DHL Shipment on Hold: What You Should Do?

DHL Express currently delivers globally. This straightaway means that they deliver and pick up the customer’s shipment like usual ways. DHL Express follows close guidelines when it comes to local barriers. They take responsive measures ensuring the security and safety of the customers.

Should you worry if DHL Shipment gets on hold?

It is very normal on your part to worry once your parcel is delayed. To know about the delayed delivery date It is better to get in touch with customer service. You can straightaway ask, the probable date of delivery. The shipment delay often depends on other unknown factors.  This all depends on where you are shipping your product. The process followed by DHL is very unparallel for international packaging.

Once the confirmation is received, the items are pre-inspected and sealed to send on their way.  Your documents should be clear and valid for a swift process. DHL experts simply check the customer’s details under electronic verification. Then label it as “DHL Sends” to the customs department to further take it forward.

Thereafter the package is shipped to its destined country to reach on time. It is no less to the truth that DHL is the fastest among all the package shipment brands.

What to do when you have a delay in the DHL Shipment?

DHL Shipment on Hold needs attention. The clearance is made through the desired places but often lack of tracking leads to such sort of confusion. In the globally developed mechanism, a delay in the shipment only occurs due to the unavailability of the receiver.  Here’s a list of things that should be done from you end, when there is DHL package Shipment on Hold.

Contact the customer care services

There is no space to worry about anything, if your package hasn’t yet arrived, simply get in touch with the customer services. Open the DHL Express website and click on contact us. Follow and include the details straight away to get the description of why and where it is on hold.  

DHL Shipment on Hold

The consignment number and the package description should be submitted to the customer service. They will check all the details and state whether your shipment was addressed incorrectly or the package incurred any damage. You will get a clear picture to find out where things went wrong.

What will happen if no one is at home to collect the DHL shipment package?

To clarify all your fears, most of the packages which do not arrive,never gets lost. So the fear of losing your package is unnecessary. In case, you or the respective receiver is not at home, in that case, tell your neighbour to collect the package for you.

This is better as the package will not get returned to the centre. The delivery boy will take the details of the receiver by adding his/ her signature to the delivery papers, thus you don’t have to worry at all.

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To conclude, DHL Shipment on hold is not a scary issue. Do not get tensed if such delay or hold happens. DHL is responsible for your products; they will take the utmost care and security to reach you with your parcel on the stipulated timeframe.  DHL service point keeps the parcel for almost 7 days. If your parcel has reached that place try to collect it within the time. Explore the trustworthy services of DHL shipment with ease.

FAQs on DHL Shipment on hold:

When will DHL send my parcel?

You will receive the parcel on the Dutch Address on the next day of the shipment. Right now due to pandemic shipments are little delayed. Track the details online.

Where will be by nearest delivery point?

To find out your nearest delivery point, you should search it in DHL service point.

Can I arrange for an international business shipment?

If your shipping to the respective destination has a customs clearance then you should stick to three invoices onto your delivery item. Open an account on the DHL business product for quick and easy updates from time to time.

I have closed my locker with the parcel inside. What to do?

Be quick and smart in your approach to reopen the locker using the same code. If you miss out then you can call at 090022221 to reactive the account code. You can even contact the customer centre on the working days to get the guidance.

What is the maximum size or parcel weight I can ship through DHL?

It is requested not to exceed 120 cm in dimension and weight of not more than 50Kg. DHL will arrange carriage or other mode for delivering the parcel to the desired destination in a hassle free manner. Maintaining the package weight and dimension will enable for both the parties to swiftly transfer and deliver the parcel.

At the end of the discussion we can say that you should use the track and trace to pinpoint your delivery item. It is always important to use international tracker trace link to figure out where it is stuck. Never worry about DHL Locker as it is the safest.

Once DHL receives your parcel, they will quickly send you an email and a text with an activated code to open the locker. Enter that and collect your parcel. So send a parcel through DHL without an ounce of worry.

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