How Do Coin Sorters work? A simple Explanation

Wanna know how do coin sorters work? Don’t worry! It is not that complicated, and we will try to tell you every detail about it as you are a 5-year-old. But first, let us talk a little bit about coin sorters.

Coin sorters are the byproducts of modern technology, which greatly help people dealing with coins daily. The banks or amusement parks mainly use it as they handle so many coins each day.

Coin Sorters make the work much faster and free of human error, which allows you to focus on other important works. Besides this, it also helps to cut off the loss of money, which is one of the significant factors contributing to the increasing demand for coin sorters—already impressed? We are not done yet. We have much more in store. Do not go anywhere, as the most exciting part is still waiting for you.

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How do coin sorters work?

How do Coin Sorters work

Like any other machine, coin sorters also have a certain way of working, which you eagerly want to know. Right? So without wasting any more time, let us come straight to the point.

First of all, the coins are fed in the coin trays. Sometimes the tray holes are wide enough to let all the coins pass except the quarters, whereas the next tray passes all the coins except the nickels. It goes on like this until each type of coin is put on a different tray. These coins are sorted according to size, and you can get different sets of dimes, nickels or quarters.

Coin Sorters can also use magnetic fields to determine the dimensions of the coin. Since the coins are made up of different types of metal, they have different magnetic properties, which the coin-sorting machines can effectively use to know which coin is being processed.

Besides sorting, this machine also helps to find out the value of coins being processed. But how? It is simply done by evaluating the weight of the coins on each tray or based on height by putting the coins on a rack. It is the weight-based mechanism of counting coins. However, the latest models of coin counters use sensors to recognize its type and record its value.

Nowadays, some of the latest technologies are being used to get the most accurate counts. Some of these include photovoltaic cells, which use light to assess which type of coin it is dealing with. Other than this, microprocessors are also used to send signals to the system. This makes sure that the dimensions and weight of the coin match with the coin present in the system.

Perks of using a coin sorter

Perks of using a coin sorter

In the preceding section of this article, we have already provided a little bit of information about the advantages of using a coin sorter. In this section, we will be talking about some additional perks of using a coin sorter. Let’s take a look!

Accuracy – A coin sorter greatly benefits people working at departmental stores, amusement parks, or banks. Do you want to know how? Imagine sitting at one place and sorting coins for hours. It may sound easy, but you tend to lose track and end up making a mistake when you are doing it regularly.
Using a coin sorter can help you avoid this problem and make your work highly accurate.

● No more theft- So many employees work at a place, and honestly, you cannot trust all of them. Isn’t it? In manual sorting and counting of coins, there is a higher incidence of miscounting, not because of some human error but because of wrong intentions. This can lead to a significant loss.
Don’t worry! With the help of coin sorters, you need not compromise the security of the coins, and the machine will do the work in a much more efficient way. Moreover, the employees can invest their time in more important work.

Hygiene- People generally neglect this particular aspect while doing any kind of job. When the coins are counted manually, it generally passes through different hands before reaching your table. The worst part is that you don’t know how hygienic those people are and end up touching those coins with a high risk of getting infected by germs and other infectious diseases.

Here again, the coin sorter comes to the rescue, which not only saves your precious time but also acts as a shield for your skin.

Where are the coin sorters used?

Coin sorters are used by people dealing with large numbers of coins daily. That can be a bank or any other departmental store where coins are the major form of monetary exchange. Besides this, it is also present at the amusement parks to sort the coins and keep track of the number of coins counted.

These are also used in some of the coin-intensive industries such as grocery, vending, and gaming. All these sectors need a coin sorter to simplify their work and increase their efficiency as well. However, you can also have a personal coin sorter that will help you keep the coins organized without losing the track record. Also, the presence of coin wrappers helps to collect the coins according to denomination and helps in easy transfer from home to the bank.

Moreover, if you have kids at your home, then the coin sorting machine can benefit them. Besides teaching them about the value of coins, it also helps them get familiar with the concept of saving. 

Factors affecting the market value of coin sorters

Although cashless payment methods have somehow impacted the demand for coin sorters, these are still used on a large scale, and the last few years have witnessed a steady growth in their market value. 

Another factor causing its downfall is the high maintenance required to ensure a coin sorter’s accuracy and high maintenance. These two factors are the major hurdles in the growth of coin sorters globally. 


On an ending note, we would like to say that coin sorters are the most useful machines for people dealing with so many coins each day. If you are also one of them, then you should consider buying one for yourself. However, you should always analyze your budget as well as your requirements and invest accordingly. 

That’s it! We hope this article helped you understand how do coin sorters work. You can always refer to other articles on our website in case you have any more queries. Feel free to share this with your friends and family. Thank you for reading!

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