How to Change Delivery Address of DHL Packages?

Most of us often receive packages from DHL, one of the best shipping service center in the world. We may have given a wrong label to the team of DHL, or we would like to change the delivery address, in that case, we need to follow certain steps to deliver the package in a new address.

As you already know, the DHL courier is one of the best package shipping companies out there. In this guide, I’m going to share how to change the delivery address of DHL.

Let’s start.

What Is DHL Change Delivery Address?

DHL Change Delivery Address

First of all change of delivery address is only possible if both addresses belong to the same delivery area of the delivery service provider.

If you desired the second delivery attempt, then the delivery service provider only will contact you for further details. According to the DHL team, the change of delivery address is not possible once the shipment has been dispatched.

DHL aid us in making the redelivery of your shipment within a week from Monday to Friday. Redelivery requests received after 17.30 Malaysian time will deliver on the following business day.

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If you want to DHL to redeliver the package to Alternate Address, then you are supposed to fill a form in which you need to include all details correctly. The form for the address change will be as follows:

  • At first, we need to open the home page of the DHL shipping service center.
  • We have to choose the option shipping and sub-category Redeliver to Alternate Address.
  • A page will open in which we have to enter the date at which the DHL left card is available, waybill number, mail address, contact number, and the name of the person.

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You can contact customer care of DHL or Use live chat feature on their website.

In the next section, we are supposed to give all information about the name of the company, address line, location, and the pin code.

  • Later we have to provide the other label details which include the name of the receiver, contact number, pin code, and finally the name of the city.
  • Later we have to select the option Submit, and the change in delivery will be done successfully. If in case you have a doubt and wish to retype again then select the option reset and enter the accurate details.

DHL, a popular name in the courier service world, is usually known for its seamless service. However, if you have any address change-related queries, please go through these simple FAQs.

How to change the delivery address on DHL?

If you want to change your delivery address on DHL, you have to log in to your DHL EasyShop account and thereafter to ‘My Address Book.’ There clicking on the “edit” tab, you will be able to change your delivery address. Remember that your future parcels will also get delivered to that same address.
But try to change it before the parcel has been shipped. Once it’s been shipped, they say it cannot be changed.

Can DHL parcels be delivered to an Alternate Address?

Yes, DHL parcels can be delivered to an alternate address like your workplace or your neighbor’s place. For that, you will need to fill a form, including the details. Just keep in mind delivery to an alternate address can take up an additional day.

Can you redirect a DHL parcel?

After picking up the parcel, a notification is sent containing the information and link that permits the user to use the redirect option. After logging into the website, you can change the delivery address and date.

Conclusion on changing delivery address of DHL express:

By this way, we can change the re-delivery label. I hope that it helps all. For further details, please visit the home page of the DHL.

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