5 Best Cordless Barcode Scanners: Reviews and Buying Guide

Do you feel annoyed that the cord of your present barcode scanner is restricting your movement in your small shop or crowded warehouse? If yes, you need not worry. We are here with a solution. For improving your movement range, you should go for the best cordless barcode scanner. 

It does away with your problem of limited movement and also provides other added advantages. The best cordless barcode scanner, besides providing unrestricted mobility, also provides increased productivity, improved accuracy, excellent work efficiency and is durable. 

These features and their benefits will slowly be

 unveiled in the sections to come. 

Let’s dive in! 

Cordless Barcode Scanner Benefits

Cordless Barcode Scanner Benefits

1. Increasing Motility

This is the single best benefit of an upgrade. With the cords attached to your scanner, you cannot move around in your warehouse easily. Whereas, with the best cordless barcode scanner, you can move around and do your work. For example, you can check the year-end inventory without bringing the whole list to the barcode scanning computer.

2. Increased Durability

What’s your greatest fear while using the barcode scanner? Yes, dropping the device. The odds of dropping it is more with the cordless scanners. However, your device is built to last. The manufacturers have thought of this well before.

And in most cases, they have tested the cordless barcode scanners to withstand multiple drops on hard surfaces. Some barcode scanners can also work in harsh environments like cold inventories and places with more dust and grime. Many barcode scanners fail in the test of time, but the best barcode scanners won’t.

3. Saves Cost

How? Although there’s an upfront investment in the device, it saves a tonne of money in one year. The year-end counting of your inventory can take hours when done manually, and you have to pay for the extra hours of labour.

However, with a cordless barcode scanner, these long hours can be essentially reduced to minutes. Moreover, there can be honest human mistakes while counting your stores, or your employees might steal them. a barcode scanner can easily remove these small errors with the help of a barcode scanner.

4. Increased Efficiency

While selling by manual methods, it is often impossible to observe which goods are selling fast. This often lands you in situations where your stocks fail you terribly in the face of market demands.

What to do in this case? Simple. Invest in a barcode scanner that automatically records and is in good demand so that you can stock your stores with those and stay at the top of your game. 

5. Improves Accuracy

When typed on the keyboard, human errors creep in very easily. An estimated 10 errors occur every 1000 characters typed. However, with a barcode scanner, this number decreases to 1 error in 3 MILLION characters.

Best Cordless Barcode Scanner: A Quick Summary

1. Best overall: ScanAvenger Wireless Portable 1D with Stand Bluetooth Barcode scanner ( for its excellent battery life and speedy performance) 
2. Best cordless scanner with auto mode: NADAMOO Wireless Barcode Scanner( for storage mode when out of transmission range and transmission range of up to 400m) 
3. Best transmission range: Basecent USB quick laser Barcode scanner reader(for its smart look and usability on versatile platforms) 
4. Best Budget-Friendly Option for home/retail business: ScanAvenger portable wireless Bluetooth barcode scanner (for its ability to scan 2D barcodes as well and store up to 2,00,000 barcodes in its memory) 
5. Best 1D cordless barcode scanner: Tera Barcode Scanner Wireless Versatile 2 in 1 (for its sturdy build and fast pace) 

Best Cordless Barcode Scanner: Detailed Reviews

ScanAvenger Wireless Portable 1D with Stand Bluetooth Barcode scanner (Best overall )

618XEjParuL. AC SL1500

Important Features

  •  Installation is simple and doesn’t require downloading any software. 
  • Comes with a smart charging stand to hold the device and charge it.
  • 3 different scanning modes – manual, continuous, and auto-sense. 
  • Can work on both Windows and Mac.
  • Can scan almost all 1D barcodes. 
  • Have an impressive range of 493ft, without obstacle, and 98ft, with medium density obstacles.

The charging stand of this barcode scanner is quite smart in look as well as in performance. This stand is designed to hold the scanner without any clip or strap. Simply placing the scanner on the stand, starts charging the Li-ion battery; there is no need to connect a cable. 

This scanner provides three different scanning modes – manual, continuous, and auto-sense. All three modes are available when connected to compatible devices. Compatible devices include Windows, Mac PC, or any android Or smartphone device. 

This is only meant to scan 1D barcodes. 2D barcodes like QR code, PDF417 cannot be scanned. Moreover, this device doesn’t work with SQUARE, SHOPIFY, Or SHOPKEEP. 

It has impressive battery life. It takes just 3 hours to get fully charged with a 92 days standby time and 53 hours of continuous scanning. It can scan as many as 60,000 barcodes in a single charge. 

It vibrates after every successful scan for working efficiently in a noisy environment. 

The transmission range is pretty good, with a magnificent 493 ft range in an obstacle-free area but an equally good range of 98ft in a crowded medium environment.


  • Very fast with good battery life. 
  • Smart looks and smart design. 
  • Vibration setting for ease of work in a noisy environment. 
  • Long battery life of 53 days (continuous use).
  • Does not require any software installation.


  • Maybe a bit pricey for small businesses, but it’s a good bang on your money.


If you need a smart and sleek barcode scanner for your big store that is high in performance and battery life, this should be your go-to. It scans barcodes at lightning speed that matches your growth curve.

NADAMOO Wireless Barcode Scanner (Best cordless scanner with auto mode )

51AKs+iGPyL. AC SL1000

Important Features

  • 400m transmission range in the open air; however, in overfilled spaces, the range is 100m.
  • It works best with computers(both Windows and Mac) and doesn’t support iPad, tablets, or smartphones. 
  • Suited for 1D barcodes. Cannot scan 2D barcodes. 
  • 40,000 scans on a single charge. 
  • 20 hours of continuous scanning with a 1400mAh battery.

This barcode scanner, just like the previous one, is a 1D scanner. 

This barcode scanner can get itself fully charged in 3-4 hours and last for 100 days on standby. On continuous use, it can serve you for 20 hours straight, with 40,000 scans. 

This device is compatible with laptops and computers (both Windows and Mac). But unlike the previous one, it doesn’t support smartphones and tablets. 

A special feature of this barcode scanner is that it provides for two pairing modes, one scanner to one receiver and many (maximum 32) scanners to one receiver. The latter is beneficial when many people are scanning simultaneously, and they need to be assembled into one computer. 

It provides 2 scanning modes, Manual Trigger Mode and Continuous Scan Mode. 

It has an awesome transmission range of 400m without a barrier and 100m with obstacles. 

This device has a special feature that takes away the worry of being in the transmission range. When you are out of transmission range, it can store the barcodes into the built-in memory, which gets transferred to the computer as soon as you enter the transmission range. It can store up to 1,00,000 barcodes.


  • Great battery life, providing 20 hours of continuous scanning. 
  • Can read reverse barcodes (white barcode in black background).
  • Support reading UPC/EAN and extra code. 
  • Can store up to 1,00,000 barcodes when you are out of the transmission range. 
  • Can accept information from multiple devices into one computer.


  • Not accurate for not-so-dark barcodes.


If you have a team that does the scanning job simultaneously, you can go for this, as it can accept information from multiple devices on one receiving computer.

Basecent USB quick laser Barcode scanner reader (Best transmission range )

519JbpyK36L. AC SL1001

Important Features

  • The wireless transmission range is 400m in the open air and 60-100m indoors. 
  • Compatible with almost all devices – PCs (both Windows and Mac), tablets with a USB interface. 
  • Suitable for 1D barcodes but cannot read 2D barcodes. 
  • Maximum scanning speed can be as high as 300 scans per second
  • The battery can last for one week on a single charge and can scan up to 23,000 times.

If your storehouse is very big and often requires scanning barcodes, far from the mainframe computer, this should be your choice for an upgrade. 

This device can work in areas where many other barcode scanners are working simultaneously. It doesn’t interfere with any of them. 

This device can work in both wired as well as in wireless mode. In the wired mode, the device can charge itself, together with scanning. 

This Basecent Barcode scanner can store barcodes when it is not in the transmission range like the previous device.


  • Wired and wireless mode available. The wired mode can charge the device as well. 
  • Can effectively store barcodes in its built-in memory when the device is out of transmission range. 
  • Offers four different scanning modes – Single trigger mode, key delay mode, continuous mode, and flash mode. 
  • Can read reverse barcodes, UPC/EAN, and extra code.


  • Not suitable for 2D barcodes like QR codes. 
  • Cannot scan barcodes from the screen
  • Maybe be pricey for small businesses


Very suitable for large inventories. Although it cannot scan 2D barcodes, it has an impressive speed for scanning 1D barcodes, which will make for easy management of your store.

ScanAvenger Portable Wireless Bluetooth Barcode scanner (Best Budget-Friendly Option for home/retail business )

51hRSXR9lYL. AC SL1500

Important Features

  • The transmission range is 493ft in an obstacle-free environment, 98ft in a medium crowded place. 
  • Can work easily on any platform PC, Mac, Windows, and tablet. 
  • 1D and 2D barcode scans are possible. 
  • Supports 48 hours of continuous scanning, up to 60,000 scans.

This is the best Budget-friendly option for home/retail businesses. But why? Because of its versatile usability and also other useful features. 

It doesn’t require any software installation for its use. You can plug the USB dongle into your computer and start scanning right away. 

Three different scanning modes, manual, continuous, and auto-sense, are available. Along with this, the scanner also comes with a vibration setting triggered when a scan is made successfully. 

Moreover, it also has a storage feature, which means, when you are beyond the transmission range, the scanner can store up to 2,00,000 barcodes which can then be transferred to the computer. 


  • Lifetime premium support
  • Made of reliable materials
  • Vibrates after every successful scan; this helps to work in noisy environments. 
  • Can scan 1D and 2D barcodes. 
  • Can store up to 2,00,000 barcodes.


  • May show problems in connecting to tablets and Android devices. 
  • You may have to go very close to the barcode for the scanner to read it.


Upgrading to this device won’t disappoint you. It has an impressive range and can easily scan 2D barcodes as well. And can also store as many as 2,00,000 barcodes in its memory when beyond the transmission range.

Tera Barcode Scanner Wireless Versatile 2 in 1 (Best 1D cordless barcode scanners )

51MjYosjkBS. AC SL1300

Important Features

  • 328 ft transmission range in the open air and 30-100ft in an area with obstacles. 
  • Compatible with iOS, Android, Linux, and Windows, computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. 
  • Suitable only for 1D barcodes. 
  • A huge battery of 2000mAh, which gives 40hours of continuous scanning time.

This Tera Barcode scanner is quite useful for scanning 1D barcodes and provides a long battery life of 40 hours. 

The anti-shock silicone protects your scanner. This device doesn’t require any software installation. It just plugs and plays. 

The speed of this device is sufficient to match that of a checkout counter of a supermarket, store, library, or warehouse. Two scanning modes are available, key trigger mode and continuous mode.


  • Large battery life. 
  • The battery indicator is on top of the device.
  • Anti-shock silicone protective cover. 
  • Plug and play. 
  • No software installation is needed. 
  • Nice speed to keep up with the pace of checkout counters.


  • Cannot read 2D barcodes. 
  • Battery life may sometimes fail you; however, mounting it on the stand begins charging the scanner. 


This is the best 1D scanner you will ever need. The huge battery life lasts a long, and the barcode scanning speed is quite impressive. So, if you need a barcode scanner for your store/warehouse/supermarket checkout counter, you should go for this scanner.

Best Cordless Barcode Scanner Buying Guide

Before you buy a cordless barcode scanner or any barcode scanner for that matter, here are a few points you should measure.

Where will you use it?

Some barcode scanners work equally well in natural light and dim light, while others don’t. So before buying a barcode scanner, make sure that the working requirements of the scanner match your own. 

What type of barcode do you need to scan?

Some barcode scanners can read 1D barcodes only, while others can read 1D and 2D barcodes (like QR codes) equally well. So, make sure that your barcode scanner is at par with your needs. 

How heavily will the device be used?

If your work requires scanning for a long duration, you should go for the one with long battery life. Not only that, heavy and rough use of the device can cause damage to the hardware, so you need a sturdy device at your service. 

How much scanning distance do you need?

Not all barcode scanners can scan from a far away; they require very close proximity to the barcode to scan it. Neatly assess your work requirements and then choose one.

Transmission range

This factor becomes especially important for cordless scanners. Some scanners give out signals that can penetrate walls and even floors, but others don’t. So it would help if you chose the distance and obstacles between your scanner and your receiving computer. 


If your work environment is less-than-ideal, choosing the one with a longer warranty certainly helps.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Best cordless barcode scanner

1. Is QR code better than barcode?

QR code is any day better than barcodes. There are two reasons for this. 
First, a QR code can hold much more information than a barcode scan. A barcode can hold up to 25 characters, but for QR codes, this limit is 2500.
On the other hand, QR codes can be read and scanned from any angle, whereas a barcode can only be scanned from a proper angle. 

2. Can I use my iPhone as a barcode scanner?

No. iPhone doesn’t come with an in-built barcode scanning software. However, you can download a third-party app that uses your rear camera to scan a barcode. However, the rear camera of an iPhone can easily scan QR codes without the use of any other app.


In the conclusion of this article, we would suggest you nicely assess your requirements and the capabilities of a cordless barcode scanner before investing. Most of the best cordless barcode scanners we mentioned here are built to last for a long time and are sure to multiply your efficiency and your growth.

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