How to Fix Coin Sorter? Best Solutions!

You can face several problems while using a coin sorter. Some of the essential concerns have been listed below, along with the probable solutions for them. 

How to Fix Coin Sorter
How to Fix Coin Sorter?

I have listed the most common problems that you may face even if you have one of the best coin sorters available in the market. Check out if you can relate. 

How to Fix Coin Sorter when the Motor Does Not Run?

  • You must always start by checking the power cord. Often poor power connections can disrupt the engine from working properly. You can also check it by looking at the LCD display. 
  • Check whether you have turned on the power switch before inserting the coins.
  • A pre-installed button is provided for the smooth functioning of the machine. The button would generally read RUN/STOP. Make sure to check if you have pressed the correct button. The run button indicates that the machine is ON while the STOP stands for OFF.
  • It is important that you place the coin tray or attach plastic coin tubes correctly. Misplacement of the coin tray could be a reason for disruption in the operation of the coin sorting.

What is the Significance of the Ticking Sound? What if the Machine Ticks/ Doesn’t Tick?

  • Firstly, the ticking sound signifies that the machine is working correctly.
  • If there is no ticking sound, it signifies that something has been stuck in the coin tray.
  • You must immediately move the tray to remove any unwanted particle from its way.
  • The tray should only be used for sorting coins. Any other object in the tray could disrupt the normal execution of the machine.
  • The tray must also be placed correctly in its position for the machine to make the ticking sound.

What to do When Coins are Not Sorting into Respective Tubes?

What to do When Coins are Not Sorting into Respective Tubes?
What to do When Coins are Not Sorting into Respective Tubes?
  • You can start by taping the machine gently to remove any object that might have been stuck.
  • If the problem persists, wait for 15 seconds or more. The machine is designed to automatically remove any unwanted object from it. The agitation screw or Running vessel automatically starts running back once it detects any object disrupting the smooth coin sorting.
  • If the machine still does not sort the coins correctly, switch it off for some time. Often overloading with coins can result in a sudden halt.
  • You can even Unplug the machine for a while. Then, open the upper lid and take out all the coins. Start it after a while for improved results.
  • You can also try removing the upper lid and taking out the Inner Vessel. The placement of the inner vessel can often stop the machine from working.
  • Removing the Inner Vessel will expose the Running Vessel. If you see anything other than coins, remove it manually and switch on the machine once again.
  • Check the on/Off button thoroughly once you retrieve any unwanted material from the machine.

Some More Valuable Tips for FIXING a Coin Sorter

  • Check the position of the trays. Often wrong positioning could affect the sensor of the machine. This could create unnecessary problems while sorting coins.
  • Check the back sensor always. Often a malfunctioned back sensor delays the smooth operation of the coin sorter.
  • If coins do not fit in properly, understand that you have put in too many coins that the machine can hold. Check the quantities of coins before you plug in the machine.
  • If the pennies keep falling in the plastic coin tubes, do not worry. Often, the dime tube and pennies are of the same size. Therefore, they might keep falling into it. Just be mindful while you are using it.
  • Make sure that the coin wrappers are not higher than the coin tube. The coins cannot be sorted if the wrapper overlaps with the sorter.
  • It is important that you try to avoid jamming at all costs. You can start by placing the tray on a plain surface and taking your time to insert the coins properly. If you push all the coins all at once, chances are the coins would eventually get jammed in the machine.

If you have considered all the steps mentioned above, then your coin sorter must be performing well.

How Does the Coin Sorter Perform?

How Does the Coin Sorter Perform?
How Does the Coin Sorter Perform?

The automated sensor in the machine will identify different types of coins and sort them efficiently. Every currency coin weighs different and comes in different sizes than on another. The purpose of the coin sorter is to sort coins automatically without any disruption.

Electric coin sorters use the electronic signal to sort them properly from each other. If the machine comes with a pre-installed coin counter, then the machine shall sort and count the coins.

A fully working machine will have a rotating disc that will identify the different types of coins based on their circumference, weight, and size. It will sort them properly and drop them through a plastic coin tube into the correct receiving cups.

Some digital coin counters also come with counterfeit detection, batch mode and other interesting features to make your life easy. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do you reset a royal sovereign coin counter?

Resetting the royal sovereign coin counter is as simple as turning the power switch off. But before that you need to follow a few steps. You will see a button “CLEAR” written on it. Press it and then wait for the sorting to finish, after that tap the RUN/STOP button and It’s done and you are ready to cut the power for the machine and start again.

2. Royal Sovereign coin Sorter jam, What to do?

Coin Sorter gets jammed for many reasons. One of the common reasons is that you didn’t place a royal Sovereign coin sorter on an even surface. Even a slightly uneven surface can cause the sorter to jam. So, make sure you properly measure the surface before placing the coin sorter. 
Another reason is you are putting the coins into the coin sorter too fast or the volumes of coins. You may need to slow it down and put the coins in gradually. If these solutions do not work, you may need to call customer care.  Here’s the customer care details of Royal Sovereign:  1-800-397-1025 or email: [email protected] 

Since a coin sorter is a machine, it is meant to break down occasionally even though it has a compact design. But I hope this article has you covered regarding how to fix coin sorters. It discusses all the probable reasons for the sudden breakdown of the device.

The solutions here are viable and simple. Often solutions are right there before our plain eyes, but we simply don’t see them. This article points out the simple solutions that you could incorporate in case the machine stops working. This article will save tons of money if you use these solutions mindfully.

However, it is always recommended that you consult a technician if the machine fails to work consistently. You may also talk to other acquaintances who already use a coin sorter for work purposes. This will give you a clearer picture of its workings.

Jaren worked for nearly 10 years in the industry. He started his career with FedEx but he later also worked with companies like USPS and Deutsche Post.

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