FedEx Holidays 2021: Check Calendar Now

FedEx is one of the largest dependable courier companies. It operates on a global scale. We will take a look at the list of FedEx holidays 2021.

There is no question regarding the sincerity of the company. FedEx is serving across the globe with millions of satisfied clients. It is providing impeccable and unbeatable service since its inception.

It is possible to know shipment information with just the touch of the fingers. For certain reasons, many of the individuals cannot avail of the benefit. This may happen because of either lack of knowledge or inability to use the facility. Thus, a lot of people query about time and date when FedEx does not deliver.

FedEx halts its services on holidays according to their list. But it also remains functional on certain holidays.  While tracking the shipment, it is important to know if FedEx will remain open or close. It is an essential query regarding important and sensitive shipments. If the dates are known in advance, you can plan the shipments accordingly.

For better planning, you need to be aware of the FedEx holidays 2021. Several small business enterprises are dependent on the courier service. So, if the courier company remains off, it becomes a huge problem for them. It becomes difficult for these businesses to sustain their operations. Therefore, it becomes all the more important for such small scale ventures to know about the holidays.

In this way, there will be no problem for all the concerned parties. All the necessary services will be provided normally if there is parity between the schedule of it and its customers. Therefore, having prior knowledge of the holiday list of FedEx for the year 2021 is of utmost importance for both the normal customers as well as FedEx-dependent businesses.

In this table, all the holidays of FedEx for the year 2021 are depicted:

1st January, 2021FridayNew Year’s Day
18th January 2021MondayMartin Luther King Jr. Day
4th April 2021SundayEaster
31st May 2021MondayMemorial Day
3rd July 2021SaturdayIndependence Day (observed)
4th July 2021SundayIndependence Day
6th September 2021MondayLabor Day
25th November 2021ThursdayThanksgiving Day
24th December 2021FridayChristmas Eve
25th December 2021SaturdayChristmas Day
Fedex Holidays 2021 Schedule Calendar
fedex holidays 2021 service schedule


According to the list of the government of the US, there are plenty of other federal days that are observed. Such days include Martin Luther King Jr. Day; Columbus Day; President Day; Veterans Day, etc. On these days almost all the offices, colleges and schools remain closed. But FedEx does not observe any other days except for the ones that are mentioned above.

Having advance knowledge of the ground day schedule of FedEx helps in planning the shipment accordingly. Properly planned dispatch will lead to timely delivery. It is the internal policy of the company to deliver all the pending shipments before their office gets closed. But that may not always be followed for certain practical difficulties.

The professionalism of the entire service team is unparalleled. But on holidays they remain entirely closed, and all the normal mail services are suspended. They take a short break during those days to spend some priceless family time.

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FedEx Holidays: Importance of Days

1st January: New Year’s Day marks the beginning of a new year. It is celebrated throughout the world, and the US is no exception. People enjoy the first day of the new year to the fullest. FedEx also observes this as a special day and remains closed.

12th April: This day is Easter this year. It is a very significant day for Christians. It commemorates the resurrection of Jesus. That is the reason it is observed with seriousness in the entire world. The US is a Christian country, also observes this significant day. FedEx is also a part of this valuable federal day. As it falls on a Sunday, therefore, it will observe the following day. All the services will remain suspended for 2 consecutive days.

25th May: This day is observed in the US to remember the services and sacrifices of the US army. This day also marks the beginning of summer.

3rd July: As per the US government regulation, the independence day of the country is observed on 4th July. As it falls on a Saturday, a weekend when many offices remain closed, FedEx services will remain suspended from 3rd-5th July.

7th September: Labor Day is observed in the US on the first Monday of September. It commemorates the service of the workers. All the offices, schools and colleges remain closed in the US.

26th November: Observed on the 4th Thursday of November, Thanksgiving Day is the harvest festival in the US. FedEx also observes this holiday by keeping all its offices closed. 

24th December: It is the day before Christmas, Christmas Eve. It is celebrated with great cheerfulness throughout the country and also the entire world whatsoever. FedEx also keeps its office closed a let their employees become a part of that happiness.

25th December: Christmas Day is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ. This is celebrated not only in the US but throughout the world. The mail services remain suspended for two consecutive days.

Does FedEx operate on weekends?

Yes, there is no compulsory leave for FedEx on weekends. Normal mail services occur during that time.

Does FedEx observe all the holidays?

Apart form the days and dates discussed above, FedEx remains operational on other holidays.

Does FedEx observe local and regional holidays?

As FedEx operates on an international scale, the local and regional holidays of any particular country, state or province will affect the operations and delivery of the company.

Conclusion on Fedex Holidays:

From the above discussion, it is seen that FedEx never compromises too often. It does not observe all holidays for the benefit of its huge customer base. Except for certain important days, the services run throughout the year. According to the list, all the normal mail activities and services remain closed. Therefore, FedEx-dependent shippers need to know the days beforehand. This will save all the hassles regarding shipment if the FedEx holidays 2021 are known.

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