Are Macarons Perishable? Easy Way To Keep It Fresh!

If you are a foodie who loves baked foods, then Macarons are probably your favorite. You might even crave it every single day of your life. So, you must be willing to bake a huge pile of them and enjoy them slowly through the week or month.

And snap! There it goes all wrong…

Unfortunately, macarons are notoriously perishable products and cannot last more than a few hours. But the good news is there are ways to fix that.  

Yes, you heard that right. It’s a modern world, and technology can make anything happen. Hence, while Macarons are perishable, proper storage methods can help extend those few hours to a few days and even months!

Are Macarons Perishable? What You Need to Know
ways to keep macarons fresh

So, let us learn more about these Macarons, why they perish so easily, and how to resist that to appease your sweet craving. Let’s go!

What are Macarons?

Well, this is for those who don’t know what we are talking about! So, Macarons are colorful cookies that are crisp and sugary soft on the inside. This light, fluffy, smooth snack is an absolute treat to the taste buds.

Made from almond flour or grounded almonds, egg white, and icing sugar, Macarons are so moist that they melt in the mouth. The exquisite French dessert also has a filling in between made from fruit, chocolate, or cream cheese, which makes it all the more delicious.

What are Macarons? complete guide
What are Macarons?

Macarons have a long history that can be traced back to the Crusades. Its popularity dates back to 1792 when two nuns took refuge in the small town of Nancy in the post-French revolution period and sold their cooking to earn their living. 

Since then, there has been a radical shift in the preparation of Macarons. But what didn’t change at all are its delightful taste and the pleasure it brings to the heart of its admirer. 

Are Macarons Perishable?

The sad thing about Macarons is that they don’t last long. Yes, like every good thing, Macarons have a short lifespan. One that ends within a few hours of preparation.

How Long Do Macarons Last? Accurate Information
How Long Do Macarons Last?

Left on their own at room temperature, Macarons can only last as long as 24 hours. After that, it’s unsafe for consumption.

Macarons also have this weird habit of melting at the slight touch of high temperatures—which is why it’s not recommended as desserts for garden parties. 

Why do Macarons have such a Short Lifespan?

The simple reason why Macarons have such a short lifespan is that they are made from extremely perishable products. All its ingredients tend to get spoiled easily.

Moreover, high temperatures that favor the growth and development of microorganisms spoil the Macarons. Plus, the method of preservation affects their lifespan too.

How to Extend the Lifespan of Macarons?

The good news is that there are methods to extend the lifespan of your favorite Macarons.

Two of the most popular methods are Refrigeration and Freezing. Refrigerating your Macarons can extend their lifespan from 24 hours to 3-4 days. And, Freezing can even extend it to 3-6 months without the cookies becoming rancid.

These two methods help curb the main reason that causes Macarons to get spoiled—microorganisms. 

Refrigeration reduces the growth and development of microorganisms and hence adds a few days to the shelf life of Macarons. Freezing extends the lifespan further by creating an unfavorable condition for microorganisms to thrive.

How to Store Macarons?

Now, you must be curious about the exact procedure to store Macarons and extend their lifespan. So, allow us to dive deeper into the details of storing the Macarons for much longer.

Where can you store macarons?
How to Store Macarons?

Airtight Containers

Clean and dry airtight containers made from glass or plastic work perfectly fine. The lid of the container must be tightly locked so that air doesn’t get in and turn the Macarons soggy. 

A plastic zip-lock bag can also work if you choose the one with a hardcover to prevent the cookies from crumbling.

But wherever you store them, ensure that the cookies do not overlap. Line them up inside the container so they don’t press against each other and crumple.

Also, the containers must be kept away from direct sunlight, somewhere in the pantry. Exposure to direct sunlight will melt them even if they are kept in airtight containers.


To extend the lifespan of the Macarons by 3-4 days, consider refrigerating them. Lock them up in an airtight container, as mentioned above, and then place them inside the refrigerator. 

Push the container to the refrigerator’s middle instead of keeping it close to the door. This will prevent the temperature fluctuations around the door from affecting the cookies.

You can also refrigerate the Macarons shells and fillings separately. This can extend their lifespan by a few weeks. Just remember to fill them up a few days before the grand event, and they will be fine.


To extend their lifespan to 3-6 months, freeze them up. Lock the Macrons up in airtight containers, place them inside the refrigerator for 24 hours to help them mature, and then put them inside your freezer.

You can either freeze plain Macaron shells without the filling or those with solid fillings like buttercream, ganache, or cream cheese frosting. Avoid freezing the Macrons filled with jam or curd. They can turn the cookies soggy after just a few weeks of storing them in the freezer.

If you want to freeze-filled Macarons, make the filling thick to prevent them from becoming soggy. Or, you can brush the shells with butter cream or chocolate and then add the fillings when they dry.

Otherwise, just freeze the shells and fill them up a couple of days before the big event they are to be served.

N.B: If the Macarons are homemade, then wait for them to cool down before applying any of these storage methods. You can apply the process right after opening the seal for the ones brought from stores.

How to Ship or Travel with Macarons?

Macarons are such delicious treats that it feels almost selfish to enjoy them alone. The dessert craves to be shared with your loved ones.

Perhaps that is why you would love to ship them to someone special—especially on the holidays. Or maybe, you would love to travel with it and have it with someone you adore.

So, let us guide you a little into how to ship your Macarons or travel with them so that you can enjoy it with the ones you love. I have written a short guide below, but if you want to know about it in more details, head for my complete guide on How to Ship Macarons?

Step to ship with Macarons

Choose the Right Airtight Container

Airtight containers are the most important element in storing Macarons. You can purchase the boxes specially designed to carry Macarons to serve the purpose. Otherwise, airtight containers made of glass or plastic or even zip-lock bags and sachets can work, too, if shut tightly. 

Pack it Tightly

Only airtight containers aren’t enough. The cookies must be packed tightly if you are shipping or carrying them in. Purchase a few packing materials like air cushions or packing peanuts. 

Pack the cookies up tight with these packing materials and tape up the package well. This will secure it against popping open during transit.

Refrigerate or Freeze the Macarons Before the Journey

If you want to travel with your Macarons, then better refrigerate or freeze them up a few days before the journey.

If the journey is for a few hours, then use a refrigerator. Just take it out a few minutes before leaving and finish the ride within an hour.

If it’s a few hours’ journeys, then use a freezer. Just take them out an hour before you hit the road, and they are sure to stay cool and protected through the ride. 

Use Ice Packs to Keep them Cool

While on the road with your Macarons, consider using ice packs to keep them cool through the journey. Purchase a few ice packs and put them next to the Macarons while packing them up tightly. This will help keep them safe and cool.

How to Ship or Travel with Macarons?

Use a Portable Cooling System for Long Trips

If you plan to travel long trips lasting a few days, consider taking a portable cooling system with you to store the Macarons. Freeze the cookies overnight, transfer them to your cooler before beginning your journey and carry them with you. This will help keep the temperature consistent even while traveling long distances.


Macarons are irresistible treats to lovers of baked products. And it sure kills them to see the delicacy end in just a few hours. Well, bear that torture no longer. I hope, I have been able to answer “Are Macarons Perishable?”.

Apply these storage methods, and the Macarons will perish no more. Team up with us to keep enjoying your favorite cookie through the months and even share the dessert with all your loved ones.

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