up the package. In case, the recipient sends a representative, he/she should carry a letter of authorization.  

Pickup UPS Package before Delivery FAQs

Can you pick up your package from a UPS center on a Saturday?

Yes. In fact, UPS is the only delivery service that picks up on a Saturday so that the delivery can be made early.

At what time I can pick up the package from the UPS center?

To pick up your package smoothly, you first need to locate a UPS customer center near you since your package will be delivered in that location. Once the package is ready, UPS generally rings up the recipient. Usually, the packages are ready by 8:30 am on the delivery date. 

What are the charges for the Intercept A Package service?

All Intercept a Package service except Will Call will cost $17. 

Are undeliverable packages free of charge?

UPS service guarantee does not extend to undeliverable packages. A surcharge is applied along with other applicable charges for the undeliverable packages.

No more worrying sleeplessly about a package or a mail you have sent. It will be delivered and the best part, you can keep a track of that delivery

With UPS service looking after your shipment, you can do a lot of things. From picking up the package directly at the center to changing the details of the delivery at the last moment, you have multiple windows of opportunity!


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