Does Fedex Deliver on Sundays? – 2020

Did you order something for your business purpose and you require the parcel on a Sunday? Does FedEx deliver on Sundays 2020 or not? It is a big question for most of the customers using the services provided by the logistics business organization.

What is FedEx?

It is an American multinational company providing delivery services to clients located all across the globe. The firm was known as federal Express previously.

Being headquartered at Memphis, Tennessee the business organization is known for its super-fast delivery process without any delays. At the same time, consumers can also track their parcel through their customer generated Id.  

In fact, this was the first business organization to have started providing such an extraordinary service to its buyers. Therefore, this business firm evolves uniquely in its own field. The business has also been running for the past forty-eight years.

Does fedex deliver on sundays

The package tracking service was first launched by FedEx which was later on adopted by several other logistics companies.

Hazardous and dangerous goods which are often rejected by most of the logistics profit-making organizations due to customs issue are granted permission by the logistics business house to be shipped across international borders.  

FedEx provides special training programs to its clients. In these training programs, the appropriate process of packing hazardous and dangerous items is taught.

The profitable body accepts such materials to be shipped across international borders only when the packing meets international standards. This process is carried out for your customer’s safety as well as the safety of other patrons’ goods.

Whether you want to do home delivery or business shipping. Below, services will help you.

FedEx Delivery & Working Hours on Sunday

The business firm provides three types of service to its customers. The services are listed below:

#1: Package shipments

Packages and envelopes can be packed and shipped under this category to residents residing within the U.S. and in more than 220 countries and territories all across the globe. The packages should not weigh more than 150 lbs. If the package is to be sent to a resident residing in any of the countries and territories then you can get it customized for them in order to meet your customer demands.

#2: Freight shipments

The goods are transported to other countries or within the U.S. using various kinds of transport system like flights, waterways, and roadways. Belongings need to reach within the given deadline. At times customers demand packages the same day. In that case, an extra charge is incurred by the profit-making association so as to deliver the packages safely to the clients.

#3: Return Shipments

In case of a return, shipment products are tagged or labeled by us so that your packings reach back to you when rejected by your customer. This kind of service is quite flexible and the firm tries all means to provide affordable return service to its clients.

The trading body reaches out to a million purchasers every day. Therefore, it’s understandable that the multinationals corporation is reputed and has a lot of customers whom it serves every day.

Most of the clients, whether they are looking out for business or residential purposes, has an important question in mind. Does FedEx deliver on Sundays 2020?

Well if you are someone trying to figure out an answer to the same question then you are at the right place. All the questions which roam about in your mind have been answered in this write-up. Let’s start.

Is the shipping of goods conducted by the profit-making body on weekends?

It’s a crucial question which runs at the back of most of the customers. Well, shipping of packages doesn’t occur on any Sundays. Usually, shipping is done five days a week. If you want your packages to be at your place on a Saturday then you must select the Saturday transportation option at the time of shipping of goods. It’s a part of special handling. Be it for a commercial purpose or for a residential purpose the employees of the MNC is not providing any sort of shipping services on Sundays.

Why does FedEx doesn’t make a delivery on Sundays?

Well, the business home doesn’t usually make a transmission on weekends because UPS (United Parcel Service) doesn’t make a delivery on weekends too. There’s a deep reason behind such a step taken by the logistics outcome generating firm.

Most businesses don’t operate on holidays. Such logistics companies usually make profits by striking a deal with business firms.

Therefore, there isn’t much demand for the distribution of packages on layoffs. Even if the MNC starts operating on vacations the cost incurred on delivering the packages will be much higher as compared to the number of deliveries being made by the business firm. The MNC cannot operate just by thinking about some residential packages.

Gaining profits is the main reason for the operation of any business firm. Once upon a time, the profit earning MNC too had started to deliver packages on the days of rest. The cost incurred by delivering the packages was much higher as compared to the amount charged from clients.

This led the association to charge higher delivery prices from customers on off days in order to make its ends meet. Seeing the demand levels, the firm decided to discontinue the service on layoffs except for the last Sunday before Christmas.

Every logistics business will start operating even on Sundays if they find that the demands are profitable. Right now, the scenario is not such but soon situations might alter. Currently, FedEx is also establishing company branded pick up and drop packages system for the purchasers to avail better and quality services. This has been done by tying up with small scale businesses.

Exceptional situations are always there

Well, there are exceptional situations which lead the profit-generating MNC to start with same day distribution. There might be a situation where a client requires an urgent delivery of packages.

This service is considered a premium service. At times conditions do occur when its next to impossible for a customer to wait for another day. In such a circumstance the firm also charges a higher transportation price from the customers as compared to the regular charge on all other days in a week.

What kind of commitments are made by the company? If you live in some other country and your package is to arrive from another land then also the company make it sure that you receive an urgent package on the same day.

This service can be availed 365 days in a year. The weight of the package must be less than 150 lbs. If it is higher than 150 lbs then FedEx same day freight services must be availed.

This courier service is time-saving. If you are a resident of the United States then your package arrives in you in two hours also if it is very urgent. Moreover, the company is also providing the same day service in fifty cities in the United States of America.

Are offices open on weekends?

Well, the answer to this question of yours is that yes offices are open even on weekends. The offices are open 365 days in a year without any break. At the same time, it’s quite true that no operations that are delivery services are being done on days off except that it is the same day delivery.

Not all tasks can be accomplished on a Sunday too. If you are willing to avail the services then connect with your nearest office of FedEx and ask them regarding their timings on recess days. The time of operation of every office differs according to the work that has to be accomplished within a day.

It is an easy task to find out your nearest office. You can do this by simply visiting FedEx Locator Page. A blank portion occurs on the website and you can type the name of any location that you are willing to visit. You can also select from a list of suggestions which will appear as you go on typing the name of the place. You can also refine your search option. Now press the enter button. A list of the offices and shipping centers appears before you on the screen.

The company doesn’t pick up packages on leisure days. Only if you have selected same day transportation which means it’s an urgent delivery then just it is being picked up on off days.

It can be seen that the logistics profit making association is unwilling to deliver packages to its customers on Sundays as it hardly earns any profit.

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Moreover, when it has tried out this process already it has been seen that the firm was running on losses. To recover from injuries, the hierarchical employees increased their charge per transmission of goods which ultimately led to the decline of the entire structure.

Customers were unwilling to pay a hefty amount on a delivery process on an urgent basis. Seeing such a terrible condition, the company stopped all its transmission procedures on Saturdays and Sundays until and unless it is very compelling and that too you as a customer has to mention it while shipping a product.

FedEx Holidays in 2020:

fedex holiday schedule


#1: Does FedEx deliver on presidents day?

On presidents day, most of the shipping companies don’t deliver any packages. So, FedEx also follows the same. It doesn’t ship on presidents day.

#2: Does fedex deliver on milk days?

On martin luther king jr. day, some of the services are open including ground, home delivery, freight, office, custom critical and trade networks.

Note: At the time of writing this article, we found the above information and we shared with you. It may be changed in the future. You can check the latest holiday schedule from here:

So, does FedEx deliver on Sundays? The answer is NO.

Hopefully, after reading this write-up, none of the customers will be confused anymore regarding the distribution of belongings on Sundays by FedEx.

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