Best Shipping Tape Dispensers: Reviews and Buying Guide

Tapping items usually takes a lot of time and can sometimes be a very hectic job to do. But, there is where a shipping tape dispenser comes in handy. It does the job of tapping products within seconds, which saves a lot of time and makes packing very easy.

This helpful gadget is essential, especially for industrial purposes, where a lot of packaging and shipping takes place every hour and every day. It is almost impossible for someone to minutely take every product and pack it in the old traditional way.

Best Shipping Tape Dispenser Reviews
Best Packing Tape Dispenser

In that way, it becomes challenging, consumes a lot of time and labor. For example, when you use the pretty handy tape dispenser, it might take a few minutes to pack ten products easily, which otherwise would have taken an hour. 

A few factors to check a perfect tape dispenser make it a class apart, such as ease of loading, materials used for manufacture, quality of the blade, comfort in use, etc. All that we are going to discuss as we progress further. Along with that, we will let you know the top 5 tape dispensers in the market.


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Best Shipping Tape Dispensers: A Detailed Reviews

Scotch – 21200190087 H180 Industrial Packing Tape Dispenser: Best heavy-duty Packing tape dispenser

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Important Features

  •  Comes with a single tape rolling system.
  • Extremely sharp stainless steel blade and hence generates neat and firm cuts of tapes. 
  • Only 0.95 pounds in weight. 
  • Body made of high-quality fiber.
  • Easy to hold grips for long-time uses.

The scotch 21200190087 H180 is one of the finest models of tape dispensers available in the market. It is portable, convenient to use, and very easy to operate. You can hold it in hand and pack several shipping boxes within a matter of a few minutes. It is pretty handy for all kinds of industrial, commercial, and office setups, where many packaging takes place.

However, it comes with and supports a single rolling tape only. But it generates firm tapping with neat cuts efficiently. 

The materials used for the manufacture of this product deserve praise. The body is made with fine-quality fiber, which is sturdy, durable, and long-lasting at the same time. The blades are made of rust-resistant, corrosion-free stainless steel. The blades are pretty sharp, which provides clear-cut and neat packaging. Another important aspect is this material is light in weight too and weighs 0.95 pounds. 

The brakes are hub-mounted and are adjustable. This provides you with extra control while using this product. You can set the brakes wherever you want. This ensures optimal and efficient sealing with no unwanted waste of tapes. 

The design is also satisfactory. The diligent gun-shaped handle provides you with a firm grip while holding it, which is essential for the proper sealing of the packages. One thing which we feel is missing in this handle is rubber padding which should have been there. Along with a firm grip, the extra padding on the handle gives the users comfort and makes the overall product appropriate for very long-time use. 

This product can dispense up to (55m) × 2 inches (48-50mm) roll.


  • Smooth, convenient, and very easy to use.
  • Light in weight and needs only a hand to hold and use. 
  • Made of durable and long-lasting materials. 
  • Clean cut stainless steel blade, which gives super neat packaging. 
  • The brakes are adjustable, which makes the tape dispenser easier to control.


  • A bit expensive as per the price of this product is concerned. 
  • The grip comes with no padding and can be uncomfortable after a long time of usage.


If you are looking for a sturdy tape dispenser with a single tape roller, then this product is good to go. It has almost everything essential for a tape dispenser to be called perfect and generates a neat and clean tapping every time you use it.

Tape King TX100 Packing Tape Dispenser: Best shipping tape dispenser with free tape

71Mw6w6TsAL. AC SL1500

Important Features

  •  Comes with a single tape rolling system.
  • Specially designed for long-term and long-lasting uses. 
  • Has an ergonomic grip for smooth hold and convenient use. 
  • Adjustable brakes allow fixing the tension as per requirements. 
  • Corrosion and rust-resistant, very sharp blades.

This product is another ace in the world of tape dispensers. This will make packaging your boxes and cartons an effortless job. A tape roller comes free with this tape dispenser too. 

you can say that this product is of professional quality judging by the performance of this product. It is simply perfect for easy and quick sealing and packing of a huge number of packages, cartons, boxes within a matter of a few minutes. It is also pretty good for wall taping before applying paint. The metal housing is specially designed for heavy-duty machines, which makes the product last for a very long time.

The grip is fantastic and ergonomic. Your fingers are in perfect control while using this tape dispenser, and the grip is specially designed ergonomically for this. 

The large-sized, smooth pistol handle grip provides you with utmost comfort. This is a very important criterion of a tape dispenser which makes it perfect for heavy-duty packaging and shipping. 

The brakes are adjustable. You can control the tension and adjust it accordingly to your needs. The blades are resistant to every type of corrosion and rust and probably the sharpest ever. Sharp blades ensure faster packaging. 

The dimensions of this product are 10 × 6.5 × 3 inches and weigh around 13 ounces only. The lightweight of this tape dispenser is another advantage aligned to it. 


  • The great quality blades are resistant to corrosion and are the sharpest. 
  • Its sturdy and good ergonomic grip allows easy usage. 
  • Extremely light in weight (13 ounces only). 
  • The side-loading of the tape with the gun ensures hassle-free rolling. 
  • The brakes are adjustable and allow the user to control tension.


  • With the new change in the design, the blades are not retractable anymore. 
  • It slips off the target and does not work if the proper right-angled pressure is not provided. 
  • During dispensing the tape, the tightening screw may back off, and the gun may lose tension.


This product is simply outstanding when we consider the price point. At even less than 15 dollars, it provides you with a tape dispenser made of the best quality materials and is extremely handy and quick to use. Besides, the ergonomic handle is an added advantage. You can trust this product undoubtedly if you are looking for a suitable tape dispenser at a lower budget.

Mr. Pen Packing Tape Dispenser: Best Budget-Friendly Shipping Tape Dispenser

71vfEEqc2VL. AC SL1500

Important Features

  •  Fine-quality product at a very reasonable price.
  • Corrosion and rust-resistant, very sharp blades.
  • Light in weight and advantageous portability.  
  • The body is completely made of solid fiber.

This is one of those products which ensures value for money for its customers. At a cost even lower than 9 dollars, this product is recommendable. It comes with a 2 inches thick, free tape too as a bonus for the users. Earlier, the price of this tape dispenser was nearly a few dollars higher, but they have cut it down a bit with their newest design. 

Firstly, let us talk about the blades, the most important part of a tape dispenser. It is of really excellent quality and provides ultimate satisfaction on using. It is made of non-corrosion, rust-resistant stainless steel material which is durable and for long-time usages. It is pretty sharp. So, there will be no problems regarding cutting and smooth rolling of the tapes. 

The product is very light in weight, just 12 ounces. This is certainly a very significant advantage. For long-time packaging and shipping in a commercial setting, where we have to keep our hands swift all the time, a lightweight tape dispenser comes in handy. It does not allow any hand fatigue.

But the design of the handle of this product could have been better for sure. It is sturdy but not ergonomic. It has rubber padding too. This might make this a bit uncomfortable to use, considering long-time usage. If a load of packaging is not that high, then there is no trouble with the handles at all.


  • Great quality product but the price is very reasonable. 
  • Extremely light in weight (weighs just 12 ounces)
  • Sharp, rust-free blades come in handy for bulk packaging and shipping. 
  • Designed specifically for smooth unrolling of the tape. 
  • A 2cm fine-quality tape comes free with this product.


  • Ergonomic design or padding is not available in the handle. 
  • Can be a little stiff when completely new, but it becomes smooth with usage. 
  • Loading and unloading can be a bit complicated process with this product.


If budget is your concern and you are thinking of buying a good quality product at a low price level, then this is the one you should go for. At less than 9 dollars, you are getting a tape dispenser that rolls smoothly, handy in use, and has very sharp blades for smooth cutting of the tapes. Quality-wise you may get a better one than this, but it is impossible to find it at such a low price range.

Duck Brand Standard Tape Gun With Foam Handle: Best Shipping Tape Dispenser with Foam Handle

712ushD5uML. AC SL1500

Important Features

  •  Specially designed for heavy workloads. 
  • High-quality metal alloy, sturdy body. 
  • Ergonomic handle aided with padding of soft foam.
  • Adjustable brakes allow fixing the tension as per requirements. 
  • It is usable for tapes as long as 110 yards at once. 

Another amazing product that makes our list is the Duck Standard Tape Gun. This is a tape gun that can be the greatest asset in a commercial setup where loads of packaging and shipping are generally very high. 

This is not one of those dollar store trash that you find and works only for a week, and then you need to throw it away. The quality ensures a long-lasting and smooth experience. 

The construction is pretty sturdy, made with a high-quality metal alloy. The steel chassis is painted to ensure resistance to any corrosion or rust. The blade is very sharp. It cuts a 2cm tape with ease. 

The best thing associated with this product is surely the handle. It is ergonomic as well covered with soft foam. This gives its users a very satisfactory and smooth experience upon using. Even when you have to do the packing for hours, you will experience less hand fatigue for the excellent comfort of the foam-covered ergonomic handle. 

The red tension control knob is highly adjustable, and hence you can maintain the tension you require. 

It can be used for tapes as long as 110 yards. This is unbelievable but true. For this, fit a long tape and forget the hassle of changing the tapes now and then. 

However, the standard 1.6 mil packing tape is way too thin. 

The dimensions of this product are 2.44 × 6.25 × 9.25 inches and weigh as low as 1.03 pounds only. 


  • Designed specifically for every kind of tape rolls. 
  • The handle has a covering of foam which enables a very comfortable grip.
  • Extremely light in weight and easy to use. (Weighs just 1.03 pounds)
  • Stainless steel blades with great sharpness for smooth packing and shipping.
  • The brakes are adjustable and allow the user to control tension.


  • The tape which comes with the product is not that good.
  • The metal plate under the front roller is fixed, unlike other tape guns.
  • Tape sometimes rolls backs onto itself without manual support.


This is a very handy product, especially for a commercial setup where many packaging and shipping need to be done. It is made with very high-quality alloy steel and is durable in use. It works exceptionally well with every kind of tape, and the price is also very reasonable. If you are looking for a good tape gun under the price range of 15 dollars, this product is the way to go.

Sparco 3″ Packaging Tape Dispenser, 1/EA (SPR68535): Best Lightweight Shipping Tape Dispenser

71Z1LTkLjlL. AC SL1500

Important Features

  •  Ergonomic handle with a covering of soft rubber around it. 
  • Adjustable brakes allow fixing the tension as per requirements.
  • Sharp, high-quality stainless steel blade aided with an extra plastic protective covering.
  • Comes with a single tape rolling system.

This Sparco packaging tape dispenser is a class apart product and sets its standards high. 

The best part of this product is the handle, for sure. There are rubber coverings on the sides, and it is also ergonomic in design. It gives a wonderful hand feeling and makes it very easy to use. Good handles are very important for a tape dispenser to have. It provides comfort to the user for long-lasting packing works. This product stands out as one of the best in that criterion. 

For easy dispensing, adjustable brakes are given. This will allow you to imply the tension exactly the way you like. This makes dispensing a very easy job to do. 

The blades are made of mixed alloy stainless steel and are very sharp. It gives a clean cut every time you do your packaging. There is an extra plastic protective covering over the blades for extra safety. Many think there is no blade attached because of this. But that is not the case. One has to remove the plastic covering before use which exposes the sharp, rust-resistant, high-quality blade. 

The dimensions of this product are10.2 × 5.7 × 3.7 inches and weigh around 15.2 ounces.


  • The hands are properly ergonomic to shy away from d fatigue. 
  • Adjustable brakes allow tension adjustments for smooth and easy use.
  • Extremely sharp, corrosion and rust-resistant blades rust-resistant provide clean cuts every time. 
  • Designed perfectly to hold tapes of different sizes and shapes. 
  • Protective plastic covering is available for the blades to provide extra safety to them.


  • The weight is a bit on the higher side (15.2 ounces).
  • Setting up the tape at first can be a bit complicating.
  • Does not come with any extra spare parts such as blades, tapes, etc.


This product is quite trustable and is loved by its huge number of users. The handle is comfortable, the blade is very shared, and the brakes are adjustable. All in all, it can be the perfect tape dispenser you are looking for.

Best Shipping Tape Dispenser Buying Guide

Easy To Load

Always search for a shipping tape dispenser that is easy to load. Some tape dispensers can be very tricky, uncomfortable, and complicated when rolling the tape with them. This consumes a lot of time. Avoid that kind of product and try to go for an easy and simpler one. 

Comfortable Handle 

Handles are the next most important part of a shipping tape dispenser after the blades. Look for a tape dispenser with an ergonomic design or foam or rubber covering over it. Otherwise, using these tape dispensers becomes uncomfortable for long-time uses. If packing loads are not that high, and budget is your concern, you can go with the non-ergonomic ones as they are generally the cheaper options. 

Tape Size Capacity 

Some tape dispensers can support only one type of or one size of tapes for dispensing. In comparison, other tape dispensers can easily accommodate tapes of different types and sizes. You have to decide which one you want to have, and you choose the suitable one for you accordingly. 


This is simple that tape dispensers made with quality materials are going to give the best possible results. Check whether the blade is made of rust and corrosion-resistant stainless steel or not. Also, check the fibre used for the body and the weight of the product. Good quality fibre or plastic will maintain the weight of the product.

Blade Quality 

As already mentioned before, stainless steel blades are the best, especially when resistant to dust and corrosion. You will require a pretty sharp blade to roll and cut the tapes easily. A good quality tape dispenser will provide you with a sharp blade. 


So, here is our list of the best shipping tape dispensers available in the market, along with a buying guide. All the five products we listed on our list are of top-notch quality. We made this list keeping in mind all the features that are essential for a good tape dispenser. Just go through them minutely, and you will surely find the one which you require. We are sure that it is going to be of good help to you.

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