How does a coin roll crimper work? Easy Explanation

It can be a hectic job always to use a pouch, case, or piggy bank to collect and save your coins. There are drawbacks to this as it can get really heavy, challenging to stalk. Taking them to the bank or for any other commercial use is perilous too. 

And is here where the coin roll crimpers come in handy and can prove to be your savior from these difficulties. What is the exact process by which these coin roll crimpers work? We are going to let you know everything about How does a coin roll crimper works.

How does a coin roll crimper work?
How does a coin roll crimper work?

For an introductory view, it seals an assortment of non-preformed or preformed rolls of coins. This will help you save and collect your coins in an easy, convenient, and neat way.  

How does a Coin Roll Crimper Work? 

It is a light in weight gadget and does the work as soon as you insert the crimping head. Firstly turn the power button on to make it work. Then as you hold the open end of the preformed rolls against the crimping head, the wrapper will start to wrap around the coins to form a roll diligently. 

Pro Tip: Manual crimpers also give very nice results, but it is a long process and can be a bit time-consuming at the same time. 

Working of Coin Roll Crimpers: In Details 

The working and functioning of a coin roll crimper can also depend on the currency someone is using. Some can detect and crimp American currency coins only.

In comparison,
there are different coin crimpers for different currencies in the world. They are not fit to work on crimping any other coin rolls as perfectly as they do with the exact currency coins they are made for.

However, some coin roll crimpers work perfectly fine with a variety of currency coins. These were a bit expensive.

The coin roll crimpers work perfectly to provide a firm protective wrapper over the coins in a matter of seconds.

Most of the coin roll primers require to be twisted or pinched to function properly. It makes the ends of the coin bundle firmly shut. This provides extra safety to your coins. A good coin roll crimper will always give a firm grip of sealing on both ends of the roll to ensure no slipping out of coins takes place. 

The Process of Coin Roll Crimpers

Now let us understand in detail how to make your coin roll crimper work perfectly. The process is common on most of these machines.

  • Firstly, you have to pile the wrappers with suitable coins; press the crimper firmly, twist, and roll in exactly the opposite direction from the open end.

This is all you need to do to make the coin roll crimper work. The crimper will automatically twist the wrapper on both ends very tightly to ensure no slipping out of coins at all. 

Always, the crimpers will do their job double-sided. It will work effectively and simply with the same perfection regardless of the type of coins, such as a dime, penny, quarter, or nickel. It will create a tube around the coins. 

Do Coin Roll Crimpers have Sorting Process?

Yes, many coin roll crimpers also allow you the facility to sort your coins as well. This will make sorting your coins a very easy job to do. For sorting, various color codes are used for different kinds of coins. For example, red is for pennies, green shows dimers, orange is for quarters, and blue color goes for nickels.

The sorting process is also extremely easy. You have to just pour out all your coins on the top of the tray and shake it. Then, count your coins are dedicate them to suited wrappers with the specific color codes. To do this, hold the tube, place it firmly on the top of the wrapper, shake a bit to adjust the coins properly. Then, the final step is to seal the ends of the tube with a crimper. 

This process is so easy to do that once you have the hang of it, we can crump coins up to 1000 US dollars, with perfect sorting, just within an hour. 

Once you are done sorting the different coins, they become ready for packing in different wrappers.

Wrappers for every kind of coin, such as dimes, pennies, nickels, are all present in the pack. But probably a con of this sorting plus rolling coin machine is that it takes a bit of time to learn properly and functions way better with lesser coins. 

Many coin crimpers come with four dedicated slots for four kinds of coins. They can also have a free storage unit inside them. It can easily crimp both standard and pre-crimped tubes.

To use this machine, you just have to attach the specific crimper head, fill up the tube with your coins, and then stick it in the round un-crimped end with a slight push to fold the wrapper over the coins. The process will take you even less than 2 seconds. It is that easy to do. 

Some coin roll primers provide you with tamper-proof roller edges to be sure that they can not be removed from the roll without any attempt of theft. 

The most tricky part is to crimp both sides of a coin roll.

Crimping Coin Rolls: Additional Tips

You should not crimp the other end downwards when wrapping one end of your coin roll is over. Instead of that, lightly push your coin bundle on the crimper of the machine and allow it to twist its way upwards. To get a tight wrapping, be careful and be gentle. 

When you complete inserting the coins in the roll, you have to push the coins inside the roll even more. This will ensure extra firmness to the wrapper to hold the coins. It is alright if the coins are not in the center. After this, pinch down the edges to create a perfect seal.


The working process of coin roll crimpers is very simple and easy. Saving and collecting coins is now more convenient with these machines. Many types of coin roll primers are there to try out according to your need.

Some also provide easy sorting of the coins with dedicated color wrappers. In this article, we try to explain how a coin roll crimper works and how to use it to get the final product: a perfectly crimped roll of coins.

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