Can A Courier Deliver To A Parcel Locker? Best Answer!

Yes! A courier can deliver to a parcel locker, but We would like to give a brief note on parcel lockers before starting with whether or not a courier will be delivered to a parcel locker! 

Can A Courier Deliver To A Parcel Locker?

Lockers are the best-discovered option for those either too busy or not that great at keeping up with their parcels. An improvised alternative to P.O. boxes, the parcel lockers can be used by couriers and the post office. 

These automated lockers will allow you to receive or send packages at any time of the day. All that is needed is a unique code, and anybody can access the packages and manage them.

In this article, we will deal with every query you may have on parcel lockers and couriers in depth. 

Advantages of Using Parcel Lockers

When we talk about an automated parcel lockers, the advantages of using them just don’t end. Below, we will list a few benefits that we may derive while having an automated parcel locker. 

Benefits of Using Parcel Lockers

The convenience of picking up the package whenever you want

Even though the parcel shops or the post office may only remain open during the day and not at night, you can still pick up your package from there at any time of the day. 

Delivery or extra charges can easily be avoided now with parcel lockers

Since your package is being stored at an automated locker, you will naturally not require to pay any sort of extra charge for it. Although we would like to mention that the time for your package pick up may defer at different places. In some places, the pickup time may only be limited to a period of 48 hours. 

Avoid failed deliveries

There are no chances of failed deliveries using automated lockers. You don’t need to re-arrange your delivery pick-up or move around to different locations to receive your package. All you need to do is find the nearest parcel locker and pick up your parcel from there.

The advantage of safe storage

you will have better peace of mind when you know that even if you reach a little late to pick up your package, the latter would be stored safely. These lockers are quite sturdy and are usually under CCTV surveillance, indicating how secure they are. The access key will have only one holder, you, and hence you can rest assured knowing that your package will be safe.

Less fuss about delivery

Now that the locker facility has been introduced, there will be less fuss about delivery, its time, packages reaching the wrong addresses, or even deliveries missed for some reason. One can easily access their parcel and be on their way to their work with less fuss.

It provides a safe workplace

It is one of the great options for the staff during the pandemic since it reduces contact between them. The customers can collect their items after buying the goods and, hence, have a hassle-free exchange. 

Cost is reduced, and there is an increase in efficiency

Since there is the option of a monthly lease for renting the parcel locker, the cost is very well reduced. These automated lockers shift the focus to increasing efficiency by allowing the Mailroom or delivery staff on other important tasks. 

Last but not least, the delivery lockers reduce the manual effort of the staff, which contributes to increased efficiency. 

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Can a courier deliver to a parcel locker?

Who are the Parcel Lockers Best Suited For? 

Before knowing more about parcel lockers, it is very important to understand who these automated lockers may be suited for! 

For Business

The rise in e-commerce has made it quite essential to have parcel lockers. They help to manage the packages received at office buildings and so on. With the help of these automated lockers, the delivery or even the reception staff find it easier to make and manage their delivery and be on their way. 


This specifically concerns individuals who are busy with their daily schedules and hardly find the time to manage their packages. The parcel lockers make it easier for them to receive a contactless delivery at any hour of the day.


The parcel lockers are a blessing for logistics companies since the charge they need for delivery is reduced, and it is way more convenient for them to deliver the packages. 

How Long Can a Parcel Stay in the Automated Parcel Lockers? 

A package to stay in the parcel lockers is usually 48 hours. However, this will differ from one company to another. 
The courier company usually informs you of the duration for which your package may be within the locker, and you may even avail of its extended use.

What happens if you miss your time limit for picking up the package? 

If you miss the time limit given to you for picking up your package from the parcel locker, the parcel is taken up to either a depot or to a post office that may hold on to it for a longer period. 

What are the items that cannot be delivered to the parcel locker? 

Larger deliveries, in short, are not made for automated parcel lockers. Usually, the latter was created for parcels or packages that are smaller.
To avoid any fuss about a delivery, you must check in advance with the courier company that may be delivering your product whether or not the automated parcel lockers restrict the package.


To sum up our discussion on parcel lockers, we hope you enjoyed the article and found it helpful from going all around, answering whether the courier companies deliver to parcel lockers, to going in-depth on the topic. 

We described who these automated lockers might be suitable for, and the maximum benefits one may get from these lockers. There were certain FAQs to help you out with more information on the parcel lockers. 

As we end our discussion, please do not hesitate to share this article with your acquaintances who may find it useful as well.

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