How to Ship Sugar Glider? Ship Like a Pro!

Shipping non-living things can be a challenge in itself. Then, imagine how much the risk can multiply when shipping live animals! And an animal as small and harmless as a Sugar Glider needs more attention.

Special care must be taken during the transit, and the delivery needs to be fast. But most importantly, the packing process needs to be completely flawless. Otherwise, the tiny pet might not reach its destination alive.

But then, it’s a modern world, and anything is possible here. Hence, it’s possible to ship live animals across borders and have them delivered safe and sound. The reason why the online pet industries are thriving right now!

But sure enough, certain things must be taken care of while shipping pet animals. And that’s what we are committed to discussing in this article on how to ship sugar glider.

So, just dive right in!

The complete guide to ship a Sugar glider
Ship Sugar Glider like a pro

What is a Sugar Glider?

Before we go into the long discussion of how best to ship a sugar glider, let us form an idea about what exactly the animal is.

So, Sugar Glider is a small marsupial originating in the remote rainforests of Australia. But the last fifteen years saw the popularity of the animal being petted in several US households. 

Sugar glider on hand

The nocturnal possum receives its adorable name for its affinity to sugary food and ability to glide through the animal. Sugar Glider tends to be weak for anything sweet, like sap or nectar and even fresh fruits and vegetables. And the animal looks just like a flying squirrel when it glides using its skin membrane stretching from its wrists to its ankles.

Sugar Gliders are very easy to pet. Neither do they occupy much space, nor do they need special grooming. The self-dependent animal knows how to keep itself clean! They are very easy to feed, too—all they need is something sugary. And they are very attached to humans, so they don’t need to be caged. No wonder it’s one of the most loved pets in the world!   

We divulged this tiny piece of information to make us aware of how prestigious the animal is. And we hope that this will motivate you to walk that extra mile to ensure that the pet reaches its home safely.

How to Ship Sugar Glider?

Just like any other pets, Sugar Gliders need special care. Hence, they must be properly packed to ensure it’s comfortably settled throughout their shipping journey.

And if you are an animal lover, we are sure you will follow the steps below to ascertain that the Sugar Glider reaches its destination in the best condition.

Step by step process to pack a sugar gliders

Step 1: Collect all the Packing Materials

 The first thing is to collect all the packing materials you need to ship your Sugar Glider.
Here’s the list of things to ensure that your pet has a safe journey:
☑️ Cat Carrier or Kennel.
☑️ Bonding Pouch.
☑️ Zip Ties.
☑️ Fleece.
☑️ Blankets, pom-poms, or other cosy materials.
☑️ Moisture-rich Foods.
☑️ Heating Pad.
☑️ Small toys.

Step 2: Choose the Best Kennel

You must choose only the best kennel to ship the Sugar Glider.

The features to look for in your kennel are:
☑️ It must be sturdy so that it doesn’t suffer any damage during transit.
☑️ It should be large enough to carry everything the Sugar Glider would need in its long journey.
☑️ It must have a solid lock that can be tightly bolted to prevent it from falling apart during the jerks and jolts.

Additionally, you need to install a half-inch mesh on the grates so that the tiny animal does not come off through the kennel. 

Step 3: Place the Animal inside the Bonding Pouch

The next step would be gently placing the animal in a bonding pouch where it can lie comfortably. For that, the pouch must:
☑️ Be made from soft materials like fleece, which would also keep the Glider warm.
☑️ Be large to enable the glider to sleep, lie and move around with complete ease.
☑️ Have everything that the animal needs to feel at home inside it.

If you are willing to ship more than one glider at once, you must use an even larger pouch. Or better still, use separate pouches for each Glider.

Step 4: Hang the Pouch inside the Kennel

The next thing is to safely hang the pouch inside the kennel with the help of the zip ties. It must be tight enough to ensure it doesn’t fall with the jerks and jolts on the journey.

Moreover, the pouch must be prevented from sliding around with the bumps on the road. The cage must be packed with fleece and other cosy packing materials like blankets or pom-poms. They will also give the creature something to cuddle with.

Remember to leave the pouch open for the Sugar Glider to move around, coming in and out as it pleases.

Step 5: Take Care of the Animal’s Needs

Sugar Gliders have very simple wants. So, taking care of its needs wouldn’t be a huge task while on the journey to its pet home.

Just make sure that the Glider gets proper nutrition and hydration to stay alive and has something to play with to stay lively.

Moisture-rich sugary foods such as grapes and sliced apples are enough to keep the animal happy and healthy. And if you can include some small toys for the tiny creature to play with on its trip, the Glider will have a lot to thank you for!

Step 6: Place the Heating Pad inside the Pouch

Cold temperatures aren’t very welcoming to Sugar Gliders. So, ensure to include a heating pad if the temperature is low. Just wrap a heating pad in fleece and safely put it inside the pouch. Hanging mini pouches with warmers will also serve the same purpose.

Skip this step if the weather is warm and the Glider is quite comfortable in its natural temperature. For the greatest safety, avoid shipping a Sugar Glider in extremely hot or cold weather conditions.

Cute sugar glider as a pet
Process of packing a Sugar Glider

Step 7: Close the Kennel

Make sure you put everything your Glider needs on its journey inside the kennel. And then, close the kennel shut tight. Lock it properly so that it has no chance of it coming undone.
To be doubly sure, wait for some time to check if the animal is comfortable inside or whether it needs anything else.

Step 8: Attach the Shipping Label

Next, attach the shipping label—the step that ensures your Sugar Glider reaches its destination. So, it’s important that:
☑️ The label is properly glued and doesn’t come off during shipping.
☑️ The address, tracking number, bar codes and all other information are legible.
☑️ No sign of any old labels or marks can create confusion during delivery time.

Plus, you need to add warning sign along with it that says—“Live Animal”, “This Side Up”, and “Handle with Care”. This step will ensure that the carrier knows they are handling a live animal and take special care accordingly.

Step 9: Complete all the Paperwork

You must have all the documents to prove that you have permission to ship the Sugar Glider. The most important one is the animal’s health certificate. You will also require proof that the creature didn’t come from the wild. 

Plus, you might need to supply other pertinent documents according to the needs and demands of the destination where it’s being shipped. 

So, you must plan everything. Know exactly what paperwork you need to complete and what documents you are required to produce. This will only ensure that the tiny being doesn’t suffer any delay in reaching its new home.

Step 10: Contact the Best Shipping Company

When shipping a Sugar Glider, you cannot afford delays or mishaps during transit. So, you need to choose the shipping company that offers the fastest service. You may also like to go for those offering tracking facilities and insurance services.

Take no risk while shipping your Sugar Glider, even if it costs a little extra. Do everything you need to ensure the creature reaches its home safely, sound and happy. Hence, choose your shipping company wisely.

As is obvious, these steps aren’t that complicated. But they are important. Missing out on these steps can pose a real threat to the innocent animal. Hence, you mustn’t falter even a tad while following them.

Final Thoughts:

Shipping a live animal across the border is a risky business. With several dangers threatening to throw you off the track, it’s natural to get afraid. But if you leave no stones unturned while shipping your Sugar Glider, we guarantee that the creature will reach its home in the safest condition. So, follow every step written in this guide and ship fearlessly.

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