DHL Return to Shipper: 5 Easy Steps (Updated)

DHL is the top international shipping express for eCommerce, delivering packages to over 220 countries. The multinational postal service has various great tools at its disposal committed to offering the best shipping experiences to its customers. One such tool is DHL Return to Shipper, where the recipient can easily arrange their return shipment themselves.

Sometimes it so happens that after receiving your package from DHL, you wish to return it to the shipper for some reason. DHL comes with its Return Shipment policy to aid you with that service. With DHL Return to Shipper, you can return your parcel by either dropping it at a DHL Service Point nearby or scheduling a pickup with them as per your convenience.

Procedure to Return Shipment

Returning a parcel back to the shipper has never been so easy. But with DHL Return to Shipper, you can avail of that service to your greatest convenience. All you need to do is to plan a return shipment with My DHL Parcel and follow the steps below for DHL to take care of the return:

  • Step 1: Pack the shipment in its original package or a similar packing. Using the original package is recommended as it will conform to the dimensions provided in the original order. If the original package is damaged, you can use a new one; just make sure that it’s almost of the same dimensions as the previous one.
  • Step 2: Seal the package properly. This is an important step to ensure that the shipment is not damaged on its way back to its sender.
  • Step 3: Attach the return label to the package. It generally comes with the parcel. If you do not have a return label, then check the sender’s return procedure to create one. Make sure that the return label is legible and the barcode can be scanned easily.
  • Step 4: Remove any old labels that might perhaps be stuck to the package. Or at least make sure that they are no longer legible.
  • Step 5: Drop it off at a DHL ServicePoint or schedule a pickup with the DHL to return your package. You can make your selection with a simple visit to the DHL website.

If you wish to drop your return shipment off at a DHL ServicePoint, then:

  • Visit the DHL website.
  • Choose Send Shipment to view all the ServicePoints in your area.
  • Select the one nearest or most convenient to you.
  • Select the date and time when you will be dropping the shipment.

If you schedule a pickup, a DHL courier will visit you at your location at your convenient date and time to pick up the return shipment.

How Return Label Benefits the Shipper

As a sender, you can attach a return label to the package you are sending to your consignee. It not only improves your Customer Service but also provides you with the following added benefits:

  • Processing your return shipments gets quick and easy
  • Your administrative costs get reduced
  • Increases your customer satisfaction
  • You can access the Transparent Billing, where the return label activates only when your customer initiates the return procedure

However, if you are not comfortable with the process, then you can opt out of it and wait for the customer to request a return label online before issuing one.

How does DHL Return to Shipper Works?

The DHL Return to Shipper for returned shipments works in the four simple steps:

Creating a Return Label

This is the first step where the sender creates a return label for the customer. It can easily be created by choosing the option “Create Return Label” in the online shipping tool and specifying the return address.

Sending the Label

The sender can then either print and attach the return label to the shipment or directly mail it to the consignee.

Booking Return

This is to be done by the person who wants to return the package. Once the consignee receives the return label, they attach it to the package and book a return with the DHL services.

Returning Shipment

DHL then takes hold of the procedure from there, entrusting a DHL Express Courier to return the parcel safely to the return address.

How to Create DHL Return Label

Creating a return label is very easy with DHL. You can either opt to create it beforehand or after you have already sent the package.

To create the return label in advance, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: While preparing your shipment, select Yes-Create Label when asked if you need a return label.
  • Step 2: Enter the return address, payment details, and delivery options.
  • Step 3: You can either choose to email the label to your recipient or print it out yourself to be attached to the shipment.
  • Step 4: To issue the return label after sending the shipment, follow these steps:
  • Step 5: Go to Manage Shipments and then to All Shipments Search for the shipment for which you want to create the label. 
  • Step 6: Click on the Create Return Label option below the details.
  • Step 7: Enter all the required details, address, payment, etc., when asked.
  • Step 8: After completing, you will have the option to print or mail it. Choose whichever is convenient.

Does the Parcel Automatically Return to Shipper?

There are certain cases in DHL shipping services where the parcel is found to return automatically to the shipper. Circumstances like these are totally uncalled for.
Yet, DHL does face certain challenges in their deliveries that create minor inconveniences. 
This can happen due to several reasons as follows:

✅ The recipient is not available.
✅ The recipient refused delivery.
✅ The address is missing or incorrect.
✅ The house/office/premise is closed.
✅ The courier has failed multiple attempts at deliveries.

However, it will be unfair to assume that DHL returns the shipment right away without seeking to solve the problem. DHL does try to face the above challenges by attempting multiple deliveries, asking the recipient for a convenient time for delivery, and by trying to notify the recipient of the delivery.

It is only when DHL fails to contact the recipient or the recipient refuses delivery that they initiate the return procedure.

There are also certain other cases where DHL faces some legal issues in the delivery and proceeds with the return. DHL cannot deliver packages if:

✅ It contains certain forbidden items.
✅ It’s not packed properly.
✅ It exceeds the standard weight and measurement.

Tracking your Return Shipment

Once DHL initiates the procedure to return a package to the shipper, the sender will receive a new tracking number for the returned package. You can track your package anytime, anywhere by visiting the DHL official website.

The tracking process will be the same; only this time, the sender will have to enter the new tracking number in the blank instead of the previous one.
DHL will also constantly notify the sender as well as the person sending back the package about the delivery status.

So, even if you do not track your return shipment, you will be kept in the loop with regular updates from DHL.

DHL Return to Shipper Cost

In case the shipment is undelivered as per the terms mentioned above or undervalued as per customs, or the receiver refuses the delivery or high customs charges on the packaging or shipment charges, it can transit back the merchandise to the shipper’s cost.

Besides failing this above-mentioned, company can release, dispose, or sold the shipment sustaining any liability to the shipper or sender. DHL also has right to dispose of the parcel or destroy it that prevents the law and forbids it from coming back to the shipper or contains dangerous goods.


Being the leading shipping express across the world, DHL always tries to cater to the needs of their customer and devise methods to let them have comfortable shipping. DHL Return to Shipper is one such device to ease the customers with their return shipments. With a user-friendly, simple design, DHL strives to provide the best customer service worldwide.

Jaren worked for nearly 10 years in the industry. He started his career with FedEx but he later also worked with companies like USPS and Deutsche Post.

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