Are Coin Sorters Accurate? Best Answer by Expert

You must be wondering, are coin sorters accurate? We can understand your concern and we are here to tell you everything that you need to know about the accuracy of a coin sorter. These are one of the best outcomes of the latest technology, which helps you in counting the coins in a more effective and organized way.

Are Coin Sorters Accurate? Accurate information
Are Coin Sorters Accurate?

If you deal with a large number of coins daily, then you should go for one. As far as accuracy is concerned, it is determined by several factors like the price, materials used in making the device, and your daily use.

Are Coin Sorters Accurate?

Coin Sorters are highly accurate in terms of both sorting and counting the coins. Moreover, several improvements are constantly being made, which not only increases its accuracy but also makes it highly efficient.

But as already stated, some factors play a key role in its accuracy like the price or quality of materials used in making it. Talking about the price, you already know that you always get what you pay for. This implies that the high-priced coin sorters are much more accurate than the low-priced ones.

But all coin sorters may not give you accurate results. If you are going to buy coin sorters for the first time then this guide may help you: Best Coin Sorters. 

Are Coin Counting Machines In Local Stores Accurate? 

How accurate is coinstar machine
Are Coin Counting Machines In Local Stores Accurate? 

There is interesting research about it. It is led by wtol. They used a total of 10 coin counting machines around the country.

Out of them 3 coin sorter machines short changed them while they got extra money from 1 machine. Mostly they lost in pennies and dimes that may not be a big deal but customers should get the correct amount.  

They asked Lucas County’s Department’s inspector about it, he said counties do not have the permission to test the accuracy of coinstar machines, only states can do that. 

A spokesperson from coinstar said they are shutting down all the machines that do not meet coinstar standard. If somebody have any queries they can contact them at 1-800-928-2274. 

When Accuracy is Synonymous to Maintenance

Another factor is your way of using the machine. Coin Sorters generally require a high level of maintenance to keep up their accuracy as well as durability.

If the machine is used for hours each day, then you should ensure that there is no jamming by any foreign object and keep it clean as much as possible.

If these factors are under check then you need not worry about the accuracy of the device and can trust it for your daily sorting and counting job.

What is the Data Saying?

Thus it will not be too much to say that coin sorters are usually accurate with a few exceptions, and their demand has exponentially increased in the last few years.

According to a trusted source, the global coin sorter market value was $3,486 million in 2016, which is predicted to reach a value of $5,415 million by 2023, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 6.8%.

This is indeed remarkable, but we know that’s not enough about coin sorters; we have much more to talk about. So without wasting any more time, let us proceed!

Coin Sorters- Benefits

We have already mentioned that coin sorters are extremely useful in counting the coins and keeping them organized. These are a form of blessing for people handling a large number of coins every day.

Not only that, it has other benefits too, which makes it highly demanded among the organizations like banks, vending, or gaming industries. Let us take a look at them to understand more about the perks of using coin sorters.

Coin Sorters- Benefits
Coin Sorters- Benefits

 Great time saviour

We can’t stress more how important this machine is to save time for other essential tasks. Yes, it helps you count the same denomination coins in a very smooth and effortless manner.

Thus, you can leave the counter before others can’t even think of it. You just need to set a target amount and leave the rest of the work on the machine. It stops when the target is reached, after which you can add some more coins to continue the process.

When the machine is busy doing your work, you can use that time for something more important, thus considerably boosting your productivity.

Accuracy is the priority

Coin Sorters are highly accurate and help you do your work without any error in the least possible time. Moreover, if you compare it with manual counting, you will realize that it is much more accurate, as in this case, there is no chance of human error.

Besides this, it is quite difficult to point out the error that gets multiplied and leads to much more time. Thus, to avoid this problem, you can use a coin sorter and increase your efficiency to a much higher level.

No more loss

Yes! You heard that right. Using the coin sorters will help you save time and help you save a lot of money, which generally gets wasted in case of wrong counting. Initially, this loss may seem to be insignificant.

Still, if you analyze carefully over a long period, you will realize that it sums up to a large amount that you don’t want to let go of.

So whether you have a business like laundromats or car washes or work at an amusement park or a bank, you need not worry about counting so many coins and can easily leave it up to the coin sorter.

To make it accessible for you all the time, you should consider investing in one which you will never regret, and that’s for sure.

The Darker Side of Coin Sorter

We already know that nothing in this world is absolutely ‘perfect’. So how can you expect a coin sorter to work perfectly with 100% accuracy? At times there are certain flaws in a coin counting machine that can considerably impact the accuracy of a coin sorter. 

One of them can be the low-priced coin sorters which fail to give an accurate reading. The next major concern is durability which is much needed for any device as you always want to make a one-time investment. But here again, some of the poor-quality coin sorters can disappoint you and turn out to be a total waste of money.

The users must go through the instructions before operating a coin sorter. They should not overload the counter as it can result in jamming of the machine followed by an incorrect reading of the running amount.

Generally, people working at the banks or amusement parks want to make the work faster and more accurate, and so they should avoid incorrect ways of using a coin sorter and use them to the best of their interest.

Also, regular maintenance is essential for the machine’s long lifespan and prevents it from getting jammed by foreign objects.


To sum up, we would like to say that despite certain flaws, the coin sorters are highly accurate and give the correct reading of the running count. It is much more reliable than manual counting as it is free of errors and also helps to save a lot of time by its faster delivery.

But before buying a coin sorter, make sure that you have analyzed all the factors and your budget and requirements to get the most suitable product for you. You can look at the products suggested by us as they are one of the most reliable coin sorters with good customer feedback.

That’s it for today! We hope this article helped you know more about coin sorters. We will be back with some more helpful content. Thank you for reading!

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