What Does Return to Shipper Mean With DHL?

The courier service world is entirely different from our sending and receiving of goods. No doubt it is a tedious and time-taking task and in this DHL faces wide-range of challenges related to the delivery of merchandise.

These challenges also incorporate transit back of the shipment to the shipper and it has different meaning and consequence. You are totally at right place because this article is also about what does transit back to shipper means in logistic service.

It means a new concept in packet or goods delivery and will give you a new insight of management and maintenance of the courier services.

Let us understand deeply what does it means—when any parcel re-send back to the sender’s address then it means non-delivery and marked as undeliverable.

Effect of Return on DHL

When any item delivered to the logistics office, the company has to pay for its transit and deliver it back to the sender. The overall parcel delivered to shipper cost depends on the distance, goods weight, and insurance as per the container.

What Does Return to Shipper Mean With DHL_

The company pays this cost when any parcel arrived from the destination. Also, lower the transit cost, the better is courier service and for this company initiate a DHL tracking ID for both sender and recipient so that both parties can track the shipment status. However, there are various reasons for an undelivered of the parcels such as:

  • The recipient is not available
  • The recipient refused delivery
  • The address or other information is missing or incorrect
  • The house/office/premises is closed
  • Failure in re-delivery of the courier

When DHL Initiates transit back?

The delivery staff of company tries to deliver the courier in most cases when the recipient is not available at home at the time of delivery, once it confirms the order is non-delivered then DHL re-transfer initiated after taking the following actions:

  • It tries to deliver the courier at most 3 times before initiating the revisit
  • The courier staff asks for the favorable time for the delivery
  • DHL Courier company has an automated system for sending SMS and IVR call for notification
  • When customer decline the order//not reachable// the depart is initiated
  • The goods are sent back to the sender’s registered address

There are some other cases when DHL initiate an undeliverable like merchandise contains the forbidden items, it is not packed correctly and cannot be delivered as per the DHL norms, it exceeds the standard weight and measurement, and delivery is not known by the company staff.

DHL Return to Shipper Cost

The main question is does the company go back cost will apply to the coming back from the destination. In case the shipment is undelivered as per the terms mentioned above or undervalued as per customs, or receiver refuses the delivery or high customs charges on the packaging or shipment charges, it can transit back the merchandise to the shipper’s cost.

Besides failing this above-mentioned, company can release, dispose, or sold the shipment sustaining any liability to shipper or sender. DHL also have rights to dispose of the parcel or destroy it that prevents the law and forbids it from coming back to the shipper or contains dangerous goods.

Customer Service

If the shipment is delivered as per the DHL tracking ID, shipment is delivered to the wrong address, or shipment is delivered to the wrong person, and whatsoever the reason is, the DHL customer service team is there to assist every customer at every step.

The logistics company initially notifies the receiver regarding the upcoming delivery, some delivery may require a signature at the time of collection or some may not require a signature at the time of delivery as per the shipper.

The staff is committed to providing the great service at right time! every time! Because courier service depends on only communication between two media either transit communication or communication between company and customer.

In short customer service is the backbone of DHL courier services and strives to provide the best service worldwide.

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