Does Deutsche Post Deliver Internationally? [Query Answered]

Deutsche Post is one of the world’s largest postal companies providing top-quality services to hundreds of countries around the globe. The Deutsche Post may have its roots in Germany, but does Deutsche post deliver internationally?

The Deutsche Post is known to carry mails and light-weighted merchandise across the borders and provide international dialogue marketing services. And the company is doing well in the international shipping services and earning high profits while helping several businesses to grow their markets globally. 

Deutsche Post makes sure that they provide the best service to deliver the products reliably and on time to make it easier for businesses to turn their new foreign customers into returning ones. The company has several offices around Europe to help them stay close to their customers and serve them better.

Does Deutsche Post Deliver Internationally?

Deutsche Post International is reputed to be the ideal shipping service for e-commerce businesses looking for a reliable and cost-effective way to deliver small packages with low-value goods across the border. 

However, there are few necessities. To ship with Deutsche Post International, one needs to have an existing contract with Deutsche or DHL. Also, attaching an Air Waybill (ABW) is a must for all the packages that demand shipped with Deutsche Post International.

The shipment is first to reach Frankfurt, Germany, to go through the sorting process before being delivered to the final destination.

Shipping Conditions for Deutsche Post International

Unfortunately, not all packages can be shipped using the services of Deutsche Post International. Some certain conditions or restrictions come with it. 

> Firstly, the weight of the package cannot exceed 2 kg. And if it’s a letter or collection of letters, it cannot exceed 500 g. 

> Second, the maximum dimension of the packet or box in its pack should be around 140 mm X 90 mm. Plus, the sum of length, width, and height must not exceed 900 mm. Also, no single dimension can be more than 600 mm. For rolls or tubes, the value of (Length + 2 X Diameter) must not exceed 1040 mm, and the length must be within 900 mm. 

> Thirdly, only large volumes of letters, magazines, direct mail, and low-weight parcels are allowed to be shipped via Deutsche Post International.

Delivery Time for Different Countries that Uses the Deutsche Post International Services

The delivery time varies with different countries where the company sends its shipments. Here is a list of the approximate time it takes for Deutsche Post International to deliver in other countries:

Germany: 2-4 Days.
Europe: 3-6 Days.
USA: 5-9 Days.
Canada: 5-9 Days.
Rest of the World: 6-13 Days.

Generating Air Waybill for Deutsche Post International

Now, to enjoy your services with Deutsche Post International, you must have the Air Waybill, and therefore, you must know how to generate one.

What is an Air Waybill?

What is an Air Waybill?

As already mentioned, the Air Waybill is a mandatory document for all international couriers that ships via air. The document contains:

  • Information like the company’s name.
  • The address of the shipper and the recipient.
  • The number of parcels.
  • The weight of the package.

Air Waybill acts both as a tracking device for the shipments and as the receipt for the goods. 

How Does an Air Waybill Work?

Single parcels shipped with Deutsche Post International have their individual Deutsche Post (DP) label attached to them. These individual, ready-to-be-shipped single parcels are then collected together and packed in a box. Then, the Air Waybill will be generated as a single document that would apply to all the individual packages in the parcel box.

The box with the attached Air Waybill is then shipped to the international mail center in Frankfurt, Germany. On reaching there, the shipment is opened for the individual packages to be sorted and processed via the DP network.

After it’s done, the parcels are sent off to their final destinations, where the local postal service provider takes on the responsibility to ensure that their journey ends in the hands of the correct recipient.

How to Generate an Air Waybill?

Follows the steps given below to generate an Air Waybill and attach it with the package you want to ship with Deutsche Post International:

  • Step 1: Go to the Incoming Orders Overview option and choose the orders to be shipped.
  • Step 2: Click on Create Labels.
  • Step 3: You will receive a message informing you that you need an Air Waybill. Click on OK to confirm.
  • Step 4: Click on the Created Labels tab to see the labels that were generated.
  • Step 5: Go to Actions, and from the drop-down menu, select the option Generate Air Waybill. The orders that require the generation of an Air Waybill will automatically be included in the process.
  • Step 6: A message will appear for you to confirm the AWB generation. It will also ask you the number of Air Waybill that you need for your shipment. If you need multiple, here is your option to indicate that. Once you are done, press the Create button.
  • Step 7: Print the labels for the single parcels and attach them to each of them. After that, put all the individual packages in a large shipment box or bag.
  • Step 8: Get the Air Waybill printed on an A4 Size paper and attach it to the shipment box that contains all your orders.  
  • Step 9: Hand the box over to the local Deutsche Post office, and they will take care of the rest from there.

All the orders will have the same Tracking Number until they reach their first destination in Frankfurt. Once the parcels set out for their destination, they will be allotted separate tracking numbers.


I hope you got all the answers regarding “does Deutsche post deliver internationally?”

Well, Just because the Deutsche Post has its official center in Germany, it doesn’t mean that the company cannot deliver internationally. The modern digital age that saw an expansion in cross-border merchandise shipments and the growing e-commerce technologies expect businesses to send their products overseas.

If they wish to expand across borders. Deutsche Post understands the demands of such businesses and has taken their expertise over the borders to help companies succeed internationally.

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