How Much Does a Coin Sorter hold?

Sorting coins by hand take time and effort and will get tiring soon. You can easily speed up the procedure using a coin sorter. Coin sorters are available in all shapes and sizes that help users with both big and little coin-sorting tasks.

How Much Does a Coin Sorter hold?
How Much Does a Coin Sorter hold?

When you are a small business that simply sorts coins at the end of the business day, then you don’t need a machine that can handle more coins simultaneously. However even for lower coin loads, if you don’t want to spend too much time monitoring the coin sorter, but you want a machine that can handle at least a few coins simultaneously you can opt for a premium coin sorter.

How Much Does a Coin Sorter hold?

A standard coin sorter can typically handle 200 – 800 coins at a time. Smaller hopper size is always required for low-volume coin sorting. A standard coin sorter can sort up to 156 coins every minute. As it sorts, a heavy-duty coin sorter may produce two to four rows of wrapped coins. as this is an automatic process all of this occurs on its own.

This feature enables you to sort the coins much quicker than if you had to stop and swap out each wrapper as it became full. Some machines sort money while counting coins however others perform counting first and in few cases later in the process.

How Much Does a Heavy Duty Coin Sorter Hold?

A Heavy Duty Coin Sorter intended for high volume usage These heavy-duty coin sorters can sort 2000 to 3000 coins. They are designed for high throughput on a regular basis for usage in settings such as banks and casinos where huge sums of coins are managed on a regular basis.

What are the Other important Features of a Coin Sorter?

What are the Other important Features of a Coin Sorter

Value Counting

When buying a coin sorter, one of the most important factors to consider is if the equipment has value counting features. Some coin sorters automatically sort coins by denomination. Higher-end coin sorters will compute and show the worth of the sorted coins in terms of dollar value and quantity.

Coin Wrapping

Coin wrapping is also a time-consuming process after sorting and counting your change. However, many coin sorters can automatically sort the change into wrapper tubes, removing the need for this step.

Maintaining a Value Count Record

When buying a coin sorter, an additional aspect to consider is record-keeping functions. Some coin sorters will allow you to print a receipt copy containing your coin count, which is a highly handy function for businesses.

Anti-Jam Feature

A lot of cheap coin sorters have quite a tendency to jam. To ensure continuous coin sorting, sophisticated and user-friendly coin sorters will often include anti-jamming capabilities.

How do coin-Sorting Machines Sort Coins?

Simple coin-sorting machines operate mostly on the basis of coin size. They sort the coins into various channels depending on their size, just like ordinary vending machines. A magnetic test may be performed on these coins. Because the metals used to make coins have somewhat varying magnetic characteristics, the coin machine can determine which coin it’s working with and how much each one is worth by subjecting them to a magnetic field and calculating their dimensions.


Coin sorters are the most helpful devices for individuals who deal with a large number of coins every day. If you are one of them, you should consider purchasing one for yourself.

However, you should always consider your budget as well as your needs before investing. You can use a heavy-duty coin sorter if you deal with a large number of coins on a daily basis. Consider a standard coin sorter if you need a coin sorter for a little number of coins.

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