How to Ship a Ukulele in 10 Easy Steps (EXPLAINED)

Shipping any musical instrument can be challenging for its irregular size, weight and fragile nature. The value of the article adds more to the risk. Figuring out how to ship a ukulele can be a real pickle.

However, it isn’t as hard as it seems to be. Once you learn how to pack a ukulele safely, the you can take help of any famous courier company to ship it.

Nowadays, hundreds of music companies are thriving on their online marketplace. Their customers will assure you that their orders have arrived without a scratch.

So, what do they do to ensure the instruments reach their destination undamaged? The answer is simply—packaging. The companies know how best to pack a product for shipping.

Ukulele with bunch of books
Ship a Ukulele without damaging it

Curious to know their secret? Well then, allow us to guide you on how to ship a ukulele.

Different Types of Ukulele

Before learning how to ship a ukulele, first you need to know about its types. Depending on their size and shapes, there are ten types of Ukulele.

Types of Ukulele
  • Soprano Ukulele: With the standard tuning of G-C-E-A, this Ukulele is the smallest in size being around 21 inches only.
  •  Concert Ukulele: With the standard tuning of G-C-E-A, this Ukulele is slightly larger, around 23 inches.
  •  Tenor Ukulele: With the standard tuning of G-C-E-A, this Ukulele has a large body-sized at 30 inches.
  •  Baritone Ukulele: With the tuning of D-G-B-E, this Ukulele has a slightly wider body sized at 30 inches.
  •  Guitar Ukulele: Just like a guitar, this Ukulele has 6 strings and is also called Guitarlele for that reason.
  •  Bass Ukulele: This Ukulele maintains the tuning of a brass guitar at E-A-D-G with the body of a Baritone Ukulele.
  •  Banjo Ukulele: This Ukulele maintains the body and sound of a Banjo with the size of a traditional Ukulele and hence is also called Banjolele.
  •  Electric Ukulele: This Ukulele has a system of being electrically amplified just like an electric guitar.
  • Sopranino Ukulele: This Ukulele is even smaller than the Soprano Ukulele being only 12 inches in size and hence the name. 
  • Pineapple Ukulele: Shaped differently than any other standard Ukulele, Pineapple Ukulele gets its name from the fruit since it has a round shape resembling a pineapple. The rounder shape endows the instrument with a louder sound and a sweeter tone.

The main fact worth considering in this list is the size of the instrument. You will have to purchase the packing box depending on the size of the Ukulele to be shipped. 

How to Ship a Ukulele With Right Packaging (Easy Guide)

Once you determine the size of the Ukulele, it’s time to start the packing. If you can master this process, shipping your Ukulele across borders will be a breeze.

So, note the following steps on how to pack and ship a ukulele to ensure you don’t miss a beat!

Different steps to pack a ukulele

Step 1: Gather the Packing Materials

Have all the packing materials right by your side before getting started. Here is what you need:
☑️ A sturdy box.
☑️ Styrofoam board.
☑️ Crumpled paper or old newspaper.
☑️ Bubble Wraps.
☑️ Paper Towels.
☑️ Packing peanuts.
☑️ Ziploc Bag.
☑️ Packing Tape.

Step 2: Find the Appropriate Box

Find the appropriate box to ship the Ukulele in. If you retain the instrument’s original package, that’s the best. 

Or, if you can get your hands on a Ukulele hard case, that’s even better. They can provide the instrument with a cosy environment while protecting it from all sides. 

In case the hard case is unavailable, find yourself a box with the following features:
☑️ The doubled-walled heavy-duty box which is sturdy enough to carry the Ukulele.
☑️ Slightly larger and wider than the size of the Ukulele. 
☑️ Can be old or used but must retain its original sturdiness.
☑️ It cannot have any old labels attached to it.
☑️ Have no cuts or holes in it.

You can purchase these boxes either online or offline. Many online sites sell shipping supplies. Else, there are always that local grocery or hardware stores to collect them from.

No matter where you purchase it, the emphasis should be on the double-boxed ones where the outer box reinforces the inner integrity.  

Step 3: Prepare the Box

If you have the hard case available, there is no need to prepare the box. All you need to do is:
☑️ Place the Ukulele in the case.
☑️ Fill the empty places with bubble wraps or crumpled paper.
☑️ Put the case in a slightly larger box.
☑️ Fill the edges of the box with packing materials.
☑️ Seal the box with a packing tape.

But if you have decided to go for the double-walled box, then the steps to prepare it are:

☑️ Fold the box and bring it into shape.
☑️ Double tape the bottom across the seam as well as the edges.
☑️ Put the packing peanuts inside the Ziploc bag and seal them tight.
☑️ Arrange the bottom of the box with layers of bubble wraps, paper towels and peanut bags. 
☑️ Line up the box with 2” Styrofoam boards cut to the size that fits the box. 

Step 4: Prepare the Ukulele

Preparing the Ukulele isn’t much of an effort. Just wrap up its edges and other delicate parts in a paper towel and cover the entire item in bubble wraps. Then, secure it with packing tape.

Step 5: Place the Ukulele inside the Box

When the box and the Ukulele are good to go, the next thing is to place the item inside the box lengthwise. This, too, is a simple step. Ensure that the instrument isn’t pressed tightly inside the box but has enough space to be cosy. 

Step 6: Secure it with Extra Padding

Once the Ukulele is safely packed, secure it with extra padding so it doesn’t move inside and damage itself.

The idea is to fill in all the empty spaces with any leftover packing materials—bubble wraps, paper towels, crumpled paper—anything that offers the proper padding will serve the purpose.

How to Pack a Ukulele?
How to Pack a Ukulele?

Step 7: Write the Return Address

The next step is to write the return address inside the outer box. You can either use a printed sheet or write it by hand. For print, use good quality glue to stick it on the box. If it’s handwritten, ensure that the writing is clear and legible. 

Most courier companies recommend this method to ensure the safety of a parcel. If anything happens to the outer shipping label, they can always refer to the return address inside and track it down to the shipper.

That way, even if your package does not reach its destination, it can at least trace its way back to you instead of getting lost in transit.

Step 8: Seal the Box

Once you are satisfied with all the work that you have done inside the packing box, it’s time to seal it with the packing tape.

The seams, as well as edges, need to be sealed with double layers of packing tape. It will strengthen the seal, ensuring the box doesn’t burst during transit.

Step 9: Attach the Shipping Label

After sealing the box, the next step is to attach the shipping label. It’s a crucial step to ensure that the package reaches its destination. So, make sure that you take care of the following:

☑️ The label must be properly glued to the box so that it does not come off during shipping.
☑️ The address, tracking number, bar codes and all other information should be legible.
☑️ Old labels must be removed from the box to avoid all sorts of confusion during the delivery.

Step 10: Get in Touch with the Courier Company

Lastly, you must contact the courier company you want to ship your Ukulele. 
If you have already decided about the courier company you can trust, feel free to contact them.

Else, you can compare the method of transportation, the cost incurred in the process and the services offered by various courier companies to make your decision. 

Many companies offer tracking, insurance, fast delivery and the like. The cost of these services varies from company to company.

So, the best thing will be to determine which services you need and which company charges the least while offering them. 

But make sure you choose only that shipping company with which you can trust your package. Once you decide, get in touch with them immediately.

If you have any doubts, clarify them directly with them. Do not choose the shipping company in a hurry; only go for the most reliable one.


Shipping delicate musical instruments like a Ukulele can be a real headache. But with us and our step-by-step guide on your side, there is absolutely no reason to worry about its safety.

Just follow the steps in toto, and we assure you that the Ukulele will arrive at its destination in perfect condition. So, ship more and worry less!

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