Are Shipping Containers Fireproof?

The characteristics of shipping containers being completely resistant to fire are used for so many things these days. Fireproof containers are in high demand for storing lithium and other types of ionic batteries and housing purposes in modular classrooms.

Are Shipping Containers Fireproof?
Are shipping containers fireproof?

Let us learn more about the fire resistivity of these shipping containers. 

Are Shipping Containers Fireproof?

Fire-resistant shipping containers are fully made with metals. And by metal, or obvious that they are robust and can be essential for heavy-duty purposes. They are transportable in all forms of transport and can handle extreme climatic or weather conditions. 

They are specially designated to protect all the contents inside; they are resistant to fire, water, spillage, rust, etc. It is entirely airtight, and for this reason, fire can not enter the contents inside. And a fire within will also not leak out of these containers for sure.

Why Do We Need Fireproof Shipping Containers? 

In this advanced stage, it is better if everything we use as our house items, to be entirely resistant to fire. And this is where these kinds of containers become very handy in our daily life. 

Robust shipping containers can be an excellent object to build mobile and temporary buildings. The heavy-duty, flexible, and trustable features of the shipping containers are useful for making temporary plant rooms and hospital buildings with ease. 

Why Do We Need Fireproof Shipping Containers
Why Do We Need Fireproof Shipping Containers?

And along with that, you are getting the extra benefit of these building blocks being resistant to fire. 

Apart from using these as building blocks of temporary mobile buildings, these are also very handy in transporting many kinds of liquids and batteries which easily catch fire. For example, you can easily transport lithium batteries by packing them in these containers, trusting the fire resistance quality. 

Can You Make A Fireproof Container Yourself? 

There are various ways, tips, tricks, and tutorials available on the internet, which teaches you how to make and customize your fireproof container when you’re in dire need of it and can’t find any t buy.

Computer-aided design technology can help you out with the design. It will also give you a proper visual representation of how it will exactly look after you finish working on it. From that, you can gain an absolute idea of how it will be different from the company-made ones. 

Can You Make A Fireproof Container Yourself
Can You Make A Fireproof Container Yourself? 

You can also negotiate with the size according to your size when you make it yourself. According to your preference, the size of the containers can range from 5ft to 40ft. However, remember that larger ones will consume more energy, cost, and time. 

Your fireproof department can also fit with the help of some racking to keep machinery safely in place and becomes easy to find. You can accordingly set the interior factors of your shipping containers, such as the moisture and temperature, depending on the purposes for which you are making it. 

To give it a final professional look after completion, try coloring it with competent paints or use vinyl wrappings. 

If your criteria are for a fireproof area for house machinery or similar items, these converted shipping containers are outstanding. Along with a tough and fire-resistant building, you can do your customized designing on your hand-made shipping container.

Regulations And Measures Of Fire Safety For Shipping Containers 

Shipping containers are generally made of super quality steel, which can handle any rough condition and can prevail in any harsh climatic situation. We have already said that they are resistant to fire as well. But don’t you want to know to which extent these shipping containers are fireproof? 

With the body of high-quality steel, shipping containers can transport vulnerable-to-damage items through any form of transportation. The ones considered unfit for further transportation purposes have other uses. They are now usable as homes, cabins, dormitories, shops, temporary hospitals, etc. 

Now, time to learn about the fire hazards on shipping containers.

Being resistant to fire does not give you a complete guarantee of fire-related hazards. Fire accidents can still occasionally happen they the shipping containers are stored with readily flammable substances.

By flammable substances, we mean fireworks, first-aid and medicinal substances containing alcohol or combustible gases like oxygen, flammable liquids and gases from construction sites, hunting ammunition, and temporary kitchen materials containing fuel or cooking gases flammable electrical goods. 

When the airtight thing is properly intact in the shipping container, then the chances of it catching any fire is almost close to zero percent. But, if there is the slightest leak or hope in the container, then the hazards regarding fire accidents increases.

This is only the case when the materials you are carrying is flammable. Otherwise, it is more than safe. 

Steps For Fire Prevention 

If you take care of the safety measures properly, the chances of fire accidents with your shipping containers become nil. With some great strategies, the vulnerability of your shipping container becomes very less. 

Here are some procedures, which you must follow to boost the fire protection factor of your shipping container: 

  • Regulating the exact purpose of the shipping container. Take extra care if you are packing some flammable materials.
  • Regulation of all kinds of materials that goes into it. Take extra supervision for volatile substances. 
  • Analyze whether there is a leakage or whole in your shipping container.


Besides being extremely strong for having a sturdy steel-made body, shipping containers are highly resistant to fire. Any fire from the outside can not peep in inside through the tough steel body, and for the airtight criterion, combustion is impossible inside.

Without any doubt, shipping containers are simply one of the most trustable things that you will ever find when it comes to hardiness and resistance to fire.

However, regardless of shipping containers be extremely safe, you should maintain the important regulations to enhance them. Do not forget to carry out extra supervision for packing flammable substances. I hope I have been able to answer all things regarding the question “are shipping containers fireproof?”, If I have missed something, let me know in the comment box.

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