How Long Does DHL Shipping Take?

Most of us are familiar with one of the famous and everlasting shipping services of DHL. It is one of the best international shipping service centers all over the world.

Most of the people make use of these services to deliver important packages, files, documents from one place to another. But most of us may doubt that At what time will the services of DHL will be available.

How Long Does DHL Shipping Take?

Whether it’s from china to china, uk to usa, germany to usa, china to usa, india to usa etc.

So, today we are going to know about the estimated delivery timings of DHL Shipping in this article.

Well, the time depends on the starting and the ending point of the delivery. Before delivering the package, DHL opens the package and check whether there are not any illegal things, and after doing necessary changes, DHL makes sure that there are no items should not be shipped. Once the process has done, it delivers the package automatically.

Usually DHL express takes less than five days to deliver an international package. If the origin country is China and the destination is the U.S, it takes 3.5 days on an average to deliver the package. The sending of the package from one place to another also depends on the size, shape, and the stuff in the package.

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Any number delivery depends on where you are and where the delivery has to be dispatched. It also provides domestic as well as international shipping with different methods.

How Long Does DHL Shipping Take?

Domestic Shipping Methods:

  • Shipping takes approximately 3-8 business days (Monday-Saturday) for standard shipping.

International Shipping Methods:

DHL International Standard: 1-3 weeks standard.
DHL International Expedited: 4-12 business days.

The DHL shipping usually takes 1-3 weeks. It has the following service timelines as follows.

DHL Services Estimated Delivery Timelines

DHL Express 9.00:

  • A door-to-door delivery before 9.00 am, on the next possible day you may get your money back if the delivery has not done in the correct time.

DHL Express 10.30:

  • A door-to-door delivery before 10.30 am, on the next possible day you may get your money back if the delivery has not done in the correct time.

DHL Express 12.00:

  • A door-to-door delivery before 12.00 noon on the next possible day and the money will return if the shipment has not done in the correct time.

The delivery of the package also depends on the factors of the option which you have chosen such as weeks, months, hours or Same Day Delivery, also depends on some factors such as the traffic, weather conditions. If in case you face any problem regarding the delivery of packages we recommend you to visit the home page of the shipping center or contact the numbers shown below.

DHL Contact Number List

  1. Customer service: 08443069176
  2. Tracking service: 08443069176
  3. Courier help: 08443069176
  4. Report fraud: 03001232040

The DHL also provides its services on weekends also, but the delivery charges will be $50 more as compared in the normal days.


It is all about how long does DHL shipping take? The services will deliver the packages, mail, and courier as per the schedule designed and also the import and export locations. I hope that you all have got a clear idea about the delivery timings.

For further details, you can visit the home page or contact the team of DHL or use the comment box below to ask your questions.

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