Best Coin Sorters: Reviews and Buying Guide

Coin sorters make things easier by doing the job for you, especially if you have a business where you mostly trade in coins. These simple and useful machines sort coins according to size and value. Moreover, coin sorters are helpful for everyone, from a shop owner to a kid wanting to count his piggy bank coins.

Best Coin Sorters reviews and buying guide

Love to buy after looking at options? sorters are available in automatic and manual models that will fit your budget.

You will be happy to know that the global market of coin sorters will rise to a valuation of $5,415 million by 2023. So, it is a utility product and people are investing in it.

Best Coin Sorters for 2022: A Quick Summary

Best Coin Sorters for 2022: A Detailed Reviews

Nadex S540 Pro Coin Counter (Best Automatic Coin Sorter)

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Important Features

  • A business-grade coin counter and sorter.
  • One-touch button to stop the machine when full.
  • Coin wrappers come with the machine.
  • Different quantities displayed during counting.
  • Can dispense coins into tubes or trays.
  • The machine comes with a one-year warranty.

When you have a busy business, there is seldom any time to count properly. However, this high-end digital coin counter can help you to sort 300 coins per minute. The huge hopper capacity of 2000 coins lets you load it up on one go.

The machine can tirelessly count and sort the for a long time. It can either place the coins in tubes or in the trays according to your choice. Additionally, the machine can stop on its own when the tubes or trays are full, or you can do it with a single press.

We really like the counting display as it is clear, and it shows value with coin denomination. This machine is specially made for sorting US currency coins.


  • A machine meant for bigger businesses.
  • This is a nice-looking machine with a good design.
  • Coin denominations are properly displayed.
  • Use coin counter tubes or trays or both together.
  • One-button operations make things easy.


  • An expensive machine, but its quality makes it worth it.
  • A slower sorting speed; however it is accurate and precise.


Do you have a need to sort daily? If yes, then this coin sorting and counting device is the perfect thing for you. Feed it with thousands of coins at a time while doing your other work.

Kolibri KCS-2000 Professional USD Coin Counter: (Fastest Coin Sorter)

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Important Features

  • It’s an all-in-one business quality  sorter.
  • Ideal for counting USD coins.
  • Extremely fast and accurate.
  • The product offers versatile features from sorting to wrapping coins.

This electric coin sorter is very popular for the multiple unique features it offers. The machine can sort your count 150 times a minute! That means you will be done sorting in no time. 

The unit also comes with a standalone coin wrappers which makes the whole process a lot more convenient, and you can roll for storage directly. 

You can store more coins at a go in the large hopper that comes with the machine. The manufacturers have also introduced an automatic reset option if any foreign materials are detected in the sorter. 

Overall the machine is durable and portable. It’s made from solid steel and weighs about 12 pounds. The hopper features a capacity of 2000, and you can sort about 220 coins in a minute.


  • The machine does not miscount or jam.
  • It makes it easy to sort into tubes.
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Provides accurate counting.
  • Assembly does not take a lot of time.


  • It’s a large machine, and storage is a bit challenging.
  • The unit does not include an instruction manual; thus, setting change is difficult.
  • You can only use it for USD coins.


It’s a versatile product in the budget that makes the sorting process a lot easier.

Royal Sovereign 2 Row Electric Coin Counter (Best Value for money Coin Sorter)

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Important Features

  • Sorting speed of 312 per minute.
  • Hopper can hold 400 at a time.
  • Comes with 16 coin wrappers for convenience.
  • Smooth operation through anti-jam technology.
  • Bright LED display with dollar count.
  • Double row to sort fast.
  • A one-year warranty is included with it.

The Royal Sovereign 2 row counter FS-2D is one of the best coin-sorting machines available. Along with being cheap, this coin sorter and counter helps in easily counting the changes.

Along with being a fast machine, this automatic counter has a proper hard body. It conveniently puts it in a wrapper to take them to the bank.

I think that its anti-jam technology is an innovative thing for the coin counter to run smoothly. You can run the coin counter for a long time without facing any jams.

The bright and clear LED display is a nice addition that allows proper counting. It also gives you a breakdown of the denomination, so there is no need for prior counting.

This digital coin counter works for US currency coins. Moreover, the machine has a single button run and stop operations, making it easy for everyone.


  • Running the sorter is easy.
  • This is a well-made machine.
  • The coins get sorted without getting stuck.
  • Its large hopper helps in constant feeding.
  • Wrappers help to carry it easily.
  • royal sovereign electric coin sorter doesn’t use much electricity.


  • Customers complain about the misplacement of coins, but it is rare.
  • It may take a little time to learn, but it’s quite easy.


Are you looking for an affordable sorter for your business? If yes, then this would be the best coin sorters for you. The great thing about the machine is its ability to sort automatically. It also gives the exact count making it a useful product for everyday sorting.

Cassida C200 Coin Counter (Best Commercial Coin Sorter)

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Important Features

  • Counting capacity of 300 per minute.
  • Individual bin capacity of 900 coins.
  • Can sort coins into bins or into coin tube attachments.
  • An easy-to-read LED display is present.
  • Comes with coin wrappers.
  • One-touch operation is present in it.
  • Cassida provides a one-year warranty.

If you are tired of sorting and wrapping by hand, this sorter and counter can help you a lot. It is a three in one machine that sorts, counts and wraps coins, which is a very unique feature I must say. You can also choose the number of batches to go through.

This has a big hopper capacity of 2,000 coins which allows you to sort large batches of coins at once just like Nadex S540. The bings are quite helpful to store coins, or you can wrap them up with tubes to take them to the bank.

The easy-to-read LED makes the machine even better as you don’t need to scratch your head about understanding it. Using the sorter is easy through the one-touch operation.

This machine is specially made for US currency coins, up to the dollar denomination. Hence, it is best for commercial places that need to go through a lot of coins every day.


  • The coin is great for commercial places.
  • The bins of this machine are quite large.
  • Operating the sorter is extremely easy.
  • It has a strong exterior and a durable design.
  • The accuracy of this coin sorter is high.


  • Because of its high quality, it has a high price.
  • Printing qualities aren’t present, but the LED tells a lot.


If you have the budget to get a great coin sorter for your business, then this is the product to pick. Along with having a high capacity, this sorter will help you to get through thousands of coins in minutes.
The durable quality of this automatic sorter makes it one of the best coin sorters for a business. Also, I just love the 3 in 1 feature.

Cassida C300 Professional USD Coin Counter (Best Mid-Range Coin Sorter)

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Important Features

  • Extremely easy to use.
  • It comes loaded with functional features.
  • Efficient and innovative rolling made easy.
  • Features an LED screen to display the amount.
  • The machine has printing capabilities.

This unique coin sorter can count up to 300 coins per minute. The whole counting and calculating are done in 4 seconds, and it’s quite impressive.

With the Cassida C300, you don’t need to remove the tube to attach the preformed wrapper. The unit features quick load coin tubes, which allows the easy swap roll of the following coin wrapper from beneath the tube. 

Manufacturers have taken time to design the product, which is evident in the product’s ‘no jam’ technology. Unlike other electric coin sorter that get stuck because of jammed coins, this one does not. 

You can use it to sort and count different coin type, which include tokens, gold, and silver coins. Thus this machine is excellent for counting any currency you want. 

The unit is quite high-tech and comes with an automatic sensor detection program coupled with LED display lights for hassle-free operation.


  • It can sort different types of coins.
  • The unit features a no jam technology.
  • Counting is accurate.


  • The machine is a tad bit expensive.


The best part about the counter is that it can calculate any currency and not jam.

Surpcos Coin Counter

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Important Features

  • It can sort having a thickness of 1.3-2.5 mm and a diameter of 15-28 mm.
  • Custom coin batch size can be set by the user.
  • The trays can hold up to 900 coins at a time.
  • One-touch operation is available with it.
  • Surcops provides a 12-months guarantee with a 30-days money-back policy.

Surpcos provides a value for money deal with this phenomenal coin sorter. It is specially made for US coins and can go up to the dollar denomination. The hopper can hold 500 coins at a time, and the machine can process 270 coins per minute.

The hopper also has raised edges, so the coins wouldn’t fall off. This sorter is perfect for small businesses as well as individuals that need to sort coils daily. The customizable batch setter, as well as auto-operation, makes operating the machine easy.

This is another three-in-one device, so it can count, sort, and wrap for easy access as handling. You can see the counts on the LCD screen present on top. To make things easier, this machine also stops on its own when the tray or coin sorter tubes are full.


  • It is good for individuals and businesses.
  • The coin trays can hold a lot at a time.
  • Using this machine is very easy, even for a beginner.
  • One can customize the batch.
  • Auto-stop is available with this sorter.


  • You will need to buy the wrappers which are easily available.
  • The sorting speed is slow, but the machine is accurate.


Are you looking for an accurate and durable sorter that comes at a budget price? If yes, then you can check out this mid-range sorter that will do the job easily. This is also great for those individuals who need an automatic machine for counting.

Pittaigo USD Coin Counter Sorter and Roller (Fastest Coin Sorter)

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Important Features

  • 100% accuracy and high efficiency provided.
  • It can deposit coins in trays or tubes.
  • Auto-stop is available when the tray or tubes are full.
  • There is a clear and bright LCD.

This coin sorter has been specially made for commercial purposes. Its hopper can easily fit 1,100 coins on a single load. The high sorting speed is up to 345 coins per minute, depending on the size.

If you need to sort US currency coins, this machine can help you do it easily. The LCD helps to know the total value and the denomination breakdown. In addition, it’s easy to clear the display with the touch of a button, which makes it one of the best coin sorters in the market.

Anyone can use the machine, so it is great for a shop. Most machines can’t vouch for its efficiency, but Pittaigo is quite sure about this sorter. We do like the one-touch operation to minimize any need for manual intervention.

Want to use it to keep a count on your daily input? Use it with a printer to make things easier.


  • This machine provides high-speed sorting.
  • Operating the machine is quite easy.
  • The LCD makes denominations clear.
  • It is especially meant for commercial use.
  • The build quality of this sorter is superior.
  • The machine doesn’t use much energy.


  • Wrappers aren’t provided but are easily available.
  •  It’s expensive because of the fabulous quality and makeup.


Commercial places often need specialized sorters that can get through coins quickly. This machine helps to make it a reality by sorting hundreds in a minute.
The good build quality makes sure that this machine will last with you for a long time while providing service.

I have gifted this product for to my brother for his café business and he has been using it for almost 3 years.

Best Coin Sorters Buying Guide

Before you set out to buy the coin sorter, it is important to measure your needs and wants.

We have gathered some of the points that will help you in choosing the perfect machine for yourself. Every point is equally important to get a machine that will last for a long time and help out in a business.

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Coin Sorters
Coin Sorter Buying Guide

How often do you count coins?

Someone who has a business will require coin counter machines with higher capacity than someone who sorts coins infrequently. If you are a regular user, try to get a machine with a higher capacity and speed.

Do you need to sort uncommon denominations?

If you happen to need a sorter for uncommon coins or less used coins, there might be a need to buy a specialized machine. In such cases, make sure to check that a coin sorter has the slit size required for the denomination.

What currencies do you need to count in?

The size may vary according to your currency; hence it’s crucial to have a look at the currency supported by a machine. You may need to get an imported machine for counting foreign currency coins.

Coin Capacity

Coin sorters can come in various sizes. A machine with a bigger capacity is great for businesses and for those who need to sort a lot of coins.
Choose a sorter with multiple spaces and a good capacity for coins. Also, check the hopper size for the exact number of coins that can be fed to the machine in a single batch.

Counting Speed

Manual coin sorters tend to be slower than automatic coin sorters. We like automatic coin sorters that have a capacity of at least 300-400 coins per minute. The counting speed is extremely important for a business establishment.

Durability and Features

Yes, you do need to have a look at the makeup and features present in a coin sorter. If you are paying a bit extra, a sorter should come with a display and coin counter. We like a good metal body, but hard plastic can also work well.


Rather than spending a lot of money on a sorter, think about your actual need for it. Get a manual sorter if you are an infrequent user as it costs much less. However, we will suggest automatic sorters to people who need to sort multiple coins daily.

Counting and sorting volume

This point is tied to the capacity of a sorting machine. It is always better to have a combo of sorting and counting as it lets you omit the need to recount it. The volume of the machine should depend on your volume and frequency of sorting.

How to Clean a Coin Sorter?

How to Clean a Coin Sorter? complete guide
How to Clean a Coin Sorter?

In most cases cleaning the coin sorter machine is fairly easy. Make sure to feed only clean coins to the machine. Take out any debris or other particles that might be present.

Never put wet or sticky coins into a machine as it can damage the interior. A sleek brush will help in cleaning the interior and the pipes of a sorter.

Every sorter also comes with a manual. Hence, make it a habit to read the manual before proceeding to clean the machine. We will advise you against using water to clean a coin sorter.

Another tip is to use a vacuum to clean the interior, but it should be at the lowest setting. Having problems with an automatic sorter? Call a professional as soon as possible!

What Separates an Average Coin Sorters From Best Coin Sorters?

Have you ever thought about the reason for investing in a good coin sorter? The main reason is to get a machine that is durable. However, another crucial point is the accuracy and capacity of a coin sorter.

Here are some points that distinguish a good coin sorter from an average model:

  • Good sorters have a perfect flow of coins without any hiccups. Anti-jamming properties should be present in the model to make coin sorting quick.
  • We love machines that give you a lot of information about the coins, including a clear total. A breakdown of the coins and counting is always appreciated.
  • Machines with large hoppers are better as it helps in working as fast as possible. Great models can have a hopper capacity of up to 2000.
  • A good machine doesn’t require a lot of input from the user. It can easily judge the coins that are being fed into it and sort accordingly. One button operation machines are a beloved of ours.
  • High-end models also come with the concept of universality. You may adjust the coin sorting in such models according to currency.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Best Coin Sorters

1. Are coin sorters accurate?

We cannot vouch that coin sorters are 100% accurate, even for the best models. However, as most of them are programmed to sort according to size, weight, or sight, the machines work well. Only on very occasions can the machine sort unevenly, but a quick cleaning fixes it.

2. What is the best coin sorter?

In this article, we have mentioned five different coin sorters that have performed well in the market. You can go through them to find the model that works best for you. We recommend the Royal Sovereign for a budget model and the Nadex S540 Pro for a high-tech model.


This is everything that we had to tell about getting a great coin sorting machine for yourself. All the products that we have mentioned work great for people who have a business. Counting and sorting coins become hassle-free with great models.

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